Go beyond ordinary tourist snaps with this waterfall tutorial

LUMIX ambassador and legendary photographer, Ken Duncan is here to show you how to capture images of waterfalls that do justice to these stunning natural landscape features. Check out his video tutorial, created exclusively for Panasonic, to pick up some very handy professional tips.

Ken’s waterfall tips – sneak preview

1. Check the weather forecast.

Make sure you shoot in overcast light, as dappled or harsh light on the waterfall makes the shot hard to hold together. Ken also advises that one of the best times to shoot is after rain when the waterfalls will be really pumping.

2. Be ‘Johnny on the spot’.

If you want to capture the waterfall in all its awesome glory, Ken suggests that you get there early because with a lot of waterfalls, if you’re not there early you are going to have a lot of people in your shot! Be the first one there so you get prime position.

3. Don’t just shoot the waterfall.

Before you unpack all your gear, Ken’s advice is to look around and see what elements you can use to give your images more depth. Reflective pools, hanging tree branches and other interesting elements help to create a third dimension to your picture that makes it more engaging.

Ken’s waterfall tips – watch the full video

Did these tips whet your appetite? Watch the full video for even more pro tips and you’ll soon be capturing waterfall images that convey far more depth and intensity than the usual ‘same same’ tourist snaps.

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