Panasonic VIERA Connects thousands of homes with software upgrade

Tens of thousands of existing Panasonic VIERA TV customers can now upgrade their IPTV service following the company’s most significant upgrade to its VIERA Connect platform in Australia.

The upgrade adds social media such as Facebook, more on-demand television content, including ABC iView, a range of interactive games such as Solitaire, Poker, and Blackjack and access to the VIERA application market  to all 2010 Panasonic VIERA models with IPTV functionality – VT20, V20, D25, and S25 models. These features were introduced this year on Panasonic’s 2011 ‘Smart VIERA’ TVs.

The upgrade happens automatically when the customer connects their TV to the internet and loads VIERA CAST.1 All existing functionality such as Skype video calling, Picasa photo albums and Yahoo!7 content will be available.

Matt Pearce, Group Marketing Manager, VIERA, Panasonic Australia said the company was committed to adding to its VIERA Connect IPTV service across the range.

“IPTV gives an opportunity for us to improve the great entertainment experience already being delivered by Panasonic VIERA televisions,” Mr Pearce said.

“The VIERA Connect platform has been well received by consumers and with the launch of the VIERA Connect Developers’ portal there is even more content available and this continues to grow.”

IPTV channels available on the Panasonic VIERA Connect IPTV service in Australia include video-on-demand, music, sport, games, news, lifestyle and even health and fitness. All applications via the VIERA Connect Market are free to download.

Panasonic’s cloud based IPTV platform, VIERA Connect Market, allows consumers to personalise their experience via a rich catalogue of apps from third-party application developers.

Click here for more on VIERA Connect at the Panasonic Website

For more information contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit www.panasonic.com.au.

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  • Any chance Panasonic will also lower the prices of the internet dongles then?? Would be much appreciated! 🙂

  • Hi Richard, prices are carefully determined by the market, so if this changes then we will price accordingly 🙂

    Team Panasonic

  • Lol.
    And of course ‘determined by the market’ means we charge as much as we can get away with for maximum profit. From a Pana point of view that’s how the market works.

  • Hello Panasonic team so what’s required to access all the internet stuff, as in hardware ect, and does it cost your consumers anything to use the iptv system, you are providing, many are free online already, with heaps of content, in them, even my service provider has tv channels ect, that can be accessed free world wide, but a lot of them are of course in foreign languages to me, so l don’t bother, so whats your content, please email me with all the details, if you don’t mind, thanks and have a great day, bye.

  • Will panasonic be releasing an upgrade for 2d to 3d conversion for the TH-P65VT20A? I understand the smaller models have it

  • When will Viera on Panasonic HDD recorders be updated? The offering is pretty dismal at the moment and hardly worth the effort in using the function.

  • Dissappointed DMR-BW780 purchased in early 2011 as current model would appear not to have been considered for similar upgrade to 2010 TV,s.
    Least I should expect is purchase of Blu-ray player with Iview access at cost!

  • Any chance,catch up shows will be added to The internet on the Tv from shows you missed??,prime time Shows??

  • Any chance that panasonics going to improve the content of the earlier viera cast tv’s, blueray players because its so lame.

  • Hi Mark, Unfortunately this is not currently scheduled for an upgrade at this time.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Helen, The Panasonic dongle has been designed to work seamlessly with our range of VIErA TV’s. Only Panasonic approved dongles will work.

    Team Panasonic

  • Will the older G series TV’s receive the extra content (P42G15A)? It was one of the first sets after V series to have the feature…

  • Hi Yumg,

    Thanks for contacting us. In order to assist you further please provide us with more information on your query or call our Customer Support on 132 600 for assistance.

    Team Panasonic

  • Similar comment to Norm! I am very dissappointed my DMR-BW880 Blu Ray DVD recorder purchased in 2011 has not yet been been considered for the same upgrade that even the 2009 TV’s have received already. I too am really disappointed that I can’t watch ABC i-view on this very recent model. Come on Panasonic, are you going to prioritise the rollout to the BluRAY DVD players as well?

  • Last year, I purchased the Panasonic Viera 3D Plasma (TH-P50VT20A)with the bonus 3D Avatar Home Theatre Pack. I was interested in accesssing the internet, so I bought a Panasonic Wireless LAN Adaptor. The performance was disappointing as most times it did not work. So I had a Cat6 ethernet cable installed from the modem to the TV. There is a slight improvement but still not satisfactory. It passed the connection test. However, acessing the youtube is unsatisfactory as most times there is an error. Please advise what is the cause and how do I resolve it.

  • Hi William, thanks for your comment. It sounds like your modem configuration might be the cause of the issue. Our Customer Care Centre will be able to assist you further, please contact us on 132 600.

    Team Panasonic

  • will iptv ever include a web browser app or another app that will allow access to the many websites such as youtube, wimp, etc that provide streaming video. I believe Vizio is offering something like this on there internet compatible TVs

  • Hi Andrew, Panasonic is constantly investigating improvements to its products. Sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are already currently available on selected TV and Recorder models.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Peter, due to global licence & distribution agreements, many VIERA apps are only available in specific regions. Unfortunately IE Veronica is specific to Europe.