Create Perfect Meals Every Time with New Inverter Microwaves

Create Perfect Meals Every Time with New Inverter Microwaves

Panasonic Inverter Microwave

Panasonic Australia today announced the addition of seven new Inverter Microwaves to its popular range, featuring enhanced functionality and stylish design to complement any contemporary kitchen.

The NN-SD691S, NN-ST671S and NN-ST651W models incorporate Genius Sensor Cooking technology which intelligently monitors and adjusts cooking time and power levels to provide perfectly cooked meals, every time.

Nicolas Cauzac, Product Marketing Manager – Microwaves, Panasonic Australia, said: “Panasonic continues to be the leader in this very competitive category, and the latest additions to our Inverter Microwave range further establish our position with our strongest lineup yet.”

“Panasonic prides itself on offering easy to use Microwaves with innovative Inverter technology and smart features such as Genius Sensor technology for perfect results every time. With these models’ stylish modern design, including stainless steel, silver and white models, customers can choose a Microwave that perfectly complements their home.”

The NN-SD691S leads the way in sophisticated kitchen styling, featuring a blue LCD display, half mirror glass door, sleek stainless steel fascia and flawless metallic silver finish.

The NN-CF781S provides the ultimate combination – an Inverter Microwave plus convection and grill cooking, all in one compact design. It features an ingenious Flatbed design, removing the need for a conventional turntable.

The NN-ST671S, NN-ST651W and NN-ST641W models are must-have additions to any contemporary kitchen, offering cooking versatility with a spacious interior and stylish touch control panel design. The compact NN-SD351M and NN-SD381S offer an easy to use pop-up dial and button control.

Inverter Cooking Technology

Inverter technology allows you to use your microwave with greater control than ever before. Conventional microwave ovens operate on only one power level – the microwave energy is either on or off. This on/off delivery of cooking power results in cold spots and overcooked edges. Panasonic Inverter technology delivers graduated power sequences so food is cooked more evenly, preserving texture and flavor, and helps to prevent spill-overs and burnt edges.

Genius Sensor Cooking Function

The NN-SD691S, NN-ST671S and NN-ST651W also feature Panasonic’s Genius Sensor with One Touch Sensor Cooking and One Touch Sensor Reheat. This effective function provides pre-programmed cooking and reheating cycles for your favourite meals, adjusting the cooking times and power levels to precisely match the food being cooked. The microwave will also calculate the ideal reheating time for your meal simply with a touch of the Sensor Reheat button.

The new Microwaves will be available in store in late September from leading home appliance retailers. For more information, contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit

Model RRP
NN-SD691S 32L $359
NN-ST671S 32L $329
NN-ST651W 32L $239
NN-ST641W 32L $219
NN-CF781S 27L $769
NN-SD351M 23L $174

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  • I bought a Panasonic NN-6702 Genius in 1993 and it served our family every day until 2002. Then the connection burnt on the inside and I had a new one fitted. It has worked perfectly for another 9 years, only to fail again after 9 more years. We love the menu cooking and use it every day and also use the sensor reheat daily. This microwave, made in Japan, has been a remarkably reliable appliance.
    We are now looking at the new NN-SD691S but are concerned, like many, it will have a 30 sec. COOL down function, even for simple reheating a cup of coffee. Can the user deselect the cool down function?

  • We just purchased a Panasonic Inverter Microwave Oven. NN-ST683S. However it doesn’t appear to have a led blue clock display. Thought it would be brighter than it is

  • Hi Sue, while the brightness can not be turned up on the clock, we are unsure about your query as you mention it doesn’t appear to have an LED blue clock display. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 to discuss this matter further.

  • I have a Panasonic NN-SF550W. Can you please explain the purpose of the ‘cool down’ function. Is it cooling the food, the inside of the oven or associated with the motor etc. If I remove the food while the ‘cool down’ function is going will it damage the microwave? Thanks

  • Hi Martin, the cool function is designed to cool the electrical components of the microwave. You will not damage the product if you remove your food while the fan operates. For further details please refer to page 15 in the user guide of your microwave.

  • Hello Panasonic People,

    Have bought many Panasonic appliances over the years, from video cameras to microwaves. Loved them all … especially the bread maker!

    Just bought your latest microwave, absolutely hate the cool “feature” really, did you give that any thought at all?Lol I mean like did you really try it in a real home?

    Can the cool “feature” be disabled? Or should I just sell it?


    Shane Barr

    PS wish you well with your next ideas! You generally make awesome stuff.

  • Hi Shane, the cooling function on the microwave is to prolong the life of the unit. You can override the cool function if you wish to cook a second meal in the unit.

