Verdict: People Love the Panasonic Facial Cleanser & Ionic Toner

Earlier in the year we ran a competition on our Panasonic Beauty Instagram page asking our followers to tell us why they needed a EH-SC65 Micro-Foam Facial Cleanser & EH-ST63 Ionic Toner. The best responses would be awarded with the salon-style facial duo in return for honest feedback on what they thought of the products.

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We were interested to find out what problems our followers faced with their skin care and some of the goals people hoped to achieve by incorporating them into their daily routine.

Common complaints included dull and dry skin, persistent acne prone areas and blackheads, wanting to use less makeup, and simply wanting to improve their self-care routine at home.

“I’d love to use the facial cleanser and toning device to help me with the early signs of ageing (fine lines, dry skin etc.)” – neha.gamine

“Have wanted to try something like this for years! To tackle my blackheads and dry skin and round off my routine.” – rachelrutt_

“I need a little something extra to incorporate into my “Skincare Sundays” routine. Gotta create a spa experience in my own home!” – jessygia

After reading about the everyday problems faced by both men and women across the thousands of entries, we were quietly confident that the Micro-Foam Facial Cleanser and the Ionic Facial Toner would be up to the task of helping many to tackle their skin frustrations.

The Dynamic Duo – EH-ST63 Ionic Facial Toner (Left), EH-SC65 Micro Foam Facial Cleanser (Right)

With 99%[1] of respondents saying that they would recommend the Foaming Facial Cleanser and 93%[2] saying they would recommend the Ionic Toner, we think the results speak for themselves. Here’s what else they had to say once they had a few weeks to review the products:

“I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin after 14 days and has definitely become part of the regular beauty routine!” – Cam, Sydney.

“Love this device. It’s gentle enough to use every day and does a great job of cleansing my face. It removes dirt, make up, oil and keeps my pores clear.” – Anne, Victoria

“I love how I only need to use a very small amount of my regular cleanser in it and produces enough foam for a deep cleanse.” – Angela, Adelaide

“As somebody who had always used makeup removal wipes, this was a big step up in my routine and my skin clearly appreciated it!” – Deb, Sydney

Overall, many users praised the ease of use of the EH-SC65 Facial Cleanser and EH-ST63 Ionic Facial Toner, with several adding that the devices were gentle enough to incorporate into their daily routine.

@hellomandyb with the EH-ST63 Ionic Toner

If you already own these beauty besties, we’d love to get your feedback too! Simply head over to both of the review pages and write your own review.

Micro-Foam Facial Cleanser Review Page | Ionic Facial Toner

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