Panasonic Projectors light up The Cube

Welcome to The Cube. This $230 million Science and Engineering Centre is one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces. It has been set up by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to provide an inspiring, explorative and participatory experience of QUT’s Science and Engineering research.


Of course, a state-of-the-art interactive display of this magnitude requires an impressive host of digital technology and Panasonic is proud to be contributing to this innovative learning experience.

The cube uses four super high powered 20,000 lumen 3-chip DLP Panasonic DZ21K large venue projectors, which throw a vibrant blended image on an enormous 14×9 metre wall, eight Panasonic 6,000 lumen DZ6710 projectors and two EZ570 3LCD projectors. Thanks to the realism of the images, natural environments such as intricate underwater landscapes can be replicated at a real-world scale, allowing the public, as ‘citizen scientists’, to experience real project scenarios and explore the big questions of the 21st century.