The New Panasonic VIErA Neo Plasma Series

Panasonic’s Neo Plasma (NeoPDP) is the next generation of TV.


Neo combines breakthrough revisions in three critical areas – materials and processes; discharge gas and cell design; and circuit and drive technology. The result is twice the luminous efficiency of previous displays, thinner design, lower power consumption and a whole new world of image quality.

Neo Plasma heralds an entirely new era for Plasma panels, taking thin design, performance and picture quality to a new level and confirming its place as the premier choice in big screen TV.

– Paul Reid, Director – Consumer Electronics Group, Panasonic Australia

Neo Speed

Cutting edge innovations create the 600Hz Sub-field Drive, which allows Neo Plasma to deliver Full HD motion and still images with 1080 lines of resolution. For even greater clarity Panasonic’s unique image-analysis technology optimises frames to display fast-action scenes in 1080p Full HD resolution. The result is sport and fast action at its sharpest.

Neo Contrast

The new Neo Plasma range incorporates an improved panel production process and the new Real Black Drive system. This pre-discharge control system combines with Neo Plasma technology to achieve next-generation black reproduction with a cinema-like 2,000,000+:1 Dynamic contrast ratio. This richness of blacks will provide a cinematic experience in your lounge room when watching your evening movies.

Neo Colour

Neo Plasma offers the equivalent of a full 6,144 steps of gradation assuring smooth, rich image expression. This superb gradation performance means that even the most delicate shades of colour are accurately reproduced.

Neo Technology is only available from Panasonic VIErA. These next generation advancements will feature in the Panasonic V10 series, G15 and G10 series as well as the flagship 1-inch, ultra-thin Z1 series of Plasma TVs.

You can view Panasonic VIErA’s entire Full HD TV range here

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  • yes, but when is someone going to fix the sound volume problem, ie variation in sound volume between tv channels and within channles between commercials and movies. everoyne blames each other and that it is not thier problem. Whatever happened to compander technology. BRING BACK THE COMPANDER. for your info a compander either compesses or expandes sound level to a customers desired output and holds it there NO MATTER WHAT THE INCOMING LEVEL IS. But i am sur you guys already know this.


  • Hi Alex,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    In order to change from dynamic to other modes please select: Menu > Picture Menu > Viewing Mode > then select Normal or a mode that you prefer.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Just purchased Panasonic TV Model.TH-L37G10A collected it 10/12/09 UNABLE to locate if there is any way that you can programme you FAVOURITE channels into your remote control? If so please advise.
    Also do I qualify for any promotional products as advertised on TV tonight \"A CURRENT AFFAIR\" on channel 9?

  • In the market for a new plasma and love the new V10 series.
    But 50″ is not quite large enough for the space and 58″ is probably overkill (probably….)
    Is there any possibility that any other 54″ plasma models will be released in Australia, besides the Z Series. The Z is a fantastic product but out of the price range and I do not need the wireless connectivity etc.
    Thanks for your help

  • Hello P. Goodwin,
    Congratulations on your new purchase.
    Yes you can create a favorites list in the TV under the tuning menu. See page 29 of the user manual for further details.
    In regards to promotions that relate to your TV, there are no current promotions running for LCD TV.
    Do not hesitate to contact us again in the future 🙂
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi thanks for the response but that is not the answer I am looking for. You are referring to the picture mode. I want to disable DCR or Dynamic Range Extender as known on other TVs. The DCR adjusts the contrast levels as the input picture changes to achieve 2m:1 ratio, however this can create adverse effects and a less than ideal viewing experience.

    The other issue I have with the product is that it has a limited range of resolutions for PC input, none of them native to the panel. This is a big draw back for the HTPC crowd and anyone wanting to connect up a laptop via DSUB.

    Look forward to your reply.

  • Hi,
    Could you confirm if both the Vseries and G15 sereis plasmas are actually made in Japan as opposed to one of your other plants.
    As well, this being the case, why does Panasonic advertise certain models as made in Japan?
    Is there actually a difference??

  • Hi there, I appreciate the follow up and that someone is listening to customers. I have TH-P42S10A it’s a Full HD model. Thanks

  • Recently won a Panasonic TH-P42S10A plasma which has been working well for about two weeks. Tried to turn it on today, the green LED display flickered as usual, the “click” sounded as usual, and then the LED display flickered red followed by another “click”. No picture or sound. The display continues to flash 7 times, then pauses and then flashes again seven times. This just goes on and on. Have tried turning off at mains but to no avail. Any clues out there? Have I won a lemon?

  • Hi,

    I would like to buy the Panasonic G15 42″ Viera Cast plasma over the the G10 series (which does not have the Viera Cast) can you advise when this will be made available in Aust stores??
    Currently there is a Wii package promotion on offer with any Viera Full HD plasma purchased until 31/1/10 and I would like to purchase the tv before the Wii bonus ends. If not, will there be any new promotions on offer with the G15 or other series?

    Thanks in advance

  • to day i am about to purchase a V10 50” plasma. can anybody tell me if i can play Div x throu sd card?

  • Hello Angelo,
    Thanks for your question.
    The G15 Series is made in China and the V Series is made in Japan.
    Over the years many customers have preferred, and requested to know which models are made in Japan. Both series are made to the same high specifications just in different countries.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I’d like to echo the comments from Chris. I’d like to get a top spec 54 inch plasma but won’t pay for (or need) the wireless model. Do you have any intentions to release a top end 54 inch anytime soon? 50 is too small for me and the boss at home won’t allow me to get a 58. Cheers, Al.

  • Hi Ben,
    I am sorry for the troubles you are having.
    No you haven’t won a lemon, it is however possible that you have a small problem with your TV. The 7 flashes would indicate an error code. Please contact 132 600 for your nearest authorized service center.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hello Ricky,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    You’ll be happy to know the G15 42” with Viera Cast is currently available exclusively from Harvey Norman stores.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi can you tell me wt plasma 42/50\" lets me play computer files divx or wmv\’s etc and how. Also have they woken up and finaly included a usb port on any mod

  • Hello. I bought a TH-P50G10A on the 24/1/10. Watching TV on 29/1/10 the TV turned itself off and the standby light blinks 7 blinks in a row, continuously. The TV is getting replaced by Harvey Norman. hat I want to know, does this happen a lot on this model and can I expect this to happen when the TV is out of warranty? I’ve never had a problem with Panasonic Plasma’s before, but this experience has freaked me out. Thanks in advance for any replies, RP

  • Hi

    Bought a TH P50G10A on Friday 28 Jan. Have attempted to complete the requirements for the bonus Wii pack but the website won’t let me get past step 4 or 6. Anyone got any ideas?

    Cheers, Geoff

  • Hello,
    Panasonic PDP’s don’t support DViX / WMV playback via SD card slot. USB port is not included in any of our current models.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hello Rene,
    Sorry you’re having difficulties with your TV and i’m happy that you have been able to get it replaced.
    Such a problem is by no means common for the VIErA.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I purchased the Panasonic Neo Plasma (54 inch) along with the Wireless Home Theatre and Blu Ray Player prior to Xmas and loved it. Unfortunately my house was robbed and the TV/Home Theatre etc was stolen.

    I am now going to re-purchase the whole lot again but still have the wall bracket (TY-WK5P1SW) on the wall. The only thing I need are the ‘Insulation Spacers’ that come with the wall bracket as these parts are fixed to the back of the TV (which was taken).

    Rather than spending another $500.00 (on top of everything else) and having to buy the whole bracket again I have been on an exhaustive attempt to try and locate where I can purchase just the ‘Insulation Spacers’.

