The LUMIX GH4 is a wedding photographer’s dream

Today we take you behind the scenes of two beautiful wedding shoots with renowned wedding photographer and ‘LUMIX Luminary’, William Innes. Using our GH4, Innes demonstrates the versatility of this photo/video hybrid interchangeable lens camera by putting it to the test on a professional set and on location at a glorious wedding.

Mr William Innes“My first impression of the LUMIX GH4 was how comfortable it was to hold and work with. It felt perfect in my hands. The smaller size and weight is great for wedding photographers that work 10-hour plus days. Other features like shooting speed 12 FPS and great low light capabilities make it a perfect tool for my line of work. Last when I combined the GH4 with the Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm/F1.2 lens I was totally in awe! It captured absolutely stunning portraits of the bride and groom” – William Innes.

Behind the scenes of LUMIX GH4 wedding photo shoot with impression by William Innes

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Chasing the Light with a LUMIX GH4.