Choosing a new air conditioner has never been easier


Three years ago we launched the Panasonic Air Conditioning Sizing Wizard, a remarkable iOS/Android app that made it super simple for customers to choose the right air conditioner for their home. Almost 30,000 downloads later it’s clear we have a winner on our hands.

Now we are making it even easier to shop for the perfect air conditioner with the launch of a new enhanced app that has a redesigned layout for an enhanced user experience on large-screen tablets and features higher resolution for better visibility.

The Sizing Wizard is such a useful and simple tool, allowing consumers to insert details such as the room size, insulation and direction of windows so that the app can suggest the air conditioner model best suited to their home or business. Given the popularity of the first version, we expect great things from this this enhanced version.

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  • Having the right size of air conditioner for your room size is important so that you can ensure proper ventilation and ensure that the room will have the optimum temperature it can surely have

  • Hi Aircon Perth, thank you for letting us know about the link! We will get it up and running shortly. We are very excited about the aircon sizing wizard and we believe it is going to be a great tool. It is good to hear you guys think so too! MCB