    I have called Panasonic Head office and Customer Help centre on numerous occassions and am frustrated at the lack of help they are able to provide. I am consistently referred to a Spare Parts supplier (GB Telespares) who have advised that they emailed Panasonic to ask for advice but have not had a response!

    When you spend approx $10,000 on a suite of products you should expect that you get better aftersales service. I am very frustrated and dissapointed that Panasonic cannot backup the top-end products they sell with top-end service.

    If anyone can help with advising where I can get the Insulation Spacers I would very much appreciate it.


  • I’m seeing a lot of discussion on the www about a suposed problem with loss (sudden) of black levels (i.e. becoming grey) affecting 2009 and 2008 panasonic plasmas. I know one should be wary of comments on some of these forums, so I was hoping I could get a clear response from panasonic as to whether there is indeed and issue that is being looked into. It appears CNet has picked up on the concern. Would very much appreciate your feedback, as I’m on the point of buying a 46 inch G10, which I think is great.

  • have been waiting for a 65″ neo plasma from the store i have purchased it from last year , can you please let me now how long before these will be release ,
    wayne davies .
    western australia

  • Hi Doug,
    Sorry to hear about your theft and thank you for contacting us.
    Please let me follow this up with our factory as we do not carry these specific items in Australia.
    I’ll post an update asap.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Saw the CES press releases on the new Plasma range for 2010. Looks killer, I think I will be upgrading this year again for sure.

    When are the V25/20 series going to be available in Australia (the 3D ones)

  • Hi Brad,
    The 2010 VIErA plasma range is set to be our best yet with great advancements across the range.
    As for the exact release date of the V20/25 series we will be staggering the new product releases throughout the year and can not confirm dates as yet.
    Stay tuned.
    Team Panasonic

  • Thanks for responding to this and following this up. Also thank you to Simone who was very helpful during our discussion.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • I would like to know the answer to this too. I have just ordered a 65″ V10. But I am seriously considering cancelling given that the black levels may get worse than a cheap lcd after only 500 to 1000 hours of use. (Referring to a picture on the relevant AVS thread showing comparison of a cheap LCD against a G10 after the black levels went off). I want to know if there is a firmware update coming or not.

  • We have a new, delivered December 2009, TH-P46G10A plasma. I notice that after about an hours operation each time it flashes a message at the top left of the screen,
    576i Input

    This message then flashes on every so often afterwards. Any thoughts as to why, and how to get rid of it? We haven’t setup the free dvd recorder pvr that comes with the TV yet, so its connected to the set top box at present.

  • Hi Wayne,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    I have passed on your details to the right service personnel to follow this up.
    Apologies for the delay,
    Team Panasonic

  • What does it support?
    the manual says it does support divx files. I’ve been trying to find a file format it is compatible with, could you possibly list me the formats it is?
    I find it slightly annoying, you guys have a better TV, but the samsung 850 series has two usb ports as well as SD and it plays .avi files no problem…

  • Hello Kevin,
    Our TV’s don’t have a USB port nor do they support the DiVX file format.
    SD Card supports (depending on model) JPEG photo playback & AVCHD video playback.
    Hope this helps,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi,

    I purchased a TH42PX70A in Sep 2007. While watching the Aus Open tennis, the TV shut down and the red led lamp now flashes 7 times. The repairer has quoted $600+ to rectify the proplem. (Sustain board and Control boards need replacing).

    I note there are 2 other people with this issue on this blog. I am in two minds if I should repair as this seems to be a common fault with panasonic here and in the US also.

    Should I scrap my 2.5 year old 42″ plasma and buy another brand?

  • I’m was also very interested in the reported black level loss.
    I’ve been following various discussions regarding this subject which started showing up only days after I made my purchase.
    I’ve lost trust in Panasonic after reading the C Net interview with Panasonics VP where he stated there is no problem with black levels.
    I’m following C NETs recomendation of not buying the panasonic 2009 models.
    Im happy to say I have returned my 58″ S1 and will await the new Samsung plasmas.
    Better safe than sorry!

  • Hello Philip,
    I’m sorry you are having problems and have told a customer representative to email you asap to help you with this issue.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I’am going to buy plasma TV, and due to quality of image I choose Panasonic. I also want that my new TV have Internet connection and can use Skype. I’ve read that Panosonic will have this feature in Viera Cast. Is there any model on the market I can buy that will support Skype in the future, or should I wait for new model ?
    Maybe there will by some updates for Viera Cast that will support Skype for models from 2009 like TX-P46G15E for example ?

  • Hello, I have a 42G10A for about 6 months. I can confirm that the various reports on the net that on it will losing blackness over 1000 hrs or so. The dark/black scenes now has a glow to it much like LCD or worse. I used to be able to watch movies with one little light turned on. Now I can\’t as the screen looked washed out for any dark scenes. I now have to watch TV with the full living room like turned on so the lost of contrast won\’t be noticeable. This is ridiculous. Is there anything, any settings I can do to fix it?


  • Hi, can you please tell me if this model VIErA TH-P54S10A is made in Japan?
    i have tried reading up on the specs on the panasonic australian website and elsewhere on the net but haven’t had any luck confirming that. Can you please help by letting me know? Thanks 🙂


  • Hello Popek,
    Good question 🙂
    Panasonic’s current models do not support the Skype application nor will they be upgradeable. Several yet to be released 2010 PDP models will support a dedicated Skype application.
    Please stay tuned for more info on our 2010 range!
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi,

    I just brought a TH-P50G10A plasma tv, and it doens’t pick up channels 4,the parliament channels and expo. It picks up all other channels fine. I also have a new Panasonic PVR connected to the same arial wall outlet, and it receives all the channels fine. I have connected the TH-P50G10A directly to the wall outlet but still no channels 4, e.t.c. I have another brand plasma and HD set top box on the same arial network through the house and they all work fine and pick up all the channels. Why won’t the TH-P50G10A tuner pick up all the channels? Any ideas?


  • Do you recommend people who bought a G15 in 2009 to upgrade to a new TV in 2010 to take advantage of new Veira Cast Content?

  • Hey Michael,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    What is the ‘Signal Condition’ of Channel 4 on the Panasonic PVR?
    Please try manually tuning Ch 4 on your TV via ‘Manual Tuning’ TV function.
    Team Panasonic

  • Any idea on when the Panasonic Neoplasma will launch in North America (Especially Canada)?

  • When can we expect new content on Viera Cast? I see the template has changed… a lot more ‘coming soon’ boxes.

  • I recently (6 weeks ago) purchased a G15 Series 42″ Plasma, I am having trouble with the AV/PC inputs. I am just getting a GREEN screen or Horizontal Coloured snow, or in the case of the PC input. . .nothing. TV mode works fine.

    What is the solution?

  • Hi

    I have purchased a 42\" G15 with Viera Cast. Instead of running a cable from another room, is there any way of using a wireless ethernet bridge to connect the TV back to my wireless computer network so I can connect to the internet sites available?


  • Hi I have the THP46G10A am I able to record/pause live TV, there is a option within the menu but when I select a messages displays function not available. I don’t not have pay TV. Is there something I can to to make it available?


    I have a 2 year old 42″ Viera that has just experienced the ‘shutdown and power light flashing in a seven flash sequence’ issue. This problem seems to be increasingly common with this unit – a Google search reveals hundreds of such fault codes episodes across the world. I have the luxury of an extended warranty with Harvey Norman, so I know it will be rectified – ultimately – although i suspect I will be reading books instead of watching tv for a while until somebody makes a decision.

    The quick fix is to unplug from power overnight, and the set resumes normal operation the next day. However the increasing frequency of this problem (and the approach of the end of extended warranty period!) requires repairs to be effected.

    I bought this set over many others on offer, for several reasons, but in particular due to superior quality of build and performance at the time. The CRT set it replaced had performed faultlessly for over ten years – still does – but I am not a happy camper with this product.

