VIERA Full HD 3D Neo Plasma TV Avatar Giveaway!

New exclusive Panasonic Bonus 3D AVATAR Home Theatre pack promotion announced

Customers who purchase any Panasonic 3D TV[i] between 1 November, 2010 and 31 December, 2010, will receive a bonus 3D AVATAR movie on Blu-ray disc, a 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System, plus a bonus pair of medium sized 3D eyewear to the total value of up to $1,348RRP. You can visit the official promotional site here for more information.

“We are excited to bring AVATAR in 3D exclusively to Panasonic’s customers and for the very first time to lounge rooms.”
Matt Pearce, Group Marketing Manager, VIERA, Panasonic Australia

Panasonic extended its range of VIERA Full High Definition 3D TVs in September with the long-awaited TH-P65VT20A and TH-P58VT20A. These larger models join the TH-P54VT20A and TH-P50VT20A to offer consumers even greater choice in 3D viewing.

“AVATAR set the standard for the 3D cinema experience; Panasonic through the use of Neo Plasma sets the standard for the home theatre experience by utilising the benefits of Neo Plasma technology. Superior speed, colour, contrast and moving picture resolution all ensure the very best home theatre experience possible. There really is no better way to experience AVATAR than watching it on one of Panasonic’s Full HD 3D Neo Plasmas. We believe this promotion provides consumers with a really compelling incentive to embrace 3D this Christmas.”
Matt Pearce, Group Marketing Manager, VIERA, Panasonic Australia

The Panasonic VIERA 3D VT20 Series not only features exceptional picture quality but also boasts a range of convenient networking features, including DLNA®-networking which lets the user stream content stored on other DLNA-enabled products in the home network, USB HDD playback and recording, and Skype™ voice and video calling capabilities. The Series also features VIERA CAST™, a function that lets users view Internet content in their living rooms, and the popular micro-blogging service Twitter. Plus7 delivered by Yahoo!7 for VIERA CAST™ will be available later this year.

All four models feature VIERA Link, which allows users to operate all compatible Panasonic A/V components using only the TV’s remote control, and VIERA Image Viewer with an SD Card slot for viewing your favourite AVCHD videos and JPEG images on the Plasma screen.

The bonus Panasonic SC-BTT755 Full HD 3D Blu-ray DiscTM Home Theatre System offers advanced sound technologies to complement stunning 3D images. It features an Advanced Bamboo Cone Speaker for clear vocals that are not overwhelmed by sound effects and a Kelton Subwoofer for robust bass. It incorporates a stylish, slim speaker box that suppresses unwanted acoustic reflections to achieve pure, high-quality sound and boasts four tall-boy speakers so there is no compromise on style or sound quality. The SC-BTT350 features a five satellite speaker system for clear, detailed sound.

The Bonus 3D eyewear has an Auto Power Off function which automatically turns the eyewear off if they are placed in a location outside the viewing range for 5 minutes, even if the TV remains switched on.

To receive the Bonus Gift valued at $1,348RRP (including the Panasonic Blu-ray Home Theatre SC-BTT755, 3D Avatar Blu-ray Disc and medium sized 3D eyewear), the eligible Panasonic VIERA Plasma models are:

Model RRP

TH-P65VT20A Full High Definition 3D VIERA Plasma $5,999

TH-P58VT20A Full High Definition 3D VIERA Plasma $4,499

TH-P54VT20A Full High Definition 3D VIERA Plasma $3,999

TH-P50VT20A Full High Definition 3D VIERA Plasma $3,299

[i] All gifts to be claimed by online registration and verifying documents must be posted within 21 calendar days of purchase. Claims will be fulfilled within 8 weeks from the time the claim is validated.


