The wonderful world of Wi-Fi supercharges our latest cameras and camcorders


Control almost every setting remotely via your smartphone

Sharing is caring and it’s also super simple with our latest LUMIX cameras and camcorders, featuring streamlined Wi-Fi connection. Fast image sharing, remote shooting, selfie auto shots, twin camera recording and even baby monitoring are all easy using one of the innovative new models from our LUMIX G series, LUMIX compact camera or camcorder range. We’ve even streamlined the Wi-Fi connection process – just press the Wi-Fi button, start the app on your tablet or phone and you’re ready to go.

The newest addition to the LUMIX G Series


LUMIX GF7: just press the Wi-Fi button, start the app and you’re ready to go!

The stylish new Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF7 makes photography fun with its new selfie modes and great range of Wi-Fi features.

The GF7 offers the new remote control ‘Jump Snap’ feature for fun group shots where the acceleration sensor on your smartphone detects the highest point of a jump, and releases the camera shutter via Wi-Fi and the Panasonic Image App.

You can also control almost every setting remotely via your smartphone – focus, aperture, shutter speed and ISO – before capturing your shot and then checking the results with ‘Remote View’.


Easy image and video sharing with Wi-Fi using the Panasonic Image App on a smartphone or tablet. This feature available in all Wi-Fi Certified LUMIX cameras .

We’ve also made it easy to embed geotags in GF7 images using a your smartphone, so this information can be viewed when images are uploaded to your social media.

The GF7’s ‘snap movie mode’ even makes it simple to quickly capture and share a creative video across Vine, Instagram and Facebook. You can tell your story by automatically setting the camera to record bite-size videos of 2-8 seconds, using rack focusing and fade effects. Then with the Panasonic Image App, videos can be assembled in any order with music in a short, snappy format before being shared using Wi-Fi.

Our latest range of LUMIX compact cameras


By just touching a NFC compatible smartphone or tablet to the camera, you can change it to a remote controller or transfer data to it. Feature available in all NFC capable LUMIX cameras and camcorders. Image: LUMIX FT6.

We recently added four stylish models featuring the new streamlined Wi-Fi connection to our LUMIX compact camera range; the flagship travel zoom DMC-TZ70 and its companion model DMC-TZ57, the tough DMC-FT6 and the slim and stylish DMC-SZ10.

In addition to the simple image sharing and remote shooting feature enjoyed by all four cameras, the premium TZ70 also offers the new remote control ‘Jump Snap’ feature for group shots and embedded geotagging for sharing travel pictures.


New remote control ‘Jump Snap’: just jump and the camera shoots for you!

Exciting new Panasonic camcorders

Uploading your films to social media and shooting remotely via your phone or tablet are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of Wi-Fi brings with our latest Panasonic camcorders.

The creative ‘Wireless Twin Camera’* feature allows you to shoot different angles capturing two scenes simultaneously by using the camcorder screen and operating your Wi-Fi capable smartphone or tablet as a sub-camera.


Use your smartphone as a second camera with Panasonic Wireless Twin Camera technology.

*HC-WX970, HC-VX870, HC-V770, HC-W570

You can also capitalise on Wi-Fi to turn your camcorder into a video baby monitor**. Check on a sleeping baby in another room with the camcorder connected to your home network via a smartphone, speak to the baby using your smartphone, or even have notifications sent to your device when your baby’s cry (or any other sound) is detected.


Using Wi-Fi, you can check on the baby with a smartphone or tablet in another room. The Push Notification function alerts the smartphone or tablet if a voice sensor detects the baby waking up and making a sound, and you can even speak to the baby over the monitor.

**HC-WX970, HC-VX870, HC-V770, HC-W570, HC-V270