Panasonic’s first radio launched in 1931

Panasonic’s first radio, developed in only three months, attracted thousands to the new entertainment medium.

The R-31 3-tube radio was designed in 1931 when radio broadcasts were taking hold all over Japan. However, the radio sets at the time were incredibly unreliable and when a set broke down just as Panasonic founder, Konsuke Matsushita was settling in to listen to a program, he resolved to build a more robust product.

Matsushita joined with a radio manufacturer to set up Kokudo Electric Co. and began producing radios. Built in just three months, the R-31 won a contest sponsored by Tokyo Public Broadcasting (later to become NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation), so this elegant and wood-heavy three-valve radio was known as ‘Prizewinner’ when it went on general sale.

In 1931, Panasonic launched the ‘Prizewinner’ R-31 3-tube radio
Image: Panasonic Convention 2018, Spain

In line with his ideals that “adequate profits were imperative to healthy development of the industry”, Matsushita priced the new radio at ¥45, despite the fact that cut-throat companies were attempting to drive others out and gain a monopoly by pricing their sets at ¥25 to ¥30. He even bought a strictly guarded patent and made it available free to manufacturers in the industry, contributing greatly to the expansion of the industry as whole.

The R-31 represents more than just a nostalgic flashback. The development of this radio highlights Konsuke Matsushita’s commitment to fair pricing and his determination to provide reliable electrical products for ordinary citizens.

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Almost 100 years later, Panasonic’s audio range continues to represent those same ideals with affordable, reliable, and innovative products. Our customers can now choose from a lineup that includes everything from simple radios through to impressive hi-fi systems, and smart products like our latest GA10 Google Assistant Speaker.

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