    Talking to several repair centres, the opinion as to the fault code diagnosis varies wildly from total write-off to blowing dust out of the fan intakes. One would assume that as the code is specific – seven flashes – the problem area is also specific. The question has been asked previously on this forum – what does seven flashes mean?

    Other than this total shutdown problem, the set has performed flawlessly.

  • I have a V10 50 which is great. What is all the fuss about the blacks going grey. It is a BIG issue in the US. Many people I know, including myself are worried. Should we be?

  • Hi I have the THP46G10A and am wondering if I am able to record and pause live TV, there is an option using the Viera link button on the remote, but says the feature is unavailable. I do not have Pay TV

  • Is anyone moderating this thread? Quite a few unanswered questions or should we get Sony to answer them.

  • Hi
    I am interested in buying a neo plasma 46″ in the G series what is the difference between the G10 and G15?
    Also what will be different with the newer model G25 that is going to be released and when in Perth WA?
    Can you confirm that there are still promotional offer blue ray players available?
    Thanks in Advance

  • 50\" Panasonic Viera 1 year old. TV turns on with two clicking noises then the red LED flashes 10 times and then pauses and flashes 10 times again. No picture when this happens. Several times have unplugged the tv and restarted and it worked. This time it has been down for several hours and nothing has worked. Is it a power supply problem?

  • Hi, I purchased a 65″ Th-65V10A late February from JB Hi Fi in Brighton, paying in full.

    Now I understand there will be a substantial delay for delivery. Can you give a time frame?

  • You guys are so luck with also online support. In Turkey Panasonic even do not have a divison for TV’s.
    The prices of Plazmas most basic models available on the market for 50 inch starting from 1300 Euros plus 18% VAT.

    To be able to gain information on new models one has to search internet.

    Having said that while government taxes are hefty, I believe brands should also control going prices of their products in the stores.


  • Hi Stewart,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    The g15 has the VieraCast feature (connecting you to YouTube and Picasa) while the G10 does not.
    Yes we can confirm that there are still blu-ray players available as part of the Blu-ray Quickflix promotion.
    In terms of the G25 stay tuned for their release when we will detail all it’s great new features.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Steven,
    I’m sorry you’re experiencing problems and we’re happy to help. Please contact our specialists on 132 600 and they will be able to assist.
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Steve,
    Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic VIErA Full HD Neo Plasma TV.
    Panasonic has experienced massive demand for the TH-P65V10A and as a result we have a number of orders still waiting for us to supply. Panasonic will be receiving a significant amount of stock of this model through the full month of April 2010.
    Thank you for your patience.
    Team Panasonic

  • Our 42 inch plasma purchased Feb 2006 has just developed the same problem as others – switching off by itself, and the red stand-by light flashes 7 times. It has been taken away to be checked, lucky we purchased the extended warranty! If we have to buy a new one is the same problem going to occur? Makes me wary of purchasing another Panasonic.

  • I too have a similar problem, I really need to get a hold of these spare parts. It seems quite impossible to find them in Europe also:(

    Can anyone here maybe help me locate these parts? *holding out hands in desperation*

    Best regards

    Roine S. Sweden

  • Hi,
    I purchased my first HD TV in Oct 2009. A Panasonic TH-P42G10A.
    Since day one i have experieced regular split second breaks in sound,somtimes accompanied with a pixelated image,just like a short break in transmission.They may occur 2/3 times in ten minutes or sometimes an hour or two in between.
    I would be very keen to have the problem rectified under warranty if considered a TV fault.


  • Hi,

    I went to Harvey Norman yesterday to view V series Plasma’s with aim of choosing one to purchase.

    When enquiring of panel size rnage, Salesman confirmed that their database refers to a new 54″V20 series (TH-P54V20A – which is the size I am looking for) but could not locate the specs or when it will be available?

    Please say it’s next month!


  • Hello Brian,
    Thanks for your question.
    What you are experiencing is known as ‘impulse noise’ interference to the digital TV transmission.
    Such interference is generated by electrical appliances when they are switched on/off; fridges, light switches, noisy ignition systems, pool pumps, passing vehicles etc…
    Impulse noise immunity can be improved by upgrading your TV antenna & TV coaxial cable wiring.
    Hope this helps,
    Team Panasonic

  • Thats not Panasonic’s fault, you should blame the retailer for not mentioning this. Or you should have done some more research into the promotion.

  • Hey Dom,
    Thanks for your interest in our upcoming V series.
    We don’t pre-announce product specs and launch dates until a few weeks before actual release.
    Please stay tuned for more information.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Dear Panasonic

    I am in the market for the best HDTV. Naturally, I am looking at the Z series – Z1A 54 inch. It is expensive which is not necessarily problem if the money you pay results in a TV that will last the distance for 4 or 5 years.

    However, I was doing some research and came across this article:


    which essentially says the quality of the black colour/shading decreases after 1 year.

    I would like to know what Panasonic says about the reduction of quality?

    I also note that CNET drops the ranking for this TV from 4.5 to 3.5 stars due to this issue and the price. I am keen to know what Panasonic says regarding the Z1A in 2010?

  • Hi,

    Can you please tell me when we can expect the G20/G25 infinite black viera plasma panels (not the 3d version) in Australia.



  • Hi

    I have the V series V50, purchased last December. Having trouble connecting laptop to TV via hdmi. Obviously a resolution issue, as screen flickers.
    Can you tell me the settings i should use.
    Works fine via S-video, but would like to take advantage of higher quality HDMI
    Thanks, Nathan

  • Hi,

    PC World AU just reported that the new range of plasma tvs are releasing on 20 of April, is that true?

  • i have a TH-P50G10A and my xbox 360 is not displaying on the screen. i get a message saying UNUSED DEVICE NOW IN STANDBY MODE what does that mean and how can i fix it. thanks

  • I just bought a Panasonic THPG10 series TV and during setup there was an problem with the power cutting out. Wanting to be sure it was a fault and not something I was doing wrong or a problem with the power cord, I contacted Panasonic to inquire whether it needed to be returned to the retailer. The customer service rep asked me the purchase date and I said it was just delivered. He insisted I tell him the exact date and I said the receipt was buried in a pile on my desk but it was most likely last Thursday. In any case, I wasn’t asking him to book a service call, just tell me whether it was a fault requiring a return to the store. He still insisted I tell him the exact purchase date. I gave up finding the receipt and looked at a calendar and told him. He then actually asked if I had the receipt in front of me, otherwise there was no proof of purchase. I again asked why that matters, I just want a technical questions answered so that they don’t get a functioning TV returned to them. He announced if I have a question I should contact the store. I asked why he you can’t even tell me whether the TV has a fault, and he replied, “Obviously!” It is a toss-up whether his stupidity or rudeness is more breathtaking. As for me, I will never again buy Panasonic. The product immediately broke down and Customer Service is non-existent. I will now have un-cable, disassemble the stand, and repack the large heavy new TV, re-establish the old TV and recorder, then do it all again next week. And this jerk can’t even say they are sorry I have a problem.

  • Hello

    I have owned my TH 42 since 2007 and have found it to be a graet TV.
    I have however reciently lost my sound. I have checked the obvious and have ( i believe ) have tracked the problem down to no Audio output from the TV.

    Is their a way to test the audio output from my TV?