  • I too have owned an old Panasonic inverter microwave for 10 years before it failed.

    My question is – will the new ones last this long, or will they break in a couple of years? Are they designed to last as long as the Japanese ones?

    I bought a new NN-SD381S based on my previous experience, however I noticed on reviews of some of the larger models that people were having complete failures in as little as 6 months!

    Why has the quality dropped this much?

  • Hi Jake, we build our products to the strictest of standards and Panasonic stands by the quality of its products. We constantly review quality for every product range monthly to ensure only the latest features and improved technology.

  • I have always bought Panasonic microwaves, but the cool down feature is nuts, nobody wants to wait for cool down,
    so the door get left open all the time, cos they don’t want to leave it going when its empty. Can I turn off this feature? I will not buy one with this feature again.

  • Hi Danny, there is no need to leave the door open while the cooling operation is being performed. This is a process that is used to cool the electronics of the microwave. This is not a function you can turn off, it is used to prolong the life of the unit. It will not harm the unit and is not actually running anything in the cavity, it is a fan running behind the scenes to cool the electronics. You can override this if you have two dishes to cook and you don’t need to wait for the cooling to finish between this. Without knowing which specific model you have it is difficult to refer you to the specific page in the manual, but each user manual does discuss this process.

  • Can the display brightness be adjusted on the nn-sd381s ? Its so dim that we almost cant see it in the day.

  • I have a NN-ST641W microwave twice when I have removed the food while the ‘cool down’ function is going & then I closed the door back up it didn’t continue to ‘cool’ I pressed the ‘Start’ but nothing happened but 88.88 was on the display & I had to re set the time on the clock. Also can you override ‘Cool Down’ if you have two dishes to cook and you don’t want to wait for the cooling to finish. I have looked in the manual but it says nothing I can find about the ‘Cool Down’ function

  • Hi Judith, please refer to page 10 of the operating instructions for the details on the cooling function. You can also override this if you are cooking more than one item at a time.

  • Thanks for your answer but that hasn’t solved the following

    I have a NN-ST641W microwave, 3 times when I have removed the food after the ‘cool down’ function had just started & then I closed the door it didn’t continue to ‘cool’ I pressed the ‘Start’ but nothing happened but 88.88 was on the display & I had to re set the time on the clock

  • I don’t think u understand, there is something inherently wrong with an empty microwave needing to run for a few minutes. We leave the door open so we don’t have to listen to it. Besides, its a total waste of electricity, which is expensive enough these days.

  • I have just purchased NN-ST671S. The cool down feature is so annoying. After using the microwave for 5 seconds the cool feature then comes on for a minute. Surely the oven does not have to cool down after 5 seconds. I have read page 10 in the manual and it mentions the cool down feature comes on after 3 minutes of cooking. Is there a fault with my microwave

  • Hi Marina, The cool down feature was put in your microwave to protect it from failures associated with overheating of some of the internal parts, whilst 3 minutes is a good estimate the feature relates to the temperature of these parts. MCB

  • We bought the NN-CF781S recently. It’s a great microwave. The only thing confusing is the power level. While most recipes are requiring settings in Watt this appliance has only power levels like High, Medium High and so on. Where can I find some conversion into wattage?

  • I am on my way out to buy another Panasonic microwave, I have loved our last one, and the cool down feature. Going to get one just the same, very easy to use, and would last a long time if it weren’t for 4 year old girls…. Lol

  • Hi Rudi, we think it is a great microwave oven too. In simplest terms the 6 power levels represent percentage markers in your Microwaves 1000W capability. High being 1000W approximately. Happy heating! MCB

  • Hi Laura, we are glad to hear that our microwave has served you and your family well. We look forward to doing so into the future. MCB

  • I have a Panasonic NN-ST557W it still heats up but the fan and turn table do not work after a few seconds it displays’ cool’ can you help thanks Allan

  • Hi Allan, Sorry to hear about the issue that has developed in your microwave! If the fan and turntable are not working we recommend you have the unit inspected by repairer. Call 132600 and our friendly customer care team will assist you in finding a local technician. MCB

  • Is this an intermittent fault or am I operating it wrongly? I have a fairly new (July) NN-ST642W Inverter Microwave.
    Often when I press Start, the word COOL appears and the turntable silently rotates for a couple of minutes without cooking/warming. If I try again does this 2-3 times then finally starts properly. This can happen after the microwave hasn’t been used for hours, for example first thing in the morning. I know if I take it back to the store it probably won’t do it straight away and they won’t believe it’s faulty. Or am I operating it wrongly?

  • Hi Lyn, can we please confirm the model number with you as the NN-ST642W is not one of our products. We are sorry to hear you are struggling with the cool function though! MCB