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  • I am extremely happy with my Panasonic TH-P50VT20A TV and the DMP-BDT300 3D Blueray Disc Player. I also have DMR-BW750 HD Recorder.
    Had I known that Avatar 3D Blueray Disc was to be released upon purchasing these items, I would have held off my purchase. By purchasing early like many other consumers. I feel disappointed that I have been ripped off, as there are very few 3D Blueray discs available at this time. I can only demonstrate with cartoon character movies which tend to turn my friends off buying the product.
    I have always been comfortable with National/Panasonic brand, now Panasonic brand name, as I have always had confidence in the quality of their products.
    William Palmer

  • I totally agree. I am very happy with My Panasonic TH-P50VTA20A and DMP-BDT300 3d Bluray Disc player also, but quite upset that Panasonic doesn’t offer it’s early customers the same bonus offers. Early buyers of new technology generally pay more, I have learnt my lesson and will hold off from buying new Panasonic and other products as early to buy doesn’t get you a decent deal at all. Considering what Panasonic are giving away with their TV’s now really annoys me!
    I bought my TV in late August and had to pay extra for the 3D Bluray player…already owned a Panasonic blueray player, but not 3D compatiable, so more money to fork out only to find out a couple months later that you can only get Avatar 3D and free 3D bluray player if I bought after November!!!
    Over 90% of my home electrical goods has a Panasonic logo on it, great electronics, just upset that I pay more and don’t get the option to watch Avatar 3D at home, not good advertising for your product Panasonic.

  • Sorry to hear that you missed out on the offer, but glad to say I didn’t. It was never my intention to buy a 3D tv or DVD player, but the offer seemed fantastic. The only downside to this experience is having to wait the 8 weeks to get the 3D Blu-Ray player and home theater system. They really should have had the stock to go with the Tv’s when they were purchased.
    Anyway… hope it gets here soon!!!

  • Mine just arrived- waited about 4-5 weeks which wasn’t bad as Christmas was in there.

    Bit disappointed though as I only got 1 set of additional glasses- thought I was getting 2. There’s 2 in all the promo’s and you can take ‘pair’ in a couple of ways… Anyways, disappointing…

  • Panasonic – One of the Best
    The Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV is the future of television, and it’s finally here.

    It comes packed with new technologies and imaging techniques that will forever change the way you view your videos. The Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV produces full high definition video signals for each eye. Since there are separate images for each eye, your brain interprets the data as a three dimensional image.

    This 50-inch plasma TV supports up to 1920 x 1080 pixel resolutions and it also comes with a few handy Wi-Fi features like the built-in Viera Cast WIFI and video calling capabilities. It also comes bundled with a pair of battery-powered 3D glasses that can help give the illusion of 3D images.

    A number of competing 3D TV sets have also been released, but this unit is definitely one of the best.

    Product Specifications

    The Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV comes jampacked with amazing new features and capabilities. It has a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and it can play videos with up to 1920 x 1080 full high definition pixel resolutions.

    This is a lot to take in, considering that the screen measures a whopping 49.9 inches. It is also 3D-ready, which means that all you will need are 3D Blu-ray movies and a pair of 3D glasses. Since the TV set comes bundled with a pair of battery-powered 3D glasses, you don’t have anything to worry about.

    Just sit back and enjoy your 3D movies. Aside from that, the Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV also comes with some handy features that can’t be found in most other television sets. It comes with VIERA Cast WiFi, VIERA tools, VIERA Link, and a Viera Image viewer.

    You can also use your Panasonic 3D TV to make video calls. This unit comes with top-notch audio technologies to go with its high tech video capabilities. The unit comes with BBE ViVA HD3D sound, surround sound capabilities and built-in speakers. The speaker system includes 1 left speaker, 1 right speaker, 1 full range speaker, and a built-in woofer.

    Product Comparisons

    Consider the capabilities of the Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV. It is fairly priced at $2,359. It is a lot more expensive than a similarly-sized Panasonic Veira; but if you consider the fact that this unit has WiFi capabilities and a full-featured 3D imaging system, you will understand what you are paying for.

    A 50-inch Viera without 3D capabilities will set you back around $1,092, but you don’t get the extra features that the 3D television has. 3D imaging is the whole point of getting a 3D TV, so it really boils down to your needs and wants.

    If you want a 3D television, then get the Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV; but if think you do not need 3D capabilities, then get a standard high definition television set instead. Other 3D television sets can cost you about $1600 or more. However, Panasonic’s VIERA WiFi capabilities more than make up for the price difference.