    Kind Regards


    Melbourne Victoria

  • Hello Mick,
    Thank you for getting in touch.
    It appears your TV may be faulty. Please call Panasonic help desk on 132 600 for assistance.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Linda,
    We’re sorry to hear that your unhappy and we think the customer service response you detail is very out of character.
    I will have the Panasonic help desk supervisor contact you directly.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hello Andrew,
    If the ‘unused device now in standby mode’ message is displayed on the Panasonic screen it suggests that the xBox 360 may not be configured correctly.
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Nathan,
    The TV’s HDMI inputs only support moving picture resolutions (ie, 480/576/720/1080 i/p) and not PC resolutions such as 1024×768 etc. Please refer to TV user manual; Technical Information > Input signal that can be displayed > COMPONENT (Y, PB/CB, PR/CR), HDMI. For laptop/PC connection we advise using the TV’s VGA connection.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Paul,
    We have not published the released day for these coming models yet but stay tuned their coming soon 🙂
    Team Panasonic

  • I have 42″ Viera plasma and today the red standby light has been flashing 5 times. it seems that 7 and 10 flashes are the most common but what exactly is 5? what type of error is it? it is only about 8-9 months old?

  • 7 Red flashing light of death

    Like 3 other people in this forum I have a Panasonic V10 50″ and for no reason it shut itself down in the middle of a tv program and now it won’t turn on (only 7 consecutive red lights flashing)!!

    Panasonic, you need to give this forum a reason why this is happening cause until that time, I must recommend buyers beware. The hassel of mounting a tv is not trivial and repairing this isn’t about cost, its also about time and inconvenience.

  • Hi Joel,
    Flash codes are designed to assist service personal in quickly diagnosing / locating which section of the TV has developed a fault. Flash codes are also general in nature to indicate for example that a fault has been detected on the 5V line that is common to many sections of the TV.
    Please call Panasonic helpdesk on 132600 so that we can discuss your situation.
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Kevin,
    I’m sorry you’re experiencing problems. Flash codes are designed to assist service personal in quickly diagnosing / locating which section of the TV has developed a fault. Flash codes are also general in nature to indicate for example that a fault has been detected on the 5V line that is common to many sections of the TV.
    To best asses your particular issue could you please give us a call on 132 600.
    Many thanks,
    Team Panasonic

  • Purchased a Viera TH-P50V10A ~3 months ago.
    It buzzes…not that this is slange for ‘it’s good’ it is a characteristic of the TV that is:
    1) inconsistent…not always happens
    2) is annoing
    3) wneh evident – varies in intensity depending on how much of the screen is light or white in color.

    The advise to place sound dampeners behind the screen is …Bull S#it….
    Other TVs of lower spec don’t have this.

    I know I’m not alone with this complaint – I’d like to know if a solution has been developed – ie change the inconsistent power transfromers etc?

  • Good Afternoon

    My 42″ Panasonic Plasma TH – 42PZ700A purchased in May 2008 & manufactured in Japan in January 2008 will not switch on this morning and has the dreaded 7 red LED flashing lights problem.

    In searching this blog and one in the USA this appears to be very common fault with Panasonic Plasma’s. This is disappointing as the picture quality has been excellent.

    I have not had the opportunity to source a repair cost however I note that Philip appears to have a similar problem,if the cost of repair is $600+ I will definitely look to purchase another brand of TV.

    It is also my concern that we have only recently purchased a second 42″ Panasonic Viera Plasma
    and I am hoping that this will not fail as well.

  • Absolutely correct, it’s up to the buyer to do their homework, from experience customers just want to blame the retailer for everything, even if they forgot to wipe their bum.

  • Hi Gary,
    Sorry you’re experiencing problems.
    Please give us a call on 132600 and we can talk about your issue in more detail.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Jim,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    TV’s by their very nature do make low level operational noises as you have described. The level of this noise may be amplified by poor room acoustics (ie lack of soft furnishings), watching TV late at night at low volume levels etc…
    To date there are no plans for Panasonic to make noise free TV’s.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Dear Faceless, Nameless Panasonicau

    I have to say that I’m dissappointed with the response.
    The noise is not a low level noise.
    The fact that the noise is variable i.e not always there suggests it is a quality problem.
    The fact the noise can be heard over TV volumes set at 23 and even up to 25 at times suggests this is undesirable.
    The fact that others claim to not have this issue suggests my TV is “special”
    The fact that other plasmas – of lesser cost and of brands considered ‘lesser’ in status is my consumer annoyance.

    The fact that our room is fully furnished; rear walls mostly covered with drapes, rug on floor – I feel we don’t have an echo type problem.

    Don’t you have an objective to keep your customers happy???
    I’m starting to question purchasing Panasonic in future.

    As a loyal Pana buyer & advocate – my loyalty is being challenged.
    I started with a Pana Video & TV 18 years ago & now have:
    BluRay PVR DMR8W850, Digital Video Cam SDR-S7, Digital Stills DMC FH3, Plasma 50V10, Portable DVD DVD LS83, but you’re making it difficult for me to cosider Panasonic for any future product purchases.

  • Hi all Panasonic owners,
    I have a Panasonic Plasma TH-P54S10A. As I was watching the ANZAC parade my TV went black. I tried ON and OFF from mains, but all I get is the red light flashing and turning off. If this is a common problem then why is no fix on Panasonic Website.This is most frustrating, especially now that I have given my old LCD away.So if there is anyone out there who can provide a fix then lets publish it and help others.

  • Hi,

    A service technician told me that although some panasonic panels are assembled in other countries that most of the panel itself and parts are made in Japan but they use different assembly plants in different countires to streamline the process and keep proce competitive.


  • Hi Jim,
    Thank you for providing me with additional information – this helps in a ‘sight unseen’ diagnoses.
    For what you state I think it best if we arrange an in-home service visit to address the problem. Please contact us on 132600 to arrange.
    We appreciate your support for our products over the 18 years and hope to continue to provide you with quality products in the future.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Mate you really should be talking to the tv stations. To start with commercials have more than 1 layer of audio hence they sound louderthan the programmes.
    Here in Newcastle the sound difference between stations is what is coming from the transmitters.

    There is only 1 station that transmits from Newcastle, NBN, the other’s, Prime(Seven), come via Canberra, not sure if Southern Cross Ten (Network Ten) still comes from Coff’s Harbour or if they have also mover to Canberra.

    In a nut shell it is pushed and pulled decoded and recoded embebed it’s a wonder we get a sound we can understand let along hear.

  • Hi Bhoopinder,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    Unfortunately the TV has developed a fault condition that requires service. Please call 132600 to arrange an in-home service call.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Can you please answer the 2 Posts above asking about the Issue reported with the ” losing blackness over 1000 hrs or so.”
    Raymond on 21/02 (also by others on 02/02 & 06/02 & 19/02

    This is a VERY serious issue and would like to know Panasonic’s position on this please. I did call Panasonic Pre Sales last week prior to buying my TH-P46G10A and was told that “They had never heard or had any reports of this issue (seems strange based on amount of online reports).
    If such an issue existed then you should send it back under warranty. You are within your statutory rights as a consumer (In Australia) if unhappy with this as that is not what you paid for.

    PANASONIC; Can you please answer this for all of us please.


  • We also have a bluray player, but I don’t think we are able to record on this, the model is dmp-bd65gn-k. Will the pause and record live tv work with this?

    Thank you

  • i recently bought a 50inch g series plasma and i cannot see any mention of the neo pdp.does this model have this feature and does it also have the thx feature as well.i have noticed on a couple of web sites that this is a feature you can adjust.


  • i have recently bought a panasonic 50 g series plasma.i have seen on some web sites that you can adjust the thx mode on the plasma.is this true.are all g series plasmas with 600hz neo pdp.

