Interbrand Ranks Panasonic No. 1 in the electronics sector for the “Best Global Green Brands 2014”


2014 marks the fourth year of the Interbrand ranking of Best Global Green Brands. The US brand consulting company defines an excellent green brand as one that achieves a good balance between green perception (consumers’ image of an eco-brand) and green performance (a company’s environmental management practices). The top 50 companies are ranked based on these two elements.

On June 24, Interbrand announced that Panasonic ranks No. 5 in its Best Global Green Brands 2014. Although a rank lower than last year (our place were taken by Nissan), we have once again come out on top in the electronics sector.

Panasonic’s Evaluation Points

Panasonic’s Evaluation Points. Click here to read the full evaluation.

Panasonic’s Evaluation Points.

Panasonic’s green performance was evaluated as being especially high, with excellent marks going to “Products and Services,” “Governance,” and “Transportation and Logistics.” Interbrand also noted the following points in its evaluation:

Achieving such a high ranking in the Best Global Green Brands is especially meaningful to us because Panasonic has been committed to sustainability initiatives around the world since the company was formed. Locally that commitment to ECO awareness saw us successfully campaign for the creation of TechCollect, a national e-waste recycling scheme. The launch of this scheme has already resulted in Australians setting a new Guinness World Record for the most e-waste ever collected for recycling in one week, as well as the collection of 16,554 tonnes of e-waste over the 2012/13 period.


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