Air Conditioning Installation guide

Sixth in Air Conditioning Webisode Series provides a guide to installation

Where you place your Air Conditioner in the home will have a huge impact on it’s overall performance, energy consumption and all round comfort. Inside the house the unit must sit on a soild exterior wall, and you must consider how it looks in relation to the rest of the room. Outside it is important that there is a lot of space around the unit to let the air flow freely.


We recommend you use a licensed installer to help you figure out exactly what you want to get out of your Air Conditioner and this will also protect your manufacturers warranty.

To find your nearest dealer we recommend you visit the Australian refrigerating council website here . They will be happy to get your Air Conditioner up and running in no time

For more information on the whole range of Panasonic Air Conditioners visit the official site here

For a complete checklist of what to be aware of when buying an air conditioner check here

Download the full 2010 Panasonic Air Conditioner brochure here

The next and last in the series of webisodes will be a ‘Buyers Guide’