VIERA 2016 TV design inspired by art and interiors


By drawing on input from Europe’s top furniture companies, architects and designers, the new range of VIERA TVs verge on being works of art in their own right. Taking inspiration from interior design, premium materials have been used to create elegant frames and pedestals that enhance even the most stylish homes and offer superb flexibility.

Art & Interior – Designer’s Interview

“Within this project, we wanted to explore two different mindsets. One of someone that is looking for integration and someone who wants the object to really stand out and have a presence within the home environment, like a piece of Art. So it was really about understanding those two different mindsets.” –George Watson, Associate Design Director, Forpeople

Art of Light Design – DX900 Series

An Elegant Frame and Pedestal Make Your TV A Work of Art

These TVs are more than just TVs. Their elegant frames and pedestals turn them into works of art able to enhance even the most stylish interior design. They’re also the perfect home for the beautiful picture quality produced by their screens.

Explore the TH-65DX900U

Switch Design – DX700 & DX740 Series

A designer finish with adjustable pedestal to harmonise with your home

Our unique “Switch Design” pedestal allows you to adjust pedestal placement for the ultimate in flexibility, while the simple yet elegant television form has been shaped from metal then finished with premium materials to complement any home.

Explore the TH-65DX700A Explore the TH-65DX740U

Clear Frame Design – DX600 Series

Mixing metal with a clear frame and flexible pedestal to express light

Taking their inspiration from luxe furniture design, these TVs combine metal with a clear frame in a way that expresses light while bringing flexibility and harmony to your home.

Explore the TH-55DX600U

Tailored Design – DX600 Series

Simple elegant forms inspired by high-end interior design principles

This series offers a simple but very elegant design to fit any interior, along with the flexibility of an adjustable pedestal.

Explore the TH-40DX600U