Panasonic announces new range of VIERA IPS LED LCD TVs

Panasonic has unveiled seven new LED LCD VIERA TVs and three new LCD TVs. For the first time, the range includes Full High Definition 3D TV models – the DT30 Series of IPS LED LCD TVs, featuring Panasonic’s immersive 3D technology.

The new models are designed for the connected home, with a suite of ‘SMART VIERA’ functionalities. The DT30 and E30 LED LCD Series include VIERA Connect, which allows users to experience a host of exciting new features including catch-up TV, videos, music and internet radio, interactive games, and social networking. A VIERA Remote App allows the VIERA Connect TV models to be operated via an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It’s easy to operate key remote control features by sliding or tapping, and the smartphone keyboard can be used for quick text input.

The E3 and X30 Series of LED LCD TVs, and the U30 and C30 Series of LCD TVs offer ‘Easy IPTV’, which includes SHOUTcast Internet radio and Facebook via your VIERA TV.


3D models
The top-of-the range FHD 3D DT30 Series uses an IPS LED LCD panel to ensure a wide viewing angle for the best picture possible. It also features improved motion and for the first time offers 1080 line moving picture resolution with 5,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio. Its high resolution and outstanding response mean these 37 and 32-inch models set the bar for 3D and 2D picture performance and provide the ultimate 3D gaming experience.

“The launch of the new IPS FHD 3D LED LCD Series means consumers looking to enjoy this fantastic technology in a smaller screen size can now enjoy stunning 3D images and excellent viewing angles thanks to IPS technology.”
Maetham Roomi, Product Marketing Manager – LCD TV, Panasonic Australia.

Prices and release dates

DT30 Series – IPS Full HD 3D LED LCD TV
TH-L37DT30A – Available June 2011 RRP $1,799.
TH-L32DT30A – Available June 2011 RRP $1,499.

DT30 Series – IPS Full HD 3D LED LCD TV
TH-L42E30A –  Available May 2011 RRP $1,099.

E3 Series – IPS Full-HD LED LCD TV
TH-L42E3A – Available May 2011 RRP $1,199.
TH-L32E3A – Available May 2011 RRP $899.

U30 Series – IPS HD CCFL LCD
TH-L42U30A – Available June 2011 RRP $999.
TH-L32U30A – Available June 2011 RRP $749.

X30 Series – IPS HD LED LCD
TH-L32X30A – Available May 2011 RRP $799.

C30 Series – IPS HD CCFL LCD
TH-L32C30A – Available May 2011 RRP $599.

Key features


All TVs include ‘SMART VIERA’ functionalities. The VIERA DT30 and E30 Series offer the VIERA Connect suite, while all other Series offer ‘Easy IPTV’. All models have DLNA® networking, SD Card and USB capabilities, VIERA Image Viewer and VIERA Link.

The VIERA DT30 and E30 Series offer VIERA Connect, which allows users to experience a host of exciting new features including catch-up TV, videos, music and internet radio, interactive games, health and fitness apps, and social networking.

ABC iView and Yahoo!7’s PLUS7 service allow viewers to catch up on their favourite TV shows, and users can also listen to Internet radio with SHOUTcast. You can now use Facebook and Twitter via your VIERA.

DLNA® networking
Simply by connecting to the Home Network, users can utilise a wide variety of content through accessing recorded programs, and files including DivX HD, MKV, AVCHD, Motion JPEG, MP4, and WMV formats.

SD Card and USB HDD Recording
By simply inserting a USB HDD or SD Card directly into the slot on the DT30 and E30 Series VIERA TV, consumers can record content from their TV.

SD Card and USB Playback with VIERA Image Viewer
All TVs also allow USB and SD Card playback of stored images and video. Simply insert an SD Card or USB into the VIERA TV’s slot to share memories with family and friends. Play back your AVCHD home movies, or enjoy images as a slide show on your TV. The SD Card and USB slot on all models supports DivX HD, MKV, AVCHD, Motion JPEG MP4, WMV, JPEG, MP3, AAC, and WMA file formats.

VIERA Link – a technology that utilizes HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) allows a consumer to operate all VIERA Link compatible A/V components using only the TV’s remote control and helpful on-screen menus.

Superior Image Quality
Panasonic’s 3D LED LCD TVs feature its new IPS panels.  IPS panels are recognised throughout the world for their leading response time and energy-efficiency.

Environmentally designed
Panasonic VIERA TVs feature an Eco Control function via VIERA Link. This function automatically turns off connected devices when the TV is switched off. The Eco Control function can also automatically set inactive devices to standby mode to further conserve energy.