What do Aussies think about their Microwave?

What do Aussies think about their Microwave Oven? We surveyed consumers across Australia and found out what they LOVE, as well as some interesting and unexpected facts!

Panasonic is a leading brand in kitchen appliances and introduced its first home-use microwave back in 1966. With a longstanding history of quality products and a spirit of innovation, Panasonic wanted to understand more about consumer attitudes towards microwave ovens and the place they hold in Australian kitchens. Here is what we discovered.

In terms of aspirational technology, our Convection Microwave Ovens which can Bake, Grill, Steam and Microwave are seen as the ‘gold standard’, with consumers citing benefits such as energy efficiency, foolproof cooking and space saving.

Break with tradition!
48% hardly use their traditional oven since purchasing a Convection Microwave

Not onboard yet?
76% of non-owners said they would consider a Convection Microwave in the future
People would universally buy a Convection Microwave for its innovation and technology
46% believe microwaves should have the most advanced features and technology
Convection Microwaves are suitable for a broad range of lifestyles
From the young and time-poor, to large families, retirees and older Australians


Consumers really appreciate the time saving, fuss-free and intuitive nature of their Microwave, and also enjoy the health benefits they offer.

More than 80% believe microwaves help save time in the kitchen
77% of Australians find the microwave to be an easy-to-use appliance
63% believe microwaves make it easy to create healthy, delicious, and perfectly cooked meals

Interestingly, more than half of us are using microwave ovens for non-food related activities.