Stereo lays an egg in this cool 70s flashback

This gem from the early 70s ran with the tagline “stereo lays an egg” and combined the iconic egg chair with an inbuilt stereo system for the ultimate in kitsch home interiors.

It may be a flashback but a quick look through any cool design mag shows that the Panasonic Audio Egg would have no trouble finding a home today. With deep-pile fake fur, volume control at your fingertips, convenient swivel action and even a high-intensity lamp, you could pretty much set up camp in this womb-like egg and never leave!

Swinging 70s hipsters also had the option of choosing a romantic love-seat model for two, so they could share their plush chamber. Advertising from era offered consumers padded ottomans, a range of Panasonic stereo options and even a “Playboy Club” discount for the man about town.

Admit it, you kind of want one right now, don’t you?

Back to the future, have a look at our current audio range.

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