VIErA Remote App for Apple mobile devices makes navigating your TV a breeze

Panasonic has made watching and browsing your VIERA TV* even easier with the new VIERA Remote app for Android and Apple mobile devices. The app instantly turns your Phone, Android tablet, iPad or iPod Touch into a remote control touch screen so you can quickly and intuitively navigate all the tools and features on your VIERA TV including the 3D settings, SD card access and VIERA Connect.

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The VIERA Remote app is especially useful when using VIERA Connect TV  the new cloud-based Internet service from Panasonic that allows people to enjoy sports, health and fitness activities, interactive games, and a variety of other content on their TV, in addition to the standard movies and television programmes. The VIERA Remote app is available for selected models; VT30, GT30, ST30, DT30 and E30.

The VIERA Remote is an intelligent app that allows you to not only browse and start applications at your convenience, but also do text input when required. For example, if you are searching for a video on YouTube or entering a message on Facebook, the app will automatically switch to an onscreen touch keyboard to make text input a breeze. There are a number of other screens available to control different functions, including an option to have either a traditional remote control layout, or a screen that uses gesture control to perform basic operations like changing the channel or the volume level.

Remote control

Tapping the remote controller icon will switch the user interface (UI) to legacy remote controller UI, just like how it looks on the remote controller that comes with VIERA TV.



With the gesture control on iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, VIERA can be controlled without watching the remote controller user interface.

Keyboard User Interface

When a program or an application (such as YouTube) on VIERA is in “text input mode” a keyboard UI appears on your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, which can be input directly from the touch panel.


By shaking your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, a Power Off button appears and you can power off your VIERA TV by pressing the button. VIERA remote app will also be terminated.

Install VIERA remote app on an iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, and connect it to your home network via Wi-Fi where VIERA TV is also connected, and you can control your VIERA TV with the iPhone / iPod touch / iPad just like a personal remote controller. VIERA remote also supports gesture operation to control VIERA TV in more intuitive manner.

*1 Operation Requirement : iPhone / iPod touch / iPad with iOS4.2 or later.

*2 For detailed information of wireless LAN router (Wi-Fi router) please refer to here

Core Facts:

• Panasonic have released an app that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a remote control for your VIERA TV. The VIERA Remote app is available for selected models; VT30, GT30, ST30, DT30 and E30.

• The VIERA Remote is great for browsing content on VIERA Connect , with special features like an onscreen touch keyboard for easy text input

• The VIERA Remote is available to download for free from the Apple iTunes App Store

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  • I hope this app will be updated to work with with VT20 plasma series and DMR-BWT800GL so I can use it with all my panasonic tvs not just dt30,

    can we also have the VT20 & DMR-BWT800GL viera cast updated to do the same as the VT30/DT30 series.

    It’s kind of disapointing I purchased a new 2011 DMR-BWT800GL and it has 2010 viera cast software, I would really like to see ABC’s iView on my tvs

  • Hi Yakka,
    Thank you for your comment. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our customers experience, for example we have added an Android remote App with voice control for our 2011 models and we will work on improving the apps in the future. Regarding the Viera cast 2010 models we are happy to say that there will get an update in October which will add ABCiView.
    Team Panasonic

  • Wish that this app can support older models like S25 as well just like Viera Connect can also support that range of products.

  • Really wish to see if the wonderful app can also support older models like S25/D25.

    Viera Connect is a good example and I loved that.

  • So will you be bring out the update to use the app on the VT20 it would be great if you did . Cheer SRW

  • Hi Simon, unfortunately, due to TV hardware limitations, the Viera Remote app will not be released for the VT20 series.