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With so many Panasonic kitchen appliances designed to make your life easier, we’ve gone one step further and put together this website full of fabulous recipes and feature pieces to help you make the most of your products.


Work your way through a huge range of recipes, including yummy juices and smoothies made with our juicers and stick blenders, delicious bakery goods from our bread makers, sensational sushi courtesy of rice cookers and an endless array of dishes cooked in our top-notch microwaves.


Who doesn’t want a kitchen cheat sheet? Keep an eye out for the clever food hacks we will publish each moth to simplify your time in the kitchen. Juicer-chrome_0005


Whether you are looking to upgrade or add to your appliance collection, you’ll find everything you need from the Panasonic range right here.

Feature Articles

We’ll be regularly publishing feature columns from nutritionists, food coaches and guest bloggers just to keep things fresh in your kitchen.


Chia Berry Smoothie Recipe


These tiny little chia seeds pack a huge superfood punch; they’re bursting with Omega 3 and fibre and make a delicious addition to any smoothie.


  • I cup of frozen mixed berries
  • 1tbsp chia seeds
  • ½ cup of yoghurt
  • ½ cup of skim milk

Blend ingredients together.

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Blender 101 #foodhack

Use small freezer bags to prepare your smoothie ingredients for the week ahead and then pop in the freezer. Each morning, all you’ll have to do is pour, blend and go. Bonus points for the fact that the frozen fruit and veg will make your smoothie icy cold!

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