Smart VIERA’s “my Home Screen” brings the whole family together

Keep your family’s schedule in one place, share memos and more.


In years gone past, the family would gather round the television to enjoy “quality” time together. The TV set demanded our attention, and did not promote good communication between family members.

However, as technology has changed, so have we. People now prefer a more interactive experience, and Panasonic Smart VIERA TV truly delivers. Boasting so many new and intelligent features, it’s much more than a Smart TV, it’s everything you love in one place. In fact, the humble television set has become something else entirely – a machine that actually promotes communication!

Do you ever have trouble getting the attention of a family member when the television is on? The Smart VIERA makes this a problem of the past. Thanks to the “my Home Screen” feature, you can leave a video memo*1 for another household member that will show up on their home screen. That way they’ll be sure to get the message.

When it comes time to view a schedule for a family holiday, the Smart VIERA becomes a giant screen to display your itinerary, easily viewable for every member – all at once.

Sometimes not everyone in the family can make it to dinner. This is where the new “my Home Screen” interface steps in, giving you the next best thing.  These TVs feature a built-in camera with Facial Recognition technology, so you can have Skype video chats with friends and family, wherever they are in the world.

The new Smart VIERA brings your family together like never before.

Discover “my Home Screen” for yourself

See the new features of “my Home Screen” in this short video.

*1 Video memo requires Skype camera, built into VIERA models in the VT60 and WT60 range and optional on VIERA models in the ST60, DT60, ET60 and E6 range.

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  • Smart VIERA recognizes your face, so up to four people can have their own instantly accessible Home Screens. Isn’t that a great feature…? It’s much more than a Smart TV, it’s everything you love in one place.