  • Black level issue – Hi All, I can confirm that my 2007 TH-42PX suffered a significant loss of black level after approximately 6 months of use. The TV virtually changed over night and appeared to also mess up the built in tuner. In first 6 months all SD and HD were clear and quite sharp – so sharp that the picture was “grainy” with full sharpness setting. When black levels changed, the SD and HD channels appeared to loose sharpness (went fuzzy) and colours tended to be washed out. I was forced to use an external tuner with up-scaling in an attempt to improve the SD channels. Blacks went from black to blacks on a cheap LCD panel and the TV actually “glowed” for about 30mins after switched off at night with the outline of the image at the time of the TV being turned off. Customer Service could not assist. Very disappointed! I now have a 2009 G10 and hoping it doesn’t end up the same as my 2007 TH-42PX. Has anyone else had any trouble with 2007 models?

  • Hi Jim – Is the noise you are referring to the cooling fans at the rear of TV? I have a G10 and it has around 4 fans on the top rear panel which do make some low level noise but only when you are up very close to the TV. The noise doesn’t appear to be consistent and doesn’t bother me. However, reading a number of forum posts a number of Samsung Plasma users complain of
    “buzzing” noises in some their early models – I wonder if you are experiencing the same thing perhaps? I also have a 2007 Panasonic Plasma and this has no noise but it is a 42″ and doesn’t have any fans……..

  • You can only use this feature when your TV is connected to a Panasonic DVD or Hard Drive recorder via the VIERA Link function. If you connect your Hard Drive recorder to your TV via a HDMI cable and make sure VIERA Link is enabled on the recorder you should then be able to control the recorder via your TV.

  • Hi

    What is the main benifit of having a Neo Plasma (G10) in 50 inch which rrp less then a U series but the U serious doesnt have Neo plasma Panel & retails for more?

    Which one is a better Tv.. G10 / U20?

    Does the “TH-P50U20A” have Inbuild HD Tuner?

    Why some model says 12th Generation Full HD & some model says G13 Full HD? what is the difference between the two wording?

    Also in this page i am reading quite similer problems with G10 Series is that a model specific problem as i dont read any fault as for U series or V series..


  • I purchased a TH-P42S10A about 3 months back and I am frustrated on 2 things, I have been trying to play mpg 2 files and AVCHD files and have had no success, why wont it work?, I have tried downloading files from the net, converting files, tried movies from my Sony camera, nothing works, am I doing somthing wrong? This feature is important to me, I would like to somehow play mpg files created by my PC HD PVR without forking out for extra hardware just to do this.

    Also it says in the manual that the firmware can be upgraded but there is no information on hooking my TV up to the internet, how then can it be upgraded? how do I connect it? is there firmware upgrades available?

  • Have a panasonic TH-50PX600A, wont change channels or access menu,guide or info but will change volume and other controls. When first turned on is fine for about 20 seconds and then refuses to change channels. Any fixes known????????

  • I have recently purchased a Panasonic TH-P50G10A Panasonic Neo Plasma from JB HiFi and I am having trouble getting 1080p pass through working via my Onkyo TX-SR606 Receiver, I have seen a post on an Onkyo Europe website listing a Panasonic firmware update for the G10 Plasma has been released to resolve this issue.
    Is this relevant for Australian Panasonic G10 plasma’s??

  • Hi,

    Like many people both on this page and many others i purchased the Panasonic TH42PX70A in Sep 2007. I too have had the dreaded shut down and red led lamp flashing 7 times. I emailed Panasonic support only to have them reply that i should take my “Camera” to a repair agent for assesment of an out of warranty assesment.

    The charge alone for a repair agent to look at the TV makes me ropable as this appears like an inherent fault that warrants a recall.

    I note there are 3 other people with this issue on this blog alone and (many more on other forums)

    I am disgusted at the service from Panasonic and quality of my Panasonic TV and regeret paying extra for the assumed quality difference in the Japanese made model over its Chinese counterparts.

  • Hi,
    I have recently purchased a THP50U20A and when I play a DVD with my Viera linked and HDMI cabled Panasonic DMR-EX75 I get a message on the TV screen “WARNING Incompatible TV system setting”

    Playing the same DVD on a Sanyo DC-TS760 using component leads on the P50U20A works fine.

    Previously everything worked fine when using the EX75 on my old Panasonic TC-68V80A.
    Please advise what I need to do


  • Hi Jane,

    Try the ‘Shipping Condition’ menu function that will reset all TV features back to factory defaults. If this does not resolve your issue, the TV might have developed a fault that requires service. Please contact Panasonic helpdesk on 132600 for assistance


    Team Panasonic

  • hi, i just purchased a Panasonic TH-P42V20A (42 inch, full HD). so far everything is working fine, the only thing is the sound; there is loud humming sound when we’re watching TV (or watching movies). i have it connected to our Foxtel unit via the standard cable (red/white/yellow plugs). the booklet that comes with the TV says (page 75) ‘when power is on, drive noise may be heard from inside the display unit (not a sign of faulty operation)’. that’s fine and dandy, but it doesn’t help me. i’m not sure if this sound i’m hearing is classified as ‘drive noise’, but it doesn’t sound right. it’s the kind of sound you hear when you turn on an amplifier, it’s that ‘humming’ sound, if that makes sense. it’s so overpowering, i have to turn down the volume on the TV to almost zero, and then crank up the volume on the Foxtel unit to 100%. that just isn’t right. i don’t know what to do about this, and if it can’t be solved, i see no other solution than to return the TV. if it had been a cheap $200 TV it would have something i could have looked past, but this TV cost me almost $2000. the sound should be crystal clear for that kind of money. any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Eric, Sydney

  • Hi. I am from South Africa and would like to purchase a 2010 G or V series Vierra on Ebay. My question is whether the unit will work with our television satelite broadcasts and power(220v AC). I know there will be issues regarding servicing if the unit should pack up. The latests plasmas only reaches us a year or so later and at astronomical prices. Kind regards, Norman.

  • What TV stations need to do is have strict specifications regarding audio level and perceived loudness. Using a compander is not a good solution, it messes with the sound mix and pulls up background ambience when no dialogue is present.

  • I recently purchased the Panasonic TH-P50V20A and whilst the potential functionality is excellent, I’m having great difficulty in finding compatible components suggested on both the Australian and Japanese Panasonic websites. I wish to purchase an external USB HDD recorder and the recommended website (listed in page 40 of the manual) suggests a Buffalo Drivestation HD-CEU2-A3 Series. I have been unable to locate this product at any Aust mainstream company.

    This also applies to the wireless rear expansion SH-FX71 suggested for the blu-ray home theatre system SC-BT230. Only one Aust online company carries this product and I’m uncertain if this product would actually be compatible with the system in Aust.

    I really wish to be using panasonic (or partner company) products through the VIERA Link function however I’m quite annoyed that the recommendations in the manuals, websites and Panasonis press releases are virtually impossible to locate.

    Can you please help in providing possible alternatives, or at least confirm these products availabilty and compatability in Aust.

    Thanks very much in advance

  • Hi Guys,

    I have been a panasonic product fan all my life.

    I purchased Plasma TH-P42G10A on August 15th 2009.

    Yesterday, while I was watching it and the screen went blank. I switched it off and on several times but without success. When turned on, there is no display but the red light flashes 7 times.

    It is not even a one year old. I am really disappointed with the quality of the product.
    I searched google and the large no. of people with same problem adds to disappointment.

    I tried to call panasonic customer care today but was amazed to find that despite being a leading electronics company, panasonic fails to provide round the clock customer care.

    I still have 15 days till warranty expires. I hope I can expect a quick action from Panasonic.


  • Recently purchased a 50inch plasma TH-P50V10A. There is now no picture and the red led flashes 5 times then repeats.

