VIErA Bonus Blu-Ray & QuickFlix Promotion


Thank you this competition is now closed.

If you have an issue with your claim and would like to discuss your particular situation in person please contact us on 132 600.

We’re happy to announce a new VIErA promotion helping you get the most out of your home viewing experience. It’s an amazing offer – when you buy any Panasonic VIErA Full HD Plasma TV you get to claim a BONUS Blu-ray Player and 6 months Quickflix® Blu-ray and DVD rentals voucher valued at $418.70 RRP.

The VIErA Blu-Ray promotion will run from the 13th February 2010 up until 31st March 2010 with a limited amount of 20,000 bonus gift packs available.

Q4promoHeaderOnly Blu-ray allows you to get the most from your Full High Definition TV. When you take a movie home on Blu-ray you’re taking home the cinema-like image quality and sound that Hollywood intended. On any other format you’re viewing lower quality standard definition – even if you have a Full High Definition TV. Blu-ray delivers the Full High Definition experience that brings movies to life.

Make sure you act fast as all claims must be lodged within 21 calendar days of your purchase. Once we receive your claim and receipt, we will validate your claim and then we’ll do our best to rush your BONUS Blu-ray to you within 8 weeks.

Promotion Hotline
If you have any queries about this campaign or your claim, please contact the Panasonic Bonus Offer Hotline on 132 600 between 9.00 am – 5.30 pm (AEDST) from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Please visit the promotion website for more details and be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Panasonic Blu-Ray Player
Your bonus Blu-ray player will be the advanced Panasonic DMP-BD65.

Panasonic’s multi-format Blu-ray players include VIErA Cast, allowing you to view YouTube™ and share photo albums using Picasa™.

Key Specifications
* Featuring new image enhancing technologies
* VIErA Link
* VIErA Cast
* BD Live
* Power saving standby mode
* AVCHD, JPEG Playback

Panasonic Blu-ray Disc™ players will play all of your existing DVDs and CDs.

Quickflix® is Australia’s leading independent online DVD rental service.

* Browse our online DVD library where you’ll have access to over 38,000 titles (that’s over 15 times more than your local video store) and create a ‘Queue’ of movies you want to watch.
* Delivery is FREE both ways! Movies are sent to you by Australia Post and include a reply paid envelope – totally hassle-free.
* Relax, take your time – you can keep your DVDs for as long as you want – there are NO LATE FEES!
* Return your DVDs in the reply paid envelopes provided and we’ll send you more from your Queue. It’s that simple.

To find out more, visit www.quickflix.com.au

The six month Quickflix® Blu-ray and DVD rentals voucher entitles you to take two DVDs out at any one time and a maximum of four DVDs out per month.

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  • It was a great idea to offer a free WII with the sale of a large plasma television however I am tired of waiting as it was purchased at the end od 2009 and it is nearly the end of February. Paid the postage and handling ages ago and haven\’t heard a word since then. Running out of patience and am wishing it the special bonus never existed in the first place. !!!!!

  • I would like to know my tupperware claim bonus I have not recive yet I want toknow when I get my bonus.claim num. is 155233 many thanks.

  • I purchased a Viera 106cm Plasma Television model # TH-P42X14A on the 20/02/10, can I claim the bonus voucher?
    Kind regards
    Lindsay Cook

  • Hello Laurel, Nazim, Lindsay and Sally.
    I’m sorry that you have not received your bonus gifts yet.
    In order for us to handle each of your cases individually could you please give us a call on 132600
    Many thanks,
    Team Panasonic

  • I have a similar question as Lindsay – I purchased model THL37G10A on 11.01.10 – I would like to claim the bonus also – always wanted a Blueray player – they had it on display when I bought the TV – awesome. Fingers crossed. Thanks

  • Lindsay,

    With regards to your TV model – TH-P42X14A, that is not a full HD Plasma and therefore not part of the promotion.

