Reviewed: Panasonic NN-DS592B steam double grill microwave oven

For many of us, the function of a microwave oven in the kitchen is usually limited to one or two tasks along the lines of warming up food before you eat it or defrosting food before you cook it using other means. Beyond that, microwave ovens may be overlooked for serious cooking tasks in favour of other appliances particularly when precise temperature control is required whilst preserving the integrity of the food.

Steam Microwave Oven Combo

No doubt, the microwave is a convenient appliance but some are more capable than others such as the Panasonic NN-DS592B steam double grill microwave oven.

First up, this microwave includes Panasonic’s inverter technology which allows a true level of control over the energy used to heat food. Traditional microwave ovens will operate in one of two power states – on or off.  However, attempting to average the energy used to heat food to simulate a lower level of heating can lead to unevenly cooked or defrosted food with cold spots or burnt edges. In contrast, inverter microwaves allows for a more precise level of cooking energy allowing you to gradually heat up food to the optimal temperature.

Another key differentiator that sets this microwave apart from others is the presence of a flatbed instead of a turntable. Perhaps strange for those who grew up watching their food spin around in conventional microwaves you do realise the benefit of increased internal capacity similar to a normal 44L microwave with no increase in footprint. This also makes it possible to fit larger dishes inside which can provide added flexibility when cooking in larger quantities and the pull down door makes this a snap.

Let’s not forget that there are various ways to prepare food such as grilling, roasting and steaming and the NN-DS592B will have you covered. Using the appropriate tray or rack (bundled with the microwave) and the water reservoir underneath the microwave oven you can cook a wider variety of foods including roasts, sponge puddings and pizza. There’s also a stack of pre-programmed cooking modes allowing you to adjust the weight of food inside the microwave and the desired food temperature to achieve the best cooking results.

So how does this microwave oven actually perform?

Having used the Panasonic NN-ST651W 32L 1100W inverter microwave oven I had some frame of reference at least for the base microwave functionality. The sensor reheating and automatic defrosting functionality in the NN-DS592B works in a similar fashion with the added ability to choose a temperature when kicking things off. This really does take the guesswork out of warming up your food while allowing you to tailor the resultant heat to your preference.

I’ve also had a delicious time with other foods to try out the other cooking modes including pizza and dumplings. When using the oven functionality, the pizza ended up cooked perfectly with a crisp, golden brown crust and the toppings had cooked through evenly – a job done just as well as the conventional kitchen oven. Using the auto cook menu was straightforward and the oven will let you know once it is suitably preheated with three beeps which means you don’t have to hover nearby to check if it is at the right temperature.

I’m a big fan of dumplings so this was a great way to try out the steaming function. Whilst there isn’t a specific auto cook menu for dumplings, I experimented with the one for steamed fish found that it worked a charm if you rounded up the weight to the 125 gram increment while avoiding putting too many dumplings inside (always a great temptation). It’s potentially safer than attempting to steam food using a small bowl of water on the same plate containing your dumplings and avoiding the risk of scalding yourself as well as being more controlled in terms of cooking.

In a nutshell, NN-DS592B is definitely more than your regular microwave oven but makes it very easy to achieve fantastic cooking results time and time again whichever way you use it.

Words: Panasonic Insider, Boyd Chan.

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  • I have been researching Microwave Ovens for several months and finally narrowed my choice down to 2 models in the Panasonic Range. The NN-CF770M and The NN-DS592B, with my final decision being the NN-DS592B.

    I must say that this would have to be the best Microwave I have owned so far, and I have been several over the years.

    The stand out feature of the NN-DS592B is definitely the steamer, even the kids are starting to enjoy their vegies.

    I highly recommend this model to anybody who is in the market for a new Microwave. 9.8/10

  • Hi Harry, thanks for taking the time to leave us a message! It’s awesome to hear you’re happy with your new microwave 🙂 Cheers!

  • Hi, I am also deciding between these two products. I love the idea of the steam function in the 592B but I also want to be able to use the micro like a normal oven to cook cakes and maybe fish, chicken, meat etc in. Can I still do all that with the 592B or should I get the 770M. Thanks, love to know your opinion.

  • Hi Jodie, both would be suitable for this purpose, but the NN-CF770M and NN-CF781S use fan-forced convection, which may make them slightly better if you plan on doing this type of cooking. Cheers.

  • I bought the 770M and am about to give it a burl, will send in my write up this next week.

  • Hi, I have been using the NN GS 595 Model for years. I love all the wonderful function it has – grill, defrost, convection oven, microwave and even combination. I wonder which latest model have the similar function. I highly recommend this product for busy homemaker or use in office’s pantry.