  • My Viera (8 mth old) THP50V10A switched itself off and the red light is now blinking. I cannot restart the tv. From this blog and other blogs I understand this is a common and re-occuring fault. I am still in warranty so what will Panasonic do about this? Sure you can fix it but this is far more serious – a bug? given this has happened before. As a result I have lost faith in this product and would prefer a refund and buy a tv that actually works/stable. Be interested in your comments.

  • Panasonic – given the re-occurence of the \"shut down issue\" I suggest that a polite and non descript answer will not suffice. Selling a product with a known fault is serious and there are legal implications. I for one am now seriously considering another brand! Happy to ring and discuss and organise a repair however, what is the real reason? Truth please and not some watered down \"ring this ph number and take it off the air\" Your brand equity and loyalty will only continue to suffer without some sort of proactive response. Thanks!

  • Hi Jawad,

    The benefits of Neo Plasma are better brightness/contrast & improved (ie lower) power consumption. G10 is a run-out model and better than U20.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Jawad,

    Yes the TH-P50U20A has an inbuilt tuner.

    The 12th generation PDP panels refer to 10 series models and G13 (13th generation) refers to 20 series PDP panels

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Andy,

    It is probably best if you contact customer service and let them know exactly what product is having the issue. We will be able to diagnose and resolve the problem then.

    The customer service number is: 132600

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi my mum has a panasonic viera hd digital tv we can get program guide for all channels but not channel 9 is there any reason for this. Channel 9 is clear and we can see it just cant get tv guide all others work and tell us what is on

    Thanks Ann

  • Is it possible to adjust sound from Channel 9 to be the same as other channels. I just bought the DMR-BW880 Blue ray recorder. Ch9 seems to be a lot louder than the other channels. I go through a sound system (not compatible with Panasonic) and therefore need another remote to control sound levels. It would be great to do it through the recorder. Thanks Roly

  • Hi Norman,

    It will work but not the Digital TV Tuner section. For this you will require a Satellite Set Top Box (STB) connected to the TV via HDMI. You should also check your local consumer laws to check your rights under warranty/fault claims.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Roly,

    Unfortunately broadcaster sound levels are controlled & defined by the broadcaster and cannot be controlled via the DMR-BW880.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Ann,

    We are assuming that you mean WIN TV, a Channel 9 affiliate. We understand that WIN are currently relocating & upgrading their DTV play-out facilities, program guide generators etc. WIN have advised they anticipate this work will be completed by the end of the year.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • I purchased a panasonic 50 inch viera neo plasma tv. I am downloading movies and tv shows that end in DVDRIP.AVI files. How can I play these on my new tv with a USB flash stick or memory card? Do i need to conver the files somehow first?

    Also how do I record programs from the tv onto a memory card/flash drive?

  • Hi Andrew,
    The AVI files must be DiVX certified to ensure playback, and it is not possible to record from TV to memory card/flash drives. This functionality requires an external Hard Disk Drive.
    A full outline of how to record to a removable hard drive and playback of media files can be found in you user manual supplied with your TV. If you have misplaced the guide it can be downloaded at http://www.panasonic.com.au/support/downloads/model_search.cfm.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • I bought a TH-P50G10A on the in November 09. Was watching TV on last night the TV turned itself off and the standby light blinks 6 times in a row, continuously. I want to know what has caused this problem? what to do about it and also there seems to be quite a lot of postings with similar issues, Is this likely to be a recurring problem?
    Pretty dissapointing when you spend the money on a good television and it doesnt even last out 1 year, we have had to turn to a $100 12 year old Magnavox to watch television, still works perfect>

  • @Gil… It seems so. Last time I’m buying a Panasonic TV. I was told it would be a good odea to by a tv with internet connection because it would be upgradeable through update menu. But they never made firmware update. The DNLA file support in the TX-P46G15E is a joke…

    Not the way to treat (cheat?) customers who pay ekstra because they believe(d) in Panasonic.

  • Hi All – long time no post.
    I would love to say my issue is resolved – but I’m not that lucky.
    Matt – thanks for your suggestion. This has also been considered by the Panasonic endorsed technicians but dismissed as the buzzing [when present] varies depending on what the screen is showing.

    My current situation is that 1 circuit board has been replaced with nil improvement to the TV, and the TV has been at a Panasonic endorsed service centre for 4 weeks.
    Apart from the fact they should be listening for an intermittent fault – their workshop is full of TVs [not all Pannys] and noise from their PC, fridge etc.

    Realistically – I can understand their work environment – but it is not ideal for diagnosong an intermittent buzzing fault. I’m not even sure if their have tried to ‘force’ the fault by displaying a white screen – which is when the fault is obvious.
    So as it stands – the TV I received ~Jan 2010 has spent ~15 of it’s life in a repair shop…

    I’m not a happy camper!


  • Call me silly – but I bought a Panny 37″ LCD TV while waiting of the plasma to be repaired. The 37″ works great but I still want to cover the wall brackets i’ve got with a working 50″ TV!!

  • Hi Rachel,

    Regrettably, your TV set has developed a fault that requires service. Please call Panasonic Customer Care on Ph: 132600 to arrange in-home warranty service.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • some of the movies i want to play from my computer, to my panasonic neo plasma through the wireless adapter have a little star at the end of the movie title, they wont play on my tv, they are avi files like many of the other files on my computer which i can play on my tv. do you know why this happens?

  • Hi,

    I have just bought a TH-P50VT20A 3D tv. I have noticed a buzz from the set when the screen displays lighter output. I have read this is a problem for other people and realtes to a power board? Should I contact the retailer to get them to replace the unit or, as one person did, would you send a service person over to my house to replace the board? Note that I am sitting about 2 1/2 meters away from the set and have the sound at normal levels. The buzz is audible over this.


  • I recently bought a 46 inch Viera and I need to buy a wall mount for it. Can you please let me know the model number and also what the depth will be for the TV when mounted? We have a sliding door to cover the TV when not in use and I need to make sure it will fit.

  • Hi,
    Can you confirm the power consumption of the TH-P50V20A in standby and when the power switch is ‘off’ please? I’ve tried to use an energy saving power board that detects the TV power consumption when below 30W and switches other devices off. However when I try to use the board, the other devices never go off when the TV is in standby or off. I have contacted the manufacturer of the energy saving power board and they sent me a tested replacement unit — same result. They say some plasma TVs consume >30W when in standby! However your specs say the power consumption is a more reasonable 0.4W when in standby, but it appears that’s not the case? Why won’t the energy saving power board work with that TV, even when the mains switch is physically turned off? Thanks.

  • Hi Scott,

    TV Standby is a two step process. When a Panasonic TV is initially turned into standby mode the TV goes into active standby for approx 10 minutes. In this mode power consumption is up to 30 watts. After approx 10 minutes to TV switches to passive standby where the power consumption is rated at 0.4 watts. Please note that residential grade power measuring devices are extremely inaccurate. Commercial grade measuring devices cost many thousands of dollars and are far more likely to result in an accurate measurement. More information on the energy use of Panasonic VIErA TVs can be found on http://www.energy-wise.com.au under “Calculation Tool”.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hello there,
    Recently bought (29 Dec 2010) a 42″ v-series along with a BT230 Blue Ray Home Theatre system and am very happy with the result so far. The only feedback I have is for making the remote and functions more intuitive.
    I’ve connected the TV with the HTS through ARC HDMI. However, whenever the audio is in 5.1 ch on Freeview TV, I do not get any sound through the HTS. I then have to change the audio to standard and the voice comes through. What am I missing? Thanks

  • Hi there, my 50″ viera is now flashing red 10 times like others. Is this a known defect as there seems to be a lot of it going on upon investigating this issue?
    Will panasonic pay for the repairs?

  • Hi Tommy,

    This is not a known issue; please test PS3 HDMI connection on another TV. Does PS3 have the latest firmware?

