Smarter 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems with enhanced audio

Panasonic introduces smarter 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems with enhanced audio


We proudly introduced three new Full HD 3D Blu-ray disc™ Home Theatre Systems with a broad range of smart networking functions as well as advanced technologies for an enhanced theatre experience at home.

The new models boast a plethora of connectivity features including Smartphone Remote Control, VIERA Connect™, enhanced DLNA® functionality, Skype video and voice calls, built-in Wi-Fi, Wireless LAN capability and iPod®/iPhone®/iPad connection.

The three new models – SC-BTT790, SC-BTT490 and SC-BTT190 – are equipped with 3D Cinema Surround as a standard feature, making these models a perfect match for Full HD 3D playback. 3D Cinema Surround is a state-of-the-art Panasonic technology that produces authentic, theatre-like surround sound through a total of 30 real and virtual speakers. All new models feature an Anti-Jitter Digital Amplifier, reducing jitter and distortion to produce pure, brilliant sound.

Built-in Wi-Fi and wireless LAN

Via built-in Wi-Fi and wireless LAN on the SC-BTT790 and SC-BTT490 and W-Fi compatibility on the SC-BTT190[i], the Home Theatre Systems allow users to access Panasonic’s VIERA Connect™[ii] – an upgrade from the previous VIERA Cast™ online platform. The new and improved VIERA Connect™ offering users access to a greater range of applications such as Yahoo!7’s PLUS7, ABC iView and Twitter as well as the popular YouTube©, Facebook® and Skype[iii] for an even wider variety of online content from the comfort of their living room.

Using built in Wi-Fi[iv] users can also access DLNA functionality, which allows Home Theatre Systems to ‘communicate’ with other devices around the home. For example, users can wirelessly stream multimedia – such as music and photos stored on their iPhone®, iPad or a DLNA-compatible server such as a PC or Blu-ray Disc Recorder – to their Home Theatre System.

For greater convenience and simple, intuitive operations, the new Home Theatre Systems are also compatible with Smartphone Remote Control[v]. This new feature allows viewers to control their home theatre system by tapping and swiping on their Smartphone. Users can input characters with the keypad on their Smartphone, set up their favourite sound effects as well as browse for additional entertainment and movie information.

Universal Dock for iPod/iPhone

The SC-BTT790 and SC-BTT490 systems feature a convenient Universal Dock for iPod/iPhone[vi] which has a digital connection to minimise sound degradation. This lets the user play back music and videos as well as enjoy high quality audio from an iPod/iPhone.

An intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) screen provides easy operation. It allows up to four user profiles, so the family can enjoy personalising and saving favourite settings including registering a favourite photo as wallpaper on the home screen.

The SC-BTT790 and SC-BTT490 are equipped with two HDMI inputs in addition to one HDMI output dedicated for gaming consoles and set-top box connections. Since the HDMI inputs feature a Standby Pass Through function, signals from the connected devices can pass through the unit even when the home theatre system is switched off. All models offer USB connectivity and are compatible with most external hard disk drives (HDDs), including FAT32 and NTFS formatted HDDs, for access to a greater selection of multimedia files.[vii]

Digital Tube Sound

Digital Tube Sound is also a standard feature across all three new models. Characteristics of the distinctive warm sound of tube amplifiers are faithfully simulated. There are six modes, including pop, jazz, classic, women’s vocal and rock genres.

For space-saving elegance, the SC-BTT790 Blu-ray home theatre system does not require wiring[viii] between the main component and rear speakers and also features a sleek, ultra slim design, making it perfect for keeping any modern Australian living room neat and uncluttered. The new ‘Stainless Mesh’ on all models gives the speakers a glossy, sharp finish.

Compare model features

Key features SC-BTT790 SC-BTT490 SC-BTT190
1000W output power (RMS) X X X
3D Cinema Surround X X X
Anti-jitter digital amplifier X X X
Anti-distortion structure speaker cone X X X
Digital music connection for iPod/iPhone X X X
Digital Tube Sound X X X
2D-3D conversion to VIERA Connect content X X X
Smartphone Remote Control X X X
Built-in Wi-Fi and wireless LAN ready X X
Wi-Fi compatible X
Multi-user mode (up to four) X X x
Home screen wallpaper X X X
HDMI input x2 X X X
Wireless rear speakers X
VIERA Connect functionality, Skype™ voice and video calls, SDXC and USB slot, DLNA® DMP and DMR connectivity, NAS compatible X X x
Compatible with FAT32 and NTFS formatted external HDDs X X X
Wireless kit SH-FX71 included X
Optical input x1 X X X
Low power consumption x X x

All models are available from April 2012


[i] Optional dongle required

[ii] Access to a broadband internet connection is required to access VIERA Connect features.

[iii] With the purchase of a Skype camera.

