The ultra-compact Lumix GM1 set to hit our shores in December

Due for release in mid December, our smallest ever Compact System Camera is the perfect Christmas present for yourself or for the very lucky camera enthusiast in your life. It combines outstanding image quality with compact style so perfectly that it’s already winning the hearts and minds of critics around the globe.


In addition to exceptional image quality, this highly-desirable camera offers a suite of innovative features, including a retractable interchangeable lens, built-in flash and Wi-Fi functionality.

Doug Campbell, Product Marketing Manager, Lumix, Panasonic Australia, said: “The DMC-GM1 is an extremely exciting addition to the Lumix G range. The design and functionality of the DMC-GM1 is truly groundbreaking in its offering and within such a compact size.”

“The DMC-GM1 will suit a much broader range of consumers – from camera and photography enthusiasts, to people looking to step up to a Compact System Camera, and to those looking for a more stylish yet high quality camera.”

The Lumix DMC-GM1 is the ultimate example of a good thing coming in a very tiny package and it’s sure to captivate Aussie photographers with its excellent performance, effortless operation and unique style.

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Our Lumix DMC-GM1.

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