As VIERA turns 10, we look to the future


Our hugely successful VIERA TV brand turns ten this year, and over the decade it’s given everyone here at Panasonic many milestones to celebrate.

In 2004, the first VIERA TH-50PX25 debuted to widespread critical acclaim. The ‘Real Black Drive System saw unprecedented blacks and brighter colours gracing the screen, while the technology pushed native contrast out to 3000:1, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Over the next ten years, VIERA continued to push the boundaries by developing enviable imagery technologies, and building a dedicated fan base who knew that if it was worth watching, it was worth watching on a VIERA.


Longer lifespans, more vivid picture quality and flat-screen technology soon followed. By 2008, things were advancing so fast that VIERA Cast, our first networked TV feature was launched and we could point to our reputation for world-class picture quality as a major point of pride.

Cut to now, where VIERA TV can still boast industry-leading status when it comes to picture quality and design. We’ve also just released the dazzling Ultra-HD 4K Panel that offers a whopping resolution four times that of Full-HD and we’ve been winning hearts around the globe with our intuitive operation features, smartphone/tablet control and expansive suite of connectivity and networking options.

The future of VIERA TVs in Australia

“We have long been recognised as the picture quality leader and the new panels are going to knock people’s socks off in terms of colour, contrast and design. Life+ Screen will go an impressive step beyond Smart TV.”

All of that has been ten years in the making, and we are very proud of what we have achieved. But what does the future hold for VIERA TVs in Australia? We asked Maetham Roomi, Product Marketing Manager, VIERA TV, Panasonic Australia, to give us a sneak peek into the range soon to be coming our way.

“2014 is an exciting year for VIERA TV enthusiasts because we will be expanding our brilliant LED LCD range. We have long been recognised as the picture quality leader and the new panels are going to knock people’s socks off in terms of colour, contrast and design,” Maetham said.

“We’ll also be debuting the Life+ Screen, which is pretty damn awesome. It goes an impressive step beyond Smart TV, using metadata and advanced algorithms to alert the TV to build up a personal profile of a user’s favourite content and to make ingenious recommendations.”


Maetham said he was also excited about technology incorporated in the Life+ Screen that elevates it beyond a mere content viewing feature.

“I’m loving aspects of the Life+ Screen like the Info Bar, where the screen comes to life when it senses a person nearby and automatically displays cool information like the weather, and when it identifies you, it even delivers your video messages and other personalized content,” Maetham said.

“Life+ is the actual epitome of a ‘next generation user experience’ and we can’t wait to bring this new technology to Australia.”

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  • Hi Dario, this is correct. Please continue to check our website for further information.

  • Hi there, when are the new AX800 series 4k TV’s coming out in Australia? Every other country in the world seems to be selling them already, just not Australia.

  • Hi Mohamad, the AX800 is part of the very exciting new range of LCDs in the process of being rolled out as we speak! They should be in stores within six weeks. Please check our website: http://www.panasonic.com.au for further product info. MCB