Introducing the 2011 Panasonic Blu-ray & DVD product ranges

Panasonic Australia has added to its reputable Blu-ray range with innovative new Full-HD 3D models, while also announcing its latest High Definition DVD Recorder with twin HD tuners.

3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder
The DMR-BWT800 and DMR-BWT700 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorders offer outstanding connectivity and networking capabilities. The DMR-BWT800 offers an impressive 1 terabyte recording capacity, while the DMR-BWT700 boasts 500GB. Both offer outstanding connectivity and networking capabilities. With Wireless LAN and DLNA server/client functionality, the Recorders can act as a hub allowing the user to stream content such as images, music and movies wirelessly for viewing on other DLNA-compatible devices in the home as well as receiving content from the home PC.

Blu-ray Disc Players
the versatile DMR-PWT500, a 3D Blu-ray Disc player that records onto a 320GB Hard Disc Drive . The DMR-PWT500 features Full-HD 3D Blu-ray Disc playback, Wireless LAN, DLNA® server/client functionality, VIERA CAST™ and twin HD tuners so users can record two 3D or high definition broadcasts simultaneously. The DMR-PWT500 can act as a hub, allowing the user to stream content such as images, movies and music wirelessly for viewing on other DLNA-compatible devices in the home as well as receiving content from the home PC.

The DMP-BDT310 and DMP-BDT110 continue the Panasonic tradition of delivering exceptional image and sound quality, offering 2D to 3D Conversion with 3D Effect Controller to convert 2D images from DVDs and Blu-ray Discs into 3D; as well as Adaptive Chroma Processing and UniPhier chip technology. For enhanced connectivity, the DMP-BDT310 has a built-in Wireless LAN and the DMP-BDT110 is Wireless LAN ready so users can easily connect to VIERA CAST and enjoy real-time visual communication with family and friends on their TV via Skype . They can also take advantage of this year’s new ‘video answering machine’ feature available via Skype.

Users can also watch videos on YouTube™, check out Web-based photos on Picasa™, and keep up to date with Bloomberg stock information, and weather forecasts.

DVD Recorders and Players
The DMR-XW385 allows customers to record two digital broadcasts in stunning HD quality simultaneously. DLNA® server functionality means that with a LAN connection users can enjoy recorded programs and other content archived on the hard disc drive in a separate room via a compatible DLNA client device.

The company also announced the arrival of four new DVD players, the DVD-S68 and the DVD-S48, and the portable DVD-LS92 and DVD-LS70, to further bolster its DVD offering.

Simply by connecting the DMR-XW385 via a LAN, Panasonic’s VIERA CAST™ lets users view videos on YouTube™, Web-based photos on Picasa™ and stock information on Bloomberg, as well as the weather forecast.

Prices and release dates
Click on the series name for product specifications.

Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Playback
DMR-BWT800 – Available now RRP $1,199.
DMR-BWT700 – Available now RRP $999.
DMP-BDT310 – Available June 2011 RRP $399.
DMP-BDT110 – Available now RRP $249.
DMR-PWT500 – Available now RRP $699.

Blu-ray Disc Player
DMP-BD75 – Available now RRP $199.

DVD Recorder
DMR-XW385 – Available now RRP $599.

DVD Player
DVD-S68 – Available now RRP $129.
DVD-S48 – Available now RRP $99.
DVD-LS92 – Available now RRP $299.
DVD-LS70 – Available now RRP $199.

Between 10am to 12pm (01/06/11), Panasonic Australia Group Marketing Manager for AV Products, Sophie Barton will be answering all your questions around the new 2011 Blu-ray & DVD ranges across our official Facebook and Twitter accounts. We will do our best to respond to all of your questions in the allocated time.

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