Panasonic LED is the evolution of light


Make the switch to Panasonic LED Lighting and say goodbye to changing light globes. Our LED globes can last for up to 25 years* and that’s a very long time without the inconvenience or cost of having to regularly change  them  (and a lot less climbing of ladders – so you’re even conserving your own energy). What’s more, Panasonic LED globes  offer up to 86% energy saving* in comparison to standard incandescent globes, so with cheaper running costs and fewer replacements, you’ll see energy savings straight away.

Historically one of the reasons that people have avoided switching to LED lights is their reputation for producing a bright, harsh glare that isn’t compatible with home life. However, Panasonic LED Lighting has been designed to give you the same brightness that you’d expect from an incandescent globe. Our LED globes take no times warm and cool daylight options you have the perfect ambience coupled with a classic design.

If you’re wondering just how well our LED lighting stacks up, we’ve even developed a savings calculator. Simply enter a few details about how you use your lighting, and we’ll tell you exactly how much you can save by making the switch to LED. For instance, if you lived in a small apartment with 15 x 60W globes in use for 5 hours a day, you could save $370 on your energy bill in just one year or $9,250*over the 25 years the light globes will last.

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*1 Calculation based on average LED globe life 25,000 hours; average daily usage 2.7 hours = 25.36 years.
*2 Calculation based on difference in wattage – incandescent globe (60W), LED equivalent (8W); 8/60 = 13.33, inverse 86.67%
*3 Based on Average kWh cost of $0.26/kWh as per https://secure.energyaustralia.com.au/EnergyPriceFactSheets/Docs/EPFS/E_R_N_GRT-EN_EA_01-07-2012.pdf

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