[iv] Wi-Fi built-in on BTT790 and SC-BTT490 Optional Panasonic wireless adaptor TY-WL20A required on SC-BTT190

[v] Requires a device with the app installed and a Panasonic SC-BTT790, SC-BTT490 or SC-BTT190 Home Theatre System

[vi] Made for iPod” and “Made for iPhone” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod or iPhone respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod or iPhone may affect wireless performance. iPhone, iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

[vii] Compatible file formats include DivX, MKV, mp4, MPEG (TS/PS); MPO and JPEG; WAV, FLAC and mp3.

[viii] Wireless kit SH-FX71 is included with the SC-BTT790 and optional with the SC-BTT490.

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  • I have an iPhone 5 and I’m wondering if there is likely to be a new adapter released that you can plug the phone into the system. Or am I better off waiting until Panasonic release a new series of home theatre systems that support the iPhone 5?

  • I have a ipad 4 and the Theater remote 2012 dose not work with it, is there an update or will they be fixing problem.

  • Hi Graham, just to clarify: ‘Theatre remote 2012’ to control which Panasonic model? Cheers!

  • What is the difference betwean btt790 and btt590 ?

    And which one is superior in terms of specs ?

  • Hi Wageeh, the BTT590 is not sold in Australia; only the BTT790. A higher number suffix is the normal indicator for superior specs. Cheers!

  • Thanks for your instant reply

    One last question regarding the 790

    Does it support 3d movies and surround sound (I.e dts and ac3 … etc 5.1 ) through external drive , or it has to be a blue ray or a dvd for the sound to be a true. 5.1
    Cuz some theater systems support mono or stereo only if you play the movie through an external drive

    Thanx in advance

  • Hi Panasonic

    I replaced an older model Panasonic Home Theatre with the BTT790 thinking I was buying the top of the range. While many of the features are good the sound is, unfortunately, second rate. The very tall speakers look impressive with space for three woofers/tweeters(?) each, but there is only one small speaker inside this powerful looking shell and they sound second rate. The stereo speakers on my TV give better sound than the Home Theatre system and my 9 year old Panasonic Home Theatre that the BTT790 replaced sounded much better.

    Can different, more capable, speakers be connected to the BTT790? Or is the internal amplifier not capable of driving anything with more “oomph”?

    Is there a downloadable document with recommended speaker settings that I can use to make sure I haven’t inadvertently limited my system with poor settings?

    Sorry to sound so negative, but I have never been let down with Panasonic kit before.


  • Hi Ash, the internal amplifier is not capable of boosting sound quality. We suggest your BTT790 is reset to factory defaults as detailed on Page 44 of Users Manual. Cheers!

  • hi there …my BTT790 had been working fine for past 14 months , all of a sudden the unit will not turn on , there is power there but will not turn on …any answers

  • Hi Frank, sorry to hear of the fault of your home theatre system. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you further.

  • is it possible to connect wireless headphones to the 790 if you are receiving the TV data via a STB (eg TIVO)?

  • Hi Craig, is your TIVO going through the Home Theatre system? If not you will need to connect it to the home theatre to be able to get the sound.

  • We purchased the Panasonic SA-BTT790 12 months ago. Everything was working well until recently when some Blu-ray movies started to freeze up while playing. I just purchased a Blu-ray lens cleaner, thinking that the lens may have had a build up of dust. After running the cleaner a couple of times nothing has improved. I have checked for scratches and finger marks on the disks and have even tried playing brand new Blu ray movies. Our DVD’s are still playing ok but Blu-rays are continually freezing up. Any suggestions?

  • Hi Dan, please contact our Customer Service Team on 132600 and they will try some options over the phone with you and book a service call if required.

  • I just bought a sc-btt190 for the iPod connectivity, ie to play my music through it but it will not play. Tried my iPod Classic gen 4 which gives a compatibility warning and won’t connect at all. Tried a nano gen 2 or 3 which will connect but only play the 1st two seconds of a song before it disconnects, then attempts to reconnect. Are these units not actually compatible with iPods? Do they only work with certain models? Running latest firmware and latest iTunes. Any assistance? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Jared, please refer to page 22 of your User Manual for the list of which Apple products will work with this unit. If you continue to have issues, please contact our Customer Service Team on 132600 and they will assist you with this matter and book a service call if necessary.

  • I liked the remote smartphone app while it worked! I have a BTT790 and an iPhone 5, and at first the remote app worked fine. It stopped working one day, and the unit now says that it has a wi-fi error, and the app will only work while the unit is hard wire ethernet connected. I’ve tried everythng I can think of, and every setting (including resetting) to get it to work, but no go.

  • Hi David, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you over the phone with some options to try.

  • Blu-Ray Disc Player – about 1.25 to 1.5 hours into playing a DVD, the player ‘freezes’ disabling any response from the remote control. Never had a problem until recently. Have upgraded firmware to the latest version. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hi Joe, is it only one disc in particular or multiple discs? If multiple, please contact our customer service team as your unit may have fault. 132600. SB