    Panasonic Promotions Team

  • Melinda

    With regards to your TV model – TH-L37G10A that is not a full HD Plasma and therefore not part of the promotion.
    Panasonic Promotions Team

  • hello panasonic, i entered the bonus blu-ray player after buying a 50 inch panasonic viera plasma hd tv and am still waiting for blu-ray player so could you email me and tell me when i am likely to recieve it. thank you tony.

  • Hi
    I sent my receipts on 1st march registered and Australia post seem to have failed to deliver, I am trying the contact numbers for you guys to check if u have recieved it but I only have a mobile and cannot call these numbers as it says not availible from a mobile phone!
    Could I please have alternate contact details sent to my email address please?

  • Hello, I have purchased model TH-P42S10A (42 inch full-HD plasma) and is interested in the blu-ray offer. Unfortunately I do not have Mastercard or Visa, and the terms and conditions states that you can only make the claim by completing the payment using either Mastercard or Visa.

    Is there another way to resolve this?


  • I purchased a THHP50V10a from David Jones on the 20th March – The salesman said there was still heaps of blue ray dvds in stock. The TV was delivered on Thursday 25th and we are just setting it up today – Got on your site and the promotion has closed. I thought we had until the 31st March???

  • I have purchased a full HD Viera today and although the website states there are 24 packs remaining as at 16.27 on the 27th march i am unable to log on to make a claim. What can be done so i can take advantage of this offer?


  • We have just purchased a 50in Full HD Plasma TV enticed by the free gift of a Bluray player. How disappointing to get home and log on to the promotion site and find it is closed!! Feel that we have been misled….

  • I purchased a THP50G15A from Joyce Mayne Wagga on Friday and tried to enter the promotion as the salesman said stocks were running low and to get my claim in quick smart. Although they don’t have the stock, I paid a 20% deposit on it and was told this would be enough to get my claim in. I’ve noticed your website is now locked and saying “closed” even though it’s the 27th and there is still stock showing on the counter. I believe this is incorrect and I should be able to validate my claim. Can you please advise me by email? Thanks. Gaven

  • Hello

    I ordered my HD Viera on the 20 March at Harvey Norman store and paid 20% deposit. It arrived and I picked it up yesterday. Today I have tried to lodge my claim, and the website states that there are 32 packs remaining, however on the wesbite states that the promotion is closed?

    Could you please let me know if I can claim one of the remaining packs, as the TV was purchased before 31 March and the wesbite states that there are packs remaining.


  • Hi

    I purchased a 50″ plasma (THP50V10A) yesterday (27/3/10) but will only receive it on Wednesday. Will I still be eligible and do you still have some of the units available? I cannot register now as I do not have the serial number available

  • I just bought the Plasma Tv and found out today that you promotion is closed. Will i still be able to claim this bonus for the blu ray at the next promotion. I’ve tried to get online to the blu ray now, but couldn’t get access to order the blu ray. Thank you Julia

  • Hi I’ve just bought a plasma tv and your promotion is now closed. I wanted to know if I will be eligible when the next promotion for the blu ray is on. I thought your promotion was till the 31.3.2010

  • Hi was just about to buy a 50 inch v10 but see the promotion for a free blueray is now closed even though it is before the closing date. Wanted to buy it today as myer special ends today. Is there any chance that more free dvd packs will be made available. Need to know today. Thx.

  • Purchased a full hd plasma (waiting for delivery) after being convinced of the benefits of getting a blue ray player with it. Salesman said i needed to buy it before 31 mar but that i needed serial number to claim. Saw something on the internet today that there are no more players. This prompted me to check the website but now your website says i cant have it. Feel very disappointed in the whole process such that i’m tossing up whether to just return the tv. Couldn’t even get thru on your phone number after holding for 25 minutes! Seems pretty poor implementation to cut it off just before 31 mar.

  • Spoke with Panasonic today re claim form which was posted on the 24th march and i was unable to bring up the website and retrieve form to enter my tv serial number, i explained to the lady in question and i attempted to log on on the 24th march and it would only let me go onto page 3, and because i couldn’t enter serial number i was unable to move to page 4.

