Flashing back to the wonderfully wacky RF-60 Headphone Radio


The premise was simple… combine a radio with headphones and voila, two popular products become one! What came out of this wonderful experiment was a gadget that made the wearer look like a character from the Jetsons.

With two enormous ear-cans, rather obtrusive antennae, a balance dial on one ear, tuning dial on the other and a volume switch (with only three settings) on top of the bulky head piece, you had to be pretty committed to the whole “Martian who can’t live without FM radio” aesthetic to get around in these.

Created in 1969, they retailed for about $100 (over $500 in today’s money). Now, of course, they are something of a collector’s item and the longer you look at the RF-60 Headphone Radio, the more it seems possible they could make a total hipster comeback.

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  • I just found a pair of Panasonic RF-60 Headphones on a “$1.00 table” recently at my local Flea Market. Took it home and cleaned her up and she works fine, but you do look like” My Favorite Martian” when you wear them!!

    Baltimore MD USA

  • Hi Ron, thanks for taking the time to provide us with feedback. We are pleased to hear you are enjoying your headphones and hope you enjoy them for many years to come.