Panasonic waterproof camcorder comes up trumps

Putting Panasonic cameras under the microscope can take reviewers to locations far and wide as they try to establish how each product performs under a variety of conditions. In the case of a waterproof camera, the HX-WA30 full HD camcorder, Chris Griffith from The Australian found himself in the cold waters of Gulf St Vincent off the Adelaide coast.

HX-WA30-D Underwater Image

After putting the camcorder through its paces, he can “testify that the WA30 is a hardy $399 consumer camcorder that’s probably hardier than me.”

Griffith found the camcorder simple to operate with one hand and easy to start and stop shooting sequences. He says, “Pressing buttons to shoot video, stills and to zoom can be done easily with your thumb while gripping it in one hand. Your thumb also can just reach another set of buttons that switches it on and off, chooses record or play mode, and triggers ‘intelligent auto’ shooting – a pre-programmed mode.”

Griffith goes on to highlight a range of the camcorder’s features including being waterproof to 10m, shockproof for drops of up to 1.5m, freeze-proof to minus 10C, as well as being dustproof – the kind of rugged and durable qualities that mean you can take this camera anywhere.

Also called out are the camcorder’s WiFi capabilities which offer a range of benefits from remote control of the camera using a smart phone through to connecting it to your home network so you can stream video directly to a network-connected television or display.

While the conditions in the icy South Australian waters were tough, the HX-WA30 came through with flying colours and the review ends with a very strong score of 8/10.

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  • I’m currently looking for a new camcorder to take diving with me, will be looking into more reviews about this.

  • Beautiful shot!
    The camcorder was placed or exposed in the sea water at 10 meters depth and performed perfect without a cover to protect it from salt water.
    I believe your staff used the lends filter at least.
    Are you going to try for the shaver LAMDASH next time?

  • Can you tell me if this camera is only 30fps …. It is sold in australia where we are Pal 25fps ,,,, It appears NOT to offer that speed ,,, Which makes we wonder why it is sold here ,,, Having just purchased one for my daughter ,,, the return of the camera is now on the cards

  • Hi David, The HX-WA30 is classed as multimedia cameras and as such have a frame rate of 30fps which is easily usable by a pc.

  • Be careful with underwater camera warranty, I had a Panasonic Lumix DMX TS4 which water entered through the seal. Due to water in the camera the warranty was not honored.

  • Can anyone tell me how this performs as a “still” shot camera? I previously had a similar Samsung product and it was fine when the subject was still, but if trying to take a moving shot it was snail slow. Consequently I missed a lot of good shots, but have heaps of “sides of trucks, light poles, trees”
    I really like the shape as it’s easy to carry in my pocket, but am reluctant to buy if it is going to be another snail.

  • I bought a HX-WA30. Took it snorkeling on holidays it lasted 3 days and the viewer filled up with water .end of camera. no hesitation with Panasonic fully replaced.
    I suggest trying your new camera in a bucket of water before going on holidays.
    less stress

  • Hi Garth, sorry to hear you had an issue with your HX-WA30 but happy we were able to assist! The best way to keep your camera safe is to vigilantly follow the instructions in the manual for cleaning the seals after use. This will ensure a watertight cover. MCB