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Tommy,

    This is not a known issue; please test PS3 HDMI connection on another TV. Does your PS3 have the latest firmware?

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi
    We have a Panasonic Viera TH-P42G10A which has a problem in that it switches itself completely off intermittently – both the green light and the red light go off. It is off for a few seconds (seems to range up to about 30 secs), & then it switches itself back on.
    This has been happening since Feb 2011. There have been periods up to a week between bouts, but it has also happened 10 times in 20 minutes.
    No other electrical appliances in the vicinity go off, & we have tried it in various power points.
    We usually leave it in standby mode when not on – & we have also heard it clicking off in standby mode.
    It went off to the authorized repair people for 10 days but they were unable to fix the problem – they didn’t see it happening, but this is not unexpected as it is so transient (but annoying). They checked it out & cleaned it up & brought it back. However, the problem is still occurring.
    Do you have any tips.
    (We have been keeping a log & will be contacting the repairers again)

  • Hi Penny B, We are sorry you are experiencing a problem. We are unable to diagnose your problem. We can only suggest you return the product to the service centre to have the unit inspected again. Intermittent problems such as yours are most annoying and difficult to repair as the technicians needs to see it before they can fix it.
    I would suggest you call the repairer again and when the technician is on-site, he calls our technical help desk.
    Best of luck,
    Team Panasonic

  • I purchased a TH-P42S10A in March 2010 and all was fine till 12 months later it started switching itself off. We put up with it for some months before contacting Panasonic support.As it is out of warranty I have been advised there is a $160 charge just to pick and return the set up and then there could be repair costs of several hundred dollars on top. I am not prepared to go to that expense for a set that is less than 18 months old.
    The fault is now getting worse and I would rather buy a new LCD with new warranty. I can get a 42″ LG full HD locally for less than $800, which could be about the total cost of repairs to my Panasonic.
    I have purchased a number of Panasonic items over the years and have always been very pleased with their performance.
    Can you please advise me how to safely dispose of my plasma tv?

  • Hi Ralph,
    Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry that you have experienced this problem. One of our people will email you about this.
    Many Thanks,
    Team Panasonic

  • the volume on my panasoniv viera just went dead…ive tried mute anf nothing….ive gone to menu volume and choosen and unchoosen everything and still nothing…what do i do

  • Hello Andrew,
    Thank you for getting in touch.
    Please call Panasonic help desk on 132 600 for assistance.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • i have a TH-P50G10A, is there any way to use the remote to switch between 2 channels without having to manually scroll through the channels

  • purchased the THP58S20A plasma in March this year & all was good for about 2 months. TV since then has had problems with the HDMI imputs losing signal and the screen going from static grey too multicoloured lines and complete blank screen then proceeding to reset and picture comes back again. This only started as a small glitch every now and again but has increased to such a level that it is impossible to watch any program. It is also the same problem watching DVD using a different HDMI imput.I am now using the component inputs to watch TV and have not had any more problems.Can’t watch DVD or kids cannot play Wii as HDMI imputs are now useless.Is this a one off problem or an ongoing issue with this model.TV is still under warranty but I would like to get some feedback.

  • Hi Robert,
    It seems as though your TV requires a service. Please get in contact with Customer Support on 132 600 who will locate a service centre near you.
    Team Panasonic

  • I have the panasonic TV model TH-P50V10A.
    I’am having a problem with this TV.When I turn it on it turns itself off and the I get a flashing red light.Do you know what causes this? Thank you.

  • Hi Ercan,
    Thank you for getting in touch.
    Sorry you’re experiencing problems. Please give us a call on 132600 and we can talk about your issue in more detail.

    The flashing light that is being experienced is in fact an error code, which assists in fault diagnosis. And flashes in the instance when a repair is needed. If this is happening, then it is a sign that you should get in touch with your nearest service provider and get your unit inspected and diagnosed.

    Thank you,
    Team Panasonic

  • Power turn off. Goes from green light to red light in 30secs.
    Cna not operate remote.
    TV was working fine just started to happen

  • Hi Bec,

    Please contact our customer service team on 132600 to diagnose and resolve the issue.

    Team Panasonic

  • I have a TH 50PX80A Panasonic Viera Plasma TV. Recently my partner has been listening to ABC Jazz digital radio service on it and there is a Blue message in a box saying “Radio Service” that seems to be burning an image into the TV screen. What do I need to press to get this to become an active icon to bounce around as the screen saver to avoid this problem happening?
    Help anyone please!!!

  • I just bought P42 G30. Can I watch TV in dynamic mod or in professional mode from the first day, or I must watch only in normal mode in first 30 days?* I read on net that in the first month TV must work in normal mode of picture settings?

  • Hi David, this message is a static image and cannot be set to move around the screen.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi, congrats on your new purchase! You can watch in dynamic mode or professional mode from day one. Dynamic mode is often used for in-store displays as it defaults a lot of the picture settings to maximum to compensate for the bright lights. Because of this, it might not be the optimal setting for home viewing.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi,
    I have a TH-P50U20A. Recently the seven network has started transmitting a new low bandwidth channel in Brisbane. It uses MPEG4 codec, and my TV won’t decode this. Is there a Firmware update available to fix this issue? The TV isn’t very old, as I’m sure you are aware.

  • Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. You can start receiving the Seven Network’s channel by enabling Add MPEG-4 AVC Channels via [Menu > Setup > Digital Tuning Menu]. Once enabled, the “Add MPEG-4 AVC Channels” menu option is removed from the Digital Tuning Menu list.

    Please call our Customer Care Centre on 132 600 if you require assistance with these steps.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi,
    I bought Panasonic plazma (TH-54PZ1PM)manfactured in Japan on (Dec 2009).
    my question is thier any upgrade firmware release for it?


  • I bought the panasonic viera 4 years ago. Never have any problem with it until now. The volume just went dead. Tried everything by switching channels including turning it off from the output and reseting the set-top box still muted.

  • Hi Cristy, we’re glad yo hear you’ve enjoyed your VIErA for the past 4 years. There’s a few things we can troubleshoot with you over the phone, please call us on 132 600 to assist you further.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi, Panasonic will only release firmware for a product if there are problems found with the product that require an upgrade.

    Team Panasonic

  • I have a Panasonic model TH-P50VT20A are you able to provide me with a list of compatible USB devices that can be used with this TV. Also a complets list of USB video format that can be to play back movies.

  • I have a 46″ Viera which after 2 years of faultless operation, suddenly went green screen on us tonight. All the connections are unchanged and we have tried to restart it but still get this psychedlic green to every input. I have read a few articles where people are suggesting it is a loose connection but that doesnt appear to be the case. What is the problem likely to be and is it repairable? Thanks

  • Hello

    I have a Panasonic Viera TH-P54A20A.

    It has stopped working and the stand-by light flashes four times.

    Would you please advise what fault this represents and advise next-steps.

    Thank you

  • Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. To assist you further, please contact our Customer Care Centre on 132 600. They will be able to identify the fault and connect you with an authorised service centre, if required.

    Team Panasonic

  • hello i have a panasonic plasma th42px70a built january 08 purchased feb 08 and the set suddenly stopped working with the standby light flashing red 7 times. I see online this is a big problem is there an easy fix to the problem?

    cheers Damien.

  • Hi Damien, please call Customer Care Centre who will be able to help. Landline 132 600 or 02 8265 0900 from your mobile. Cheers, Team Panasonic

  • Hi Lee, unfortunately Panasonic TVs don’t have such a feature. Cheers, Team Panasonic.

