Panasonic highlights from Security Exhibition & Conference 2019

The Security Exhibition & Conference is the largest and most established commercial event for the security industry in Australia, bringing together the entire supply chain of manufacturers, distributors, security professionals and end users to connect and create unparalleled business opportunities.

This year’s exhibition was a whirlwind of activity and Panasonic’s event booth was definitely a major destination! Visitors proved very keen to check out our latest innovations, including multi sensor camera technology, long distance IR PTZ cameras, FacePRO™ facial recognition, and Video Insight video management software (VMS).

Multi Sensor Camera Technology
With four repositionable lenses each incorporating 4K* image sensors, it’s now possible to minimise blind spots at complex traffic intersections and other locations where wide areas need to be monitored, such as parking lots, building perimeters, airports and station concourses.
*WV-X8570N Multi Sensor Dome Camera 4x4K 3840×2160 (33 MP)

Long Distance IR PTZ Cameras
This year’s expo also marked the launch of our new range of IR PTZ cameras. Outstanding performance in low light conditions with IR illumination, coupled with a powerful 40x optical zoom*, allows better monitoring of vehicles and other moving objects both during the day and night.
*WV-X6533LN IR Illumination PTZ Camera with 40x Optical Zoom

FacePRO™ Facial Recognition System
FacePRO™ provides real-time facial recognition, matching faces using live or recorded video captured from CCTV cameras, clearly identifying and alerting you to people of interest.

“We are globally recognised as the most accurate facial recognition algorithm in the world.”
– Chris Larson, Panasonic Security Solutions Oceania.

Industry benchmark tests consist of eight challenges addressing verification, identification, detection, clustering and processing of crowded images, where Panasonic has consistency come out on top across these cumulative match characteristics.

Video Insight Video Management Software
Panasonic Video Insight is an advanced enterprise-class system, integrating powerful VMS features, hardware optimisation and cost efficiency in one robust system.

“Every single technological ecosystem has very different moving parts. You can have access control, facial recognition, and different camera technologies. VMS is the glue that binds all of those together for one managed solution.”
– Chris Larson, Panasonic Security Solutions Oceania.