Smart VIERA’s “my Home Screen” with intuitive operation

It’s the next-generation TV experience, combining the best of broadcast and internet.


TV. It’s supposed to be easy, right?

At Panasonic, we believe this is the case, so when it came time to design the new Smart VIERA, we put “ease of use” at the top of our list.

Smart VIERA’s “my Home Screen” is packed with intuitive control options, making operating your television a breeze. The VIERA Connect user interface is naturally easy to navigate, giving you quick access to online applications and enabling you to browse the internet.

The home screen seamlessly displays your favourite TV broadcasts, internet, and lifestyle information, and allows you to access what you want with verbal instructions. Instead of searching, now you can simply choose what you want.

If you choose a VT60, WT60 or DT60 Smart VIERA television, you also can make use of a unique Panasonic touchpad, perfect for web browsing and navigating. The controller is also used for the voice interaction feature ensuring a seamless experience.

Alternatively, you can download the VIERA Remote App from Apple App Store and Android Market for free. This will turn your smartphone or tablet into a touch-screen remote and lets you stream content to and from the TV.

New for 2013 is the ability to utilise an electronic touch pen. Available with certain models, you can use it to write onto photos, use your TV like a whiteboard and play with specially developed TouchPen Apps, including puzzles and games.

The Smart VIERA choice is all yours to suit your personal style.

Watch more about “my Home Screen”

Discover the intuitive features in this short video.