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Midnight snacks. Teenage cravings. Surprise guests. When you have a big family, you can never have too much food in the house. That’s why it’s vital that your fridge is stocked and ready for any situation. With our longstanding global tradition of creating high quality fridges, nobody understands this better than us.

Open a Panasonic refrigerator and the first thing you’ll notice is space – vast amounts of space. Of course, when it comes to storing food for your family, the more space you have, the better.

A Panasonic fridge maximises every inch of its interior, giving you the most amount of storage possible. You’ll be impressed by the spacious vegie crisper, keeping more fruit and vegetables crisp and crunchy. You’ll also be impressed by the generous door pockets that easily house even the largest bottles. With the bottom mount freezer you don’t have to bend down to access the parts of the fridge you use the most, instead everything you want is at easy eye level. The freezer itself is very spacious and you don’t have to worry about opening the freezer door and then the drawer because we’ve combined it into one, giving you more storage and quick access.

Loading in the groceries? Because there’s so much space, you don’t have to spend time intricately fitting every item in your fridge. Simply load up your groceries – there’s plenty of room for everything.

Thanks to the power of ECONAVI (eco- navigation) technology Panasonic fridges are also smart; knowing when and how often you open the fridge door. The result is that ECONAVI learns how to adapt to your lifestyle and manages your energy consumption by turning on when you need it and reducing power when you don’t.

So when you’re thinking about a new fridge, remember size does matter.

Details of refrigerator models, pricing and availability can be found here.
More information about Panasonic ECONAVI technology can be found here.

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  • I am enquiring about the new Panasonic refrigerators please. Can the door be changed easily to a right hand opening? Or do we have to order one specially to get the right hand opening door?

  • Hi Jane, unfortunately the door cannot be changed to the right hand side. They are only available in the current format. Cheers.