  • I have a TH p42v20a which I have enjoyed for a full year and a bit. The only gripe is with the external HDD. As I couldn’t find a Buffalo HD as suggested I bought a HP 1GB HDD and used it to record programs.
    However the HD has now failed when only 51% full. Went out and bought another HDD thinking that it was the HDD defect.
    Again after 6-7mth of operation and again at around 50% the hard drive failed! What’s going on?!
    Not only I am spending $$ on accessories but I am losing the TV programs I have recorded? is there a way to back up the HDDs when signsof failure start occurring?
    Will I have the same problem if I bought a PVR with HDD?

  • Hi Joe, our Product Managers have not heard of this problem before. The TV supports USB HDD’s between 140GB – 2TB so your 1GB is not the problem. Unfortunately there is no way of backing up recorded programs to another HDD. Cheers, Team Panasonic.

  • hI Panasonicau, sorry I meant 1TB (not 1GB) So, what should be the life expectancy of a brand new good clean external hard drive? I am only getting 6-7mths when hooked to the tv (and not using the live rewind feature)

  • we have a panasonic neo i have found that this company has some major faults with there televisions,what is the go with the red flashing lights and the tv shutting down.We live in the country and it is a major hassle for us to find someone who can fix this,we thought panasonic was a great company until now this company needs to fix it’s error codes in this model before everyone us included stop buying from their company thanks panasonic for nothing!!!!!

  • I need to buy a wall mount for the z1 plasma. The p/n is TY-WK5P1SW. Can u advise me the stock availability n price.

  • Hi just wondering if and where we can buy a new TV stand that clips into the TV. ( So it is free standing) Ours has been damaged. It is a Viera TH-42PX7A (2007 model) Thank You.

  • Undeniably believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the web the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while people think about worries that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  • 7 red lights of Death. My Panasonic 50 inch plasma has been flashing 7 red lights after it switches itself off for over a year. Been to the repair shops 3 times to no avail. Will work for awhile and then Bang! I have done what you have advised others on this forum and still no success. Checked on the web and this is a worldwide problem with thousands of complaints. Still in warranty but the company refuses to replace T.V. as it works intermittently. I have used Panasonic products for 3 decades but am shocked at how lame and inadequate your responses are to this problem.

  • I have a Panasonic TH-P42V20A which is 18 months old. Since new it has periodically (say every two days on average) had an issue where the picture dulls or losses brightness suddenly. Pressing pretty much any button on the remote will return the screen to the normal brightness or restore from the dull picture. Not sure what would cause this but is there a fix that anyone knows of without returning to the store under warranty? The frequency of the picture going dull seems to be increasing of late.


  • Hi Andrew, sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with your TV. It sounds like it may have developed a fault and requires a service. To locate your closest authorised repair centre, please contact 132 600. Cheers.

  • Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on
    this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have a TH-P50VT20A, I have had the TV for now for over one year, I bought this in Adelaide, Australia. I’m very happy with this product.

    This year I have moved to Montevideo, Uruguay, South America.

    When tuning in the Analogue TV, I only get a B/W picture, with no sound carrier.

    I have done some research and found that Australia is PAL B/G.

    Uruguay, is PAL N. (If I’m correct)

    Short of running a local VCR to TV inputs, giving me a very bad picture.

    Can I flash the firmware or update the firmware, via the USB update option. Changing the Analogue tuner to Type PAL N.

  • Hi Rodger, Unfortunately this model is hardware specific for the Australian market, and cannot be ‘flashed’ for another country. Cheers!

  • I have a Panasonic TH-P50V20A. When I turn the TV off it is difficult to restart. A red light flashes once. I have a Panasonic Blu-ray attache. By leaving the Blu-ray and and powering on anf off on the TV it evetually starts. What is the fix for this?

  • Hi les, the TV has developed a fault that requires service. Please call 132600 for assistance. Thanks.

  • My Viera has not skipped a beat and uses AV2 as the component setting. Since the Aussie gov switched to digital the screen swaps from AV2 to AV2 component 576i input with the screen sometimes going blank. Do I need to do something now with the switch? Thanks

  • Hi Di, we are a little confused as Viera TV’s don’t use the AV2 component for digital TV reception. Probably best if you call 132600 for assistance. Thanks!

  • Hi there,
    I have a th-p50s10a with a Blu-ray player. I’m trying to connect to quickflix to be able to do the streaming but when I click on the viera link quickflix logo is not coming up…I looked if I could do an update but it’s up to date :-/
    Thanks for your help

  • Hi,
    I own a THP50G10a and discovered it had a green line vertical down the screen this has come in an out for a couple of weeks and now its gone.

    Happy to see my TV it’s doing well for two weeks this afternoon I turned the unit on and it cut out and back into standby mode and it flashs 11 times the red light cuts out and flashs again 11 times.
    Turn it back on and does it again is this a voltage problem capasitors failing?
    Or is going into protect mode?
    With the green line is my plasma screen on the way out?

  • Hi Dennis, sorry to hear your product has developed a fault, please contact our customer service team on 132600 who will be able to assist you booking your unit in for repair. Thanks

  • hi i have panasonic th p50v10a
    Guys i need help with pip how do i change it i cant change the input to change from av1 to tv or hdmi any help would be great thanks 🙂

  • Hi Troy, PIP instructions for your model are available on page 16 of your user manual. The PIP button is located at the time right hand side of your remote control.

  • The things i have often told individuals is that when evaluating a good on the net electronics shop, there are a few variables that you have to think about. First and foremost, you need to make sure to locate a reputable and reliable shop that has obtained great opinions and scores from other people and market sector experts. This will ensure you are handling a well-known store that can offer good service and aid to its patrons. Thanks for sharing your ideas on this blog site.

  • Very dissapointed to find my 15 month old TH-P50ST50A hit with the 7 flashing lights of death. Always held Panasonic in high regard, been faithful Pana/Technics buyer for 25 years, but this has left me very flat – especially after reading how common this issue is – even on this forum. Paying $500 to fix a $1000 TV with a common known defect is pushing me towards trying out rival brands who use better quality components. Smells like Pana have let their standards slip recently, shame. Once you lose a customer with poor quality goods and an inability to address what seems to be a global issue it’s very hard to get them back.

  • Hi Richie, we apologise that your Television has developed a fault. The flashing light is part of a diagnostic process to help identify the fault. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you.

  • Hi, The music player on my ST 60A is very basic, are there any alternative players that i can download?
    Something better looking with more options and playlists etc. Something like XBMC would be good.
    I hve a USB connected HDD.

  • Hi Adie, you could try other alternative 3rd party options. We would recommend contacting your local retailer for the best option for your specific needs.

  • Hi could you tell me how to record on the SD card on my
    Panasonic viera TH-P42G10A I have lost the manual

  • Hi,
    I have been searching for a Panasonic neo plasma at some large outlets in Perth. There is little or no neo plasmas to be found. Two outlets advised Panasonic were
    not producing anymore Neo plasmas. They
    had 100’s of other brands in stock.
    Is this correct?

    Brian 4/1/2014

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    I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post.
    Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks!

  • Hi there, I have the Panasonic TH-P42G10A, which I bought new in January 2010, great TV.

    I know that there is a newer firmware version than what I have but cannot find it to download, the Panasonic Aus support /download Page links to Japan but the models listed only date back to 2010 and do not include my model (2009), where/how can I get the firmware update?

    My fw: 4009
    Latest: 4012

    I’ve tried OTA several times over the last year or so but it never updates it just says I’m up to date.

    According to info posted on whirlpool Panasonic can send out fw updates on SD card, is this possible? Thanks.

    Ref. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1491862#r6

  • Hi Dale, we have your email and we will setup a link and forward this to you to get you that download. Hope this helps! MCB

  • Thanks very much Marisa.

    My Panasonic TH-P42G10A is now running the latest Firmware (4012).