Turn your kitchen counter into a juice bar with Panasonic new juicers


Panasonic new MJ-DJ01 stainless steel and MJ-SJ01 black juicers.

Introducing the brand new range of Panasonic juicers – they squeeze every drop out of your ingredients, are easy to clean and look sensational in any kitchen. The new models (MJ-DJ01SST and MJ-SJ01KST) feature a range of technologies to bring speed and ease to in-home juice creation. Available in stainless steel and black variants, both designs feature a large feeder tube, 120 degree spout rotation and stainless steel blades.

“Our new range of juicers provide quick and easy juice extraction, catering for health conscious consumers with little time to spare.” – Belinda Toner, Product Marketing Manager, Small Appliances, Panasonic Australia.

The wide 75mm diameter tube reduces preparation time, as whole portions of vegetables and fruit can be inserted directly, allowing for juices to be created with less chopping. Both models are able to extract enough liquid from a single orange and tomato to represent 69.5 per cent and 78.8 per cent of their total weight respectively, a very effective extraction rate.

Panasonic Juicer

A 120-degree rotating spout means you can swivel the juice stream along a line of glasses.

“We’ve also developed a suite of recipes to accompany the new models. Quick and simple to make, the healthy recipes offer inspiration to those who want to try out new juices at home, and get the most nutrients and benefits out of their fruit and vegetables.” – Belinda Toner, Product Marketing Manager, Small Appliances, Panasonic Australia.


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Orange Blaze Juice

A healthy mix of vegies with citrus make this juice a brilliant winter flu fighter

A brilliant winter flu fighter

A healthy mix of vegies is citrus make this juice a brilliant flu fighter, while the spicy mix of chilli and ginger give it just the right kick. It’s a great juice to enjoy during winter we need to pack our bodies with natural vitamin C and antioxidants to strengthen the immune system and minimise the risk of bacterial infections.


  • 3 carrots, peeled
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1 orange, peeled
  • 2 cm piece of red chilli
  • 2 cm piece ginger

Juice ingredients together.

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Juice Bar #foodhack

Keep your juicer on the counter (otherwise, ‘out of sight’ could mean ‘out of mind’!) and make it a feature appliance piece, that way you won’t neglect your juicing. You could even set up some mason jars, a cup of striped paper straws and a bowl of fruit to make it even more enticing.

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Check out the MJ-DJ01 stainless steel juicer.
Check out the SJ-SJ01 Juicer black juicer.

 Panasonic The Ideas Kitchen website