We separate fact from fiction as we bust 4K myths


You are going to be hearing a lot of talk about the benefits of 4K video in still photography over the next couple of months. Here at Panasonic, we are particularly excited about the versatility of 4K and our upcoming products that make use of this feature, as you’ll see with the LUMIX  GX8 mirrorless camera,  LUMIX G7 mirrorless camera, the compact LUMIX CM1 camera phone and the VX870M camcorder.

Naturally when a new technology hits the market, so does a whole lot of conflicting information. Here to separate the fact from fiction when it comes to photography and 4K is our very own Doug Campbell, Senior Product Manager for LUMIX (Panasonic Australia).

Myth: 4K is really just a fad and it’s a waste of money to invest in it.

Busted by Doug:
“People always are looking for better quality images and video, so 4K is the future of broadcasting and entertainment. For instance, 4K TVs can display 4K content from Netflix and other broadcasters, while 4K capable cameras are here to help consumers capture their own exciting 4K content.”

Myth: 4K is pointless without commercially produced 4K content

Busted by Doug:
“Absolutely not! By taking advantage of 4K recording products now, consumers can record their family and friends in the highest quality available. Plus, 4K future-proofs their content so that the material impressive even in many years to come.”

Myth: You would need to upgrade all of your tech to 4K to enjoy any benefits

Busted by Doug:
“You certainly don’t need a 4K TV to enjoy your video recorded in 4K resolution. Full HD TVs will convert your 4K recording into Full HD for easy playback.”

Myth: 4K photography is only for tech savvy professionals

Busted by Doug:
“4K photography gives extremely fast burst shooting at 30 frames per second in impressive high resolution. With more shots to choose from, you can capture the perfect image of unpredictable subjects or fleeting moments. Basically, this is technology lets anyone capture professional-level shots. With the new LUMIX G7’s affordable price tag, 4K becomes a high-end feature that can be accessed by any photography lover.”

Myth: The quality of still frames extracted from 4K video isn’t very good

Busted by Doug:
“This is definitely a misconception that I’m happy to bust! A 4K still image offers high enough resolution to be used as a double-page spread in a fashion magazine, so that’s more than enough resolution for the average user. The most important thing is that by capturing 30 frames per second, you are more likely to have captured the perfect shot than ever before.”

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