    I do remember quite clearly that i ticked the yes box that my tv was on backorder. When i returned my claim form had been successful, only to be told by the operator that i will miss out a they have all GONE now and i feel i have a genuine case, i did all the right things except because the computer would not let me move to page 4 i could not pay the $25. What a promotion, by a reputable company, my voice should be heard and the promotion honoured rather than palm me off, or at least management acknowledge my concerns that will affect others iam sure.

    Richard, disgruntled and not happy customer.

    A response by panasonic will be interesting , if not at all,

  • Purchased my HD Plasma on the 27th of March,was told there was about 800 redemptions left for the blueray+ quickflix offer.
    Begin to claim,but there all gone now.
    Is there anyway of still claiming a blueray player or even the quikflix offer?



  • Hi
    We purchased Panasonic Viera 50″ from davis Jones just because of the gift pack and When we bought, the promotion was on and after payment when I tried online claim and it is showing stock finished. Shame on you Panasonic. Do something if you people do genuine promotions. You can call me on 0421885937

  • Hello everyone 🙂

    We understand your comments and thank you for your interest in our VIErA promotion, we have had a very strong response.

    The Bonus Bluray Player + Quickflix Voucher promotion has concluded with all 20,000 bonus gifts now claimed.

    As there were only a limited number of bonus gifts available some of you will have missed out on submitting your claim before all gifts were allocated. We understand this can be frustrating and hope you understand since this was clearly a limited offering.

    For us to best understand your individual situation please give us a call on 132 600.

    Thank you for your understanding and please do not hesitate to call.
    Team Panasonic

  • disappointing to find that i cant log on to find weather or not my product i ordered is cumin or goin since u changed to web site but took money from my account…. thats panasonic……

  • Will all you people stop whinging that you missed out? If you spent half as much time reading the terms and conditions of the promotion as you do bitching you’d see the promotion would run until 31st March 2010 or when the 20,000 bonus pack supply was exhausted, whichever happened first.

    The packs ran out first. You’re too late, so tough tits.

  • Hi Panasonic

    Like many other people I bought a TH-P46G10 on 27 March on the understanding that I would be able to claim the free Blu Ray Player. Although I am very happy with the TV, this was a unique selling point that meant I chose it over other products.

    On the 27th March the promotion was still being advertised in a variety of sources (e.g JB Hifi online, JB Hifi stores and Dick Smith stores. If all gifts had been claimed, this was certainly not obvious and staff in these outlets were not aware.

    I understand that supplies were limited but feel that this could have been handled better by Panasonic by doing the following:

    – clearly stating at the time of purchase that this was a limited offer (rather than in the small print)
    – promptly removing all advertising when the promotion had closed
    – ensuring that the number of gifts equalled the number of TVs on sale.

    I look forward to your feedback.

    Kind regards

    Jon Cook

  • Received my BD player but it was faulty, mailed it back to you 30/3/10 but I have not heard a thing. Have you received it? When am I getting my replacement player? Please advise.

  • I am about to purchase a TH-P50V10A tomorrow from JB-Hi. I was told that I the bonus Bluray Player + Quickflix Voucher promotion is still on and I am eligible to have it.

    Is this still true?

    If not, then I will buy Samsung PS50B850 as it is cheaper than TH-P50V10A.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Jason,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    Turn around times are typically within days of faulty unit being received. To discuss your particular situation please call us on 132 600 (select option 4) as we’d be happy to help.
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Johnathan,
    We appreciate your comments and are sorry that you missed out on the promotion.
    Stores were advised at the start of that week that stock was estimated to run out and they should remove POS and warn customers that the gifts were almost out. On Sat 27th, a clear “Promotion Closed” banner blocked out the website, so when stores checked this, it was clear.
    We did make sure to be clear on the limited offering and had a live counter front and centre on website / POS material clearly showing “offer limited to 20,000” gifts in total . SMS # given for live update of number of bonuses available + T&C’s.
    In regards to having the number of bonus gifts match the number of TVs available the promotion was not conducted this manner as this was a limited bonus gift with purchase offer to reward purchasers for a limited time – we do have a lot more TV units than Blu-ray players 🙂
    I hope this answers some of your questions.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • when am i going to get my blue ray DVD player

    unique claim number is


  • My claim was validated so I am now waiting for delivery. Is it possible for you to provide an update on when I can expect it to be delivered? Will I be notified by email once it has been posted?

