Panasonic relaunches legendary audio brand Technics with a mission to help listeners rediscover music


As its 50th anniversary comes up in 2015, the Technics brand is about to be reborn, as the quintessential mix of Panasonic’s traditional sound technology and advanced digital technology.

The Technics brand was used for Panasonic’s hi-fi audio systems that were marketed around the world from 1965 to 2010. The brand name was coined from the word ‘technology’ that faithfully reproduces original sounds, and symbolised Panasonic’s commitment to the creation of high-quality audio.

The relaunch was inspired by the trend towards high-resolution audio that offers quality surpassing that of CDs. Through the new Technics, Panasonic will bring music and audio fans around the world a whole new level of inspiration by delivering authentic sounds true to the artists’ original intention.

The announcement was made by Michiko Ogawa, director of the Technics project. Ogawa, a former Technics audio engineer herself and also a popular, well known jazz pianist in Japan, explained that the new Technics products will be based on a concept called the ‘Technics Definitive Sound’ which builds upon decades of audio technology development and knowhow. The concept is comprised of three major technical elements:

  • ‘Accurate Digital Technology’: which ensures signal transmission with precise phase and gain characteristics, and ideal power conversion,
  • ‘Noiseless Signal Technology’: which thoroughly reduces noise to realise equipment ideal for digital audio,
  • ‘Emotive Acoustic Technology’: which achieves a clear sound image and spacious soundstage with an ultra-wide bandwidth and high dynamic range.

Furthermore, according to Ogawa, the most important mission of the new Technics is to deliver emotionally-engaging musical experiences which are unique to each of us.

For more information, please see the website at www.technics.com, or follow technics global on Facebook or Twitter.