  • I have just bought the NN-DS592B today after being told by the salesperson that it is a steamer/microwave. I usually research items thoroughly before I buy but didn’t this time. I was about to steam some veggies and found that there is no reference in the book to show you how to ‘steam’ them, only microwave or micropower. I only bought this because my kids like to use the microwave, but I don’t like to microwave food at all. Looks like it will be going back tomorrow unless I find out I can steam vegetables without microwaving them. Looks like I will be buying a steam oven.

  • Hi Con. While there is no specific setting for steaming vegetables, you are able to steam them using manual settings. Please refer to page 15 in the instruction manual which details how to use the steam setting. Hope this helps, Thanks.

  • Can this oven steam chicken or other meat?
    How long will the water last? and what temperature will it reach during the steam cooking?

  • Panasonicau, please can you describe what it says on page 15 of the manual. What buttons need to be pushed, etc.

    I too was unsure about buying this model because I could not see how to steam food as a separate function.

    What creates the heat to make steam in the standalone function?


  • Another question….. do all the pre-programmed functions have to have the weight of the food entered?

  • Hi Dee, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you with all of your queries.

  • Hi Adam, while the instruction manual does not contain specific instructions for steaming meat and chicken this could be done. We recommend watching the unit closely during the cooking process. The steam function will get up to 200 degrees Celsius.

  • Hi Sally, you are able to use the grill function for bread. Please refer to pages 24 or 40 of your user manual on how to use the grill option. Thanks!

  • Hi Panasonic crew, is the NN-GD682S Microwave a current model or is it end of life?

  • Hi Paul, this is still a current product and available for a retailer to order, we have this product currently in stock.

  • Hi,

    I am interested to but NN-DS592B. I would like to check whether I could use a normal recipe for baking or does it need an alteration? If does, is Panasonic will recommend us where to get the recipe?

  • I purchased the NN-DS592B and I’m loving it, especially the steam defrost function to defrost frozen ‘fresh’ pasta sheets without them breaking up. I successfully made pizza, roasted a chook and baked a baguette (I need more practice on the latter)
    My is question is can I use the glass tray in the micro grill or grill or oven mode? the manual doesn’t mention this

  • Hi Bernard, The glass tray can be used in all the functions (Microwave/Oven/Grill/Steam) except the DOUBLE GRILL function which it is not safe for.

  • Sally,.
    I hope you can answer my questions. Did it really toast bread as good as a toaster ? Did it take longer ?

    Thank you for your time,

  • I received the NN-DS592B today, which was released by Panasonic in Dec 2012. I looked at other combo models from Panasonic, like the NN-CF781S and NN-CF770M but they have been out for a few years now (2010/2011)

    Whilst the NN-DS592B looks great and has some great features I like including steam combo modes plus top and bottom oven elements. The quality is lacking. Specifically the fan on the microwave is noisy have a knocking sound rather than smooth quiet operation. Also when you try an stop the microwave it will not shut off immediately. You have to wait for the Cool indicator to go off before opening the door. Very disappoined in this product compared with my Genius series and earlier Dimension 4 I had a few years back.

  • Hi Greg, We are disappointed to hear you are not enjoying your experience with your new Microwave. The cooling feature is designed to protect your Microwave from faults occurring due to overheating so this is pretty normal in our models nowadays! If your unit is too noisy however, this may indicate a fault. As you only received it yesterday, the quickest way to get this addressed is to speak to your retailer as it is within the standard return period.

  • Thank you for your advise and help. I have mentioned it to retailer but as often in these circumstances it is difficult to get folk to agree on whether a harsh noise is a fault versus normal operation. No luck so far, but its still a pretty nice looking Microwave.

  • Hi, I am interested in NN-DS592B, the space available is 47cmx38cmx39cm high and only a drop down microwave would fit . I want to know if the microwave oven would fit in the space.

  • Hi Dom,
    The NN-DS592B is: 52.9cm wide, 34cm high and 47.5 deep. Further the microwave requires 25 cm of space from the top of the oven, 10 cm at the back, and 5 cm on one of the sides. Sorry but I don’t think this model is right for your space!

  • Do you have any models of microwave/grill/steam combos that would fit in the space of 56.4 cm (w) X 35.4 cm (h) X 45 cm (d).

  • Hi,
    Is this a built-in microwave/steam oven?
    Please advise, cos i’m planning a built-in cabinets for oven and steamer and microwave.

  • Hi I would like to purchase this model but I dont know if this can fit a whole chicken or Turkey for roasting ?