    Claim No – 1D4699WIGU

    Thank you,


  • Thanks. I did contact 132600 but was told that you have no more stock to send me a replacement until next month. Not real happy with this, is there any way you can send me one sooner?

  • HI Marcus,
    Thanks for contacting us. Best to call 132600 and they will be able to update you on your specific status.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi, My husband and I bought our tv in Feb and our redemption for bluray has been validated, but we have not heard anything since. Can you give us an update as to when we will receive the player.


  • Hi Veronica,
    We’d be happy to update you on the status of your redemption, please contact 132600 and our representative will be able to assist you.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I have just been reading the comments above. Could you please advise if and when I will receive my bluray player. Claim No. 1DESKG9691. Thankyou

  • I have been waiting a long time for my blu ray and quickflicks, was validated and said to wait six to eight weeks……well it has been nearly three months and am starting to wonder how much longer am I going to be waiting to recieve the player and quickflicks.

    I have attached my email address, my Unique Claim Number is 1DXSJR5476. I need to know how long until it arives as I am getting tired of waiting this amount of time for something that should have been processed a long time ago.

    Joshua Wartnaby
    M: 0408 992 219
    O: 03 9484 7377
    H: 03 9886 5518

  • Hi,

    I bought a 42″ G10A just over 2 months ago and sent off for the bluray promo promptly thereafter. The login information on the hdbonus site still states allow up to weeks, i believe it has already been 8 weeks maybe a little longer, is it likely that i will receive my player within the next fortnight?



  • Received bonus blue ray player today 12/5/10 how do you get quickflix bonus.

  • it has been 7 weeks and 5days since you cashed in my $25-00 and validated my claim. I know you said expect up to 8 weeks for delivery but you are cutting it close. its frustrating to wait so long. i have made two calls and advised both times there are no concerns. well you will be hearing from me again on Wednesday…… 8 long weeks!!!!

  • Hi,

    My claim N0 1DQETZ6696 for Bluray player was validated on 25th Of March but have not yet received my gift or any information about when it will be delivered to me ? When contacted on 132600 I was informed couple of weeks back that it should reach me within 10 Working days..

    Please inform me about its status


  • Hi Joshua,
    We will have customer care contact you and are advised your Blu-ray should be delivered today.
    Thank you for your patience,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Kevin,
    Apologies for the delay I will have a representative contact you via email.
    Thank you for your patience,
    Team Panasonic

  • Panasonic you are very brash coming out with another promotion without filling obligations for previous offers. I have read previous blogs and can see that delivery is taking longer than the eight weeks mentioned, my claim included.
    You do supply very good televisions but the service delivery at this stage has been lacking, something that will stick in the mind of existing customers and possible future ones.

    Could you please give me an update on the delivery of my promotional blu-ray player.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for letting us know, a customer service representative will be in contact shortly.

    Kind Regards,

    The Panasonic Team

  • We brought a Panasonic when the promotioon was on I accidently sent the paper work to the Adelaide address in the phoone book can you help me to sort this out because I have tried to call the number in the book but I keep getting transfered to another state can you offer some advise as to what I should do.

  • 1000 apologises Panasonic. Out of the Blue my blu-ray player arrived today. So thank you

  • Hi Pauline,

    A member of the customer service team has been trying to get in contact, but can’t get through to the stated email address. Do you have an alternative email?

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • i have recently purchase a TH-L37G10A, and would like to know which movie format you can use. I know it doesnt play .avi, so what settings should be using? Any help would be grateful.

  • Hi Alan,

    The TH-L37G10A does not have this feature. Movies are only playable via DVD/BLU-Ray players using the standard AV connection. For .AVI / .MKV playback requires an external media player.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic