What can we learn from the shaving habits of Australian men?

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Looking around the office today, I think most would agree the scene is largely unrecognisable from 30 years ago. Apart from the distinct lack of after-shave and constant buzz of the fax machine, there is rarely a well tied Windsor knot, a rolodex, or even a filing cabinet in sight.
Nor is it common to find a clean-shaven face.

Why is this? Are Australian men just too time-poor and lazy to pull out the razor every morning, or are they happy to ride through the itchiness and discomfort all in the name of appearance and ‘hipster’ culture?

We recently did a little research to understand why, and in the process uncovered some interesting insights into the shaving habits of Australian men – some quite understandable, some inexplicable.

Yes, nearly one in 10 males have used their partner or housemate’s leg razor on their face – but at the same time, 17 per cent of males have also caught their partner or housemate using their shaver. So as far as household appliances go, they’re clearly an important commodity!

Three out of 5 Australian men have facial hair, with 23% sporting a moustache.

So, what drives the 60 per cent of hirsute Australian males?

• 41 per cent think shaving is too much of a hassle
• 32 per cent think not shaving saves time
• 23 per cent think they look better with facial hair

Interestingly, however (and perhaps a contributing factor to this trend), the majority of men (58 per cent) still use a manual razor, despite 67 per cent acknowledging that electric shavers are faster.

Of people who use electric shavers, the majority claim they do it to save time, and then also to avoid cuts and skin irritation. Then of course there are the external forces at play, with a whopping 57 per cent of males admitting their partners prefer it when they’re clean shaven!
Their partners may be pleased to know 37 per cent of males agree the ‘hipster’ beard craze is over, with 44 per cent preferring to shave for appearance-sake and to avoid itchiness (37 per cent).

It’s safe to say it’s certainly an interesting time for the shaver market – only time will tell what the next trend will be. Watch this space!

Independent survey undertaken with 500 Australian men aged 18+, November 2015.

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