An impromptu street shoot becomes the face of the LUMIX GX85

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The LUMIX GX85 is the ultimate travel and street photographer’s camera, providing professional-level power in a lightweight, compact, and unobtrusive form. This is something travel photographer Ewen Bell proved recently when he used the LUMIX GX85 in an impromptu session on the streets of Brooklyn. His shots ended up becoming the new campaign for the G Series mirrorless camera, in what Ewen described as a unique exchange of gifts.

A little backstory… While walking through the streets of Brooklyn, Ewen stumbled upon the Jumping Colors II: #ImNotYourEnemy shoot for fashion blog amandaluxe. He was so inspired by the gorgeous black women giving their attitude and style for the love of an idea and the pursuit of empowerment, he said couldn’t resist staging his own photoshoot on the side using his LUMIX GX85.

Image captured by Ewen Bell

Image captured by Ewen Bell

Image captured by Ewen Bell 3

Image captured by Ewen Bell 3

Image captured by Ewen Bell 2

Image captured by Ewen Bell

“I bombed the session and took a few frames on the side, because I loved what they were doing. On this trip I was carrying a little Lumix GX85, one of the Micro Four Thirds format by Panasonic, and I sent some of the shots back to Panasonic as a gift. They loved the photos and the context and decided to use the shots in a campaign, and we got permission from the lead girl in the group who featured in the shot, Amanda Luxe,” Ewen said.

“Amanda was generous enough to gift herself. I was able to gift the image to Panasonic. Panasonic had been enough to gift me the camera and some gorgeous prime lenses. What I most enjoy about photography is giving the world something special, sharing something unique and creating an exchange of gifts that otherwise would not exist.”

Thanks to this exchange of gifts, we’ve been given a real-world example of the LUMIX GX85’s superb ability to capture the soul of the streets!

More about Jumping Colors II: #ImNotYourEnemy

“i have a dream, that one day, women of color can pass by each other and not see imaginary enemies.” – byakko

This amandaluxe project focuses on poetess, Tayllor Johnson (aka Byakko), and her sisterhood movement, #ImNotYourEnemy. This project was aimed to empower synergy and love among the black female race; staying true to her dream.

More about Ewen Bell’s inspiration

If you consider your work to be a gift to others then it all makes sense. It’s not about you as such, it is about the gifts which you offer your friends, your clients, your community, your world. As an act of giving, photography becomes a meaningful pursuit and something you can more readily invest yourself into.

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