    The Viera 3D TV is a top tier unit and comes with a lot of features that lower models and inferior brands do not have. You should understand your needs before making your decision. If you think you can make full use of all of the features included in your 3D TV, then you should go ahead and get one.

    Pros and Cons

    The Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV averages at 5 stars on Amazon’s product review feature and many buyers have expressed satisfaction with their purchase. As expected, people have been blown away by the TV’s 3D capabilities.

    Unfortunately, the relative scarcity of 3D movies today has deterred some consumers from purchasing a 3D TV. The good news is that more and more 3D movies are being released as each day passes. This is one of the reasons why analysts expect the sales figures of 3D televisions to go up in the near future.

    The Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV is very good at rendering colours in both high definition and standard definition. The colours are crisp, bright and vibrant. If you enjoy high colour saturation films like 300 and The Fifth Element, then you will definitely enjoy this television set.

    However, it does have a few limitations. For one thing, the processing chip set leaves much to be desired considering the price of this unit. When viewing scenes with fast-moving objects that move side to side, the TV experiences increased incidences of noise and background motion artefacts.

    Otherwise, the Viera 3D TV performed admirably. Black saturation in dark scenes was good and the 3D feature works exactly like advertised.

    Product Accessories

    The Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV comes with a number of bundled accessories. It comes with an elegant and stylish pedestal that goes well with most modern living rooms.

    It also comes with a full-featured remote control that can be used to control almost every aspect of the television set. You can use the remote to change channels, control the volume, adjust your television’s settings, as well as access some of the other Viera features.

    However, Panasonic could have provided a better remote considering the price of the unit. The menu is pretty basic, but it is something you would typically see in lesser television sets. The remote’s casing is also in sharp contrast to the television set’s clean lines and modern finish.

    Instead, Panasonic chose a dull, gray, plastic casing with unappealing buttons. However, you can always get a third party remote if you are not satisfied with the one that comes with the TV.

    The Panasonic TCP50VT25 3D TV also comes with a bundled pair of battery-powered 3D viewing glasses. It might take you a while before you get used to using the 3D glasses; but once you do, the 3D imaging system is amazing.

    However, people who wear prescription glasses may have problems wearing the 3D glasses. However, this can be remedied by wearing contact lenses.
    Panasonic One of The Best

  • Regarding my comment November 1, 2010. I did get a 3D copy of Avatar gratis from Panasonic. The reproduction is excellent much better than the big screen in the movie theatre.
    Well worth the cost of my unit.
    Well done and thank you Panasonic

  • Hi Panasonic
    I purchased a P50VT20A 3D TV in Feb 2011 and is dying to get my hands onto Avatar 3D blue-ray. Really wanna watch something that’s actually filmed in 3D.
    Even though I missed out on the promotion period, are you still able to provide me with a copy like you did for Will Palmer? Or will I just have to wait out to 2012? Or will you have a similar promotion later on this year with other Panasonic products?

  • Hi Shuey, Thanks for getting in touch and choosing Panasonic. Unfortunately we are unable to comment on future promotions, but be sure to keep an eye out for future announcements. Cheers, Team Panasonic

  • My Family loves our Panasonic 3DTV and hometheatre, better than being at the movies and we can’t wait for more movies to come out.

    Thanks Panasonic! for the bonus home theatre and copy of Avatar

    have always and will always buy Panasonic, best value and always has the best features.

  • Hi Paul, we don’t have any similar promotions coming up at this stage. However you can purchase the 3D Avatar starter kit here including 2 pairs of TY-EW3D3MW medium eyewear and 3S exclusive Avatar Blu-ray disc.

    Team Panasonic

  • panasonicau,

    However you can purchase the 3D Avatar starter kit here including 2 pairs of TY-EW3D3MW medium eyewear and 3S exclusive Avatar Blu-ray disc.

    Where is here?

    I can’t find any, and i can’t even find any TY-EW3D3MW eyewear in Melbourne.

  • Hi Kevin,

    Your best bet is try and find some on eBay or hold out for the Avatar – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD) which will be released on October 15 2012. Cheers.