  • We bought a Nn-sf550w Microwave to replace our still working 15 year old Panasonic Genius microwave late on Saturday 28th December.

    The outcome of our first time use, a simple 2 minute cook a cob of corn late afternoon Sunday 29th December:
    1. acrid smoke coming from right hand vent of oven and the inside of oven filled with same.
    2. the cycle quickly went to cool mode
    3. the display then showed “h98” which according a the the booklet is a problem that requires technical support.

    So the 15 year old Genius still works and and the new Nn-sf550w 27 litre lasted 5 seconds before filling the kitchen with acid smoke, a serious malfunction and the corn is still cold.

    What happened to the advanced technology of the last 15 years?

    Not happy.

  • I have just purchased the NN-DS592B. I also cannot work out how to use the steam function alone. Page 15 of my manual says ‘Sensor Reheat Setting’, not about using the steam function manually. I have looked all through the manual and cannot find this information. Please SPECIFICALLY advise how I can steam vegetables or fish without using the steam/microwave function, only the steam function. Thank you

  • Hi Rachelle, You certainly can cook a whole Turkey (up to 6kg) or Chicken in this model. The NN-DS592B manual even includes recipes for both these birds! Yum!

  • Hi Amanda, the steam function is created to be used in tandem with the Microwave and cannot cook food on its own.

  • We brought the Panasonic NN-DS592B, within 1 week internal lights failed for which it has to be repaired. \some weeks later the unit seems to be burning a hole in the flatbed with attendant loud noises while trying to use grill function. I am talking burning a glowing red hole in base of microwave. About to find out if Panasonic warranty service is better than the microwave. It has been OK but not at all above average especially at the price. The quality however is appalling

  • Hi Henry,

    We are disappointed to hear about the troubles you have had with your NN-DS592B. Our warranty repair services are generally excellent and one of our friendly customer service team can book this for you if you call 132600. MCB

  • My choice of microwave has always been between Panasonic Inverter vs all others. Based on my experience, the Inverter technology always has an edge over a similarly priced non-inverter alternatives.

    Now on to Panasonic NN-DS592B. I love the flatbed idea compared to the conventional turntable and the additional capacity it offers albeit minus the additional space.

    This model will definitely be next of my list to try and I hope my favorite chicken recipe will turn out equally fine with the flatbed design.

  • I bought the NN-Ds592B a week ago and am still getting used to all the functions. The only problem I have at the moment is that I can’t see I to the oven while cooking. There is one dull light on the right hand side near the front…..is this correct?…..

  • Further to my comment.
    I am wondering if my oven is a genuine Panasonic because I have just noticed that the manual has Steam Double Heater Microwave Oven …. Not Steam Double Grill Microwave Oven….
    I have bought it from one of the major electrical retailers. Any information would be appreciated.

  • Hey Naomi, Thank you for sharing that positive review, we think that the inverter technology is pretty great and we love to hear that it suits our customers. We bet that your chicken recipe will work out – but do read the manual first to see if any slight changes need to be made! MCB

  • Hi Karen, So long as the major electronic retailer is an Authorised Panasonic Seller there should not be any issue with the products origin. The globe in the microwave is usually a low watt to produce a light orange glow. This can be dulled further when steam from your food interferes with the light refraction. MCB

  • Hi,

    I bought my NN-DS592B last year and only baked once if not twice in the beginning. Plan to go back again this time.

    I need some help. Can I use aluminum or stainless steel baking tin to do the baking with NN-DS592B?


  • We have an MN- DS 592B on order for our new kitchen build, the microwave will be located in the scullery. I cant seem to find the space requirements advisable around the actual microwave for safe installation. Could you publish the recommended space required here rather than refer me to a web link, thank you. I dont want to find the kitchen designer has designed a space that is not suitable. Aternatively would it be best to have the unit sitting on a bench top with space all around it?

  • Hi Smiles, this does not offer a trim kit so we would generally recommend a bench top setup. Alternatively in the manual it tells you the adequate cavity space for this unit. SB

  • Thanks Simone, problem sorted, we will place the Microwave on the bench rather than builde it in.

  • Comparing NN CD997S and NN DS592B, which one is better? Can both be used for baking cakes and cookies? Please advice. TQ

  • Hi Rose, these are two very different Ovens in a lot of ways. The NN-CD997S has a 42L capacity, convention oven and cannot steam. The NN-DS592B has a 27L capacity, no convection fan forced oven (but using the double grill tray allows baking, roasting etc.) and a steam setting. Both can absolutely be used for baking cookies and cakes. Hope this helps! MCB