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  • 3 year old viera. power pack needs to be replaced waiting for the part from Panasonic for 2 months and was told yesterday that it will be another 4 months going out to buy another brand plasma

  • We purchased a 42″ Panasonic Viera TV and were advised to purchase a panasonic wall bracket at an additional cost of $600.00 which we did. Within 12 months from installation (but 13 months from actual purchase becasue we had to wait for delivery of the wall bracket and installation) the Tv started having problems with the screen.
    The TV was replaced by the extended warranty which we also purchased at the time but it seems we are stuck with the expensive bracket which doec not fit the replacement TV even though it is the same size and the same brand.
    From our experience it seems absolutely stupid for anyone to purchase a panasonic wall bracket and should take extra care when even considering purchasing a Panasonic TV. It is best to purchase cheaper brand wall bracket from someone else because you have to change the $600.00 bracket when the panasonic TV stops working with a new wall bracket and pay another $600,00 (total $1,200.00 for brackets alone not to mention the first extended warranty and the new extended warranty). In our case in less than 12 months.

  • and further to my earlier comments about the Panasonic brand wall bracket, I just spoke to Clive Peeteers and they sell a universal wall Bracket for most if not all TV’s for $169.
    You do the maths. Go to Panasonic and pay them a total of $1,200.00 if you’ve had the same problems we had with the Panasonic Viera TV or buy a wall bracket from somewhere else for a total $169.00.

  • My Panasonic Viera suddenly won’t turn on. When the power on button is pressed a green light flashes quickly for about five seconds. Then a red light flashes slowly … no picture, no audio. My TV is no longer under warranty and the repairers have stated the quote will be between $200 and $500 to fix what they also state to be a ‘design flaw’ which occurs sooner or later with most Panasonic Viera’s. If that is the case, surely the manufacturers are rsponsible for repairs whether within or outside of the warranty period???

  • Hi Joanne,
    I’m sorry you’re having a problem with your TV.
    We’d like to know more so if you could please call Panasonic Customer Care on 132600 we’ll be able to assist you further.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I have a TH-42PV60A which is under 3 years old, and last night I turned it on to watch it, and then all of a sudden I heard a “pop” and then all of a sudden the tv turned off, and the safety switch on the fuse was triggered. I went outside and reset the safety swithch, but now the plasma won’t turn on. I tried it with a different plug and still it won’t turn on.

  • Panasonic 42″ Viera suddenly shut down and the LED blinks 12 times in a row, then repeats. It will turn on for a few seconds, then it shuts itself back off again. The LED starts blinking 12 times again.

    Any ideas??


  • I have had my Panasonic Televison TH-P50U20A model for about a month it suddenly won’t turn on. When the power on button is pressed a green light flashes quickly for about five seconds. Then a red light flashes slowly … no picture, no audio. Is this a typical problem as we have not had the televison for long and it is still under warranty

  • Hi Robert,

    It sounds like the television has developed a fault condition. Please contact Panasonic helpdesk on 132600 for assistance.


    Team Panasonic

  • Panasonic Plasma 42″ TH-P42G154 purchased Nov 2009. Watching TV, suddenly turned off. Tried to turn on TV again but would not power up, just had a red blinking light – 5 blink cycle. I unplugged powercords, checked powerboard. No problems there. What is going on? – the TV is only 7 months old.

  • Hi my 42 inch viera 3 yrs old all of a sudden won’t turn on the green light flashes on and then goes red

  • Hi Jo,
    We are sorry you are experiencing a problem. Please contact 132 600 for your nearest authorized service center, so that they can diagnose and resolve your issue.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I have a Panasonic Viera plasma TH42PX8A which is under 3 years old and it suddenly turned off and now won’t turn back on. I have tried it on a different plug and it still won’t work. I tried other objects in the plug that it was originally in and they work fine. Any ideas what has happened?

  • Hi Renae,
    We are sorry you are experiencing a problem. Please contact 132 600 for your nearest authorized service center, so that they can diagnose and resolve your issue.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi
    My 15 months old Panasonic TH-P50V10A stopped working and only power LED blinks red in five blinks cycles. I know that red LED is used as initial diagnostic tool but can not find any info and only realised that it is common problem with panasonic.

  • Hi Slaven,
    Thank you for getting in touch.
    It appears your TV may be faulty. Please call Panasonic help desk on 132 600 for assistance.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I have a panasonic TH-P50U20A, 13 months old (1 month out of warranty) and it wont turn on. Green light turns on for about 5 seconds then red light flashes 8 times, why do these things occur after warrenty runs out. Is this a common problem for this model? Nice way to spend Xmas with a useless T.V.

  • I have a Panasonic Viera TH-P50G10A and have lost the two poles required to use the pedestal base.

    The part numbers are L:TBL3DA3008 and R:TBL3DA3007

    Can you give me some advice.

    Many thanks

  • Hi David, this is certainly not a common problem, the flashing light does indicate an internal fault though. Please contact our Customer Care Centre on 132 600 for service centre details and a request for ‘Out of warranty’ assistance.

    Team Panasonic

  • i have the same common problem as many others with my plasma 42” viera which i only purchased in May 2010, so the warranty has expired.

    when the tv is turned on there is visual and audio for 5 seconds, then the tv switches to standby with the red light flashing repeatedly 12 times. no visual or audio.

    sounds like this is a very common problem with panasonic viera plasma televisions.

    it must be a design fault or poor manufacturing.

    extremely disappointing. will not be buying a panasonic product again if this can not be resolved.

  • Hi Gary, your TV has developed a hardware fault – while it may seem the problem is similar to other people’s, the flashing light (or the number of times it flashes) identifies the specific problem with the TV. Due to your TV being out of warranty, can you email your contact details to panasonic@suede.com.au and we will assign a member of our Customer Care Team to assist you.

    Team Panasonic

  • I purchased a Panasonic Plasma TH50PZ800A 3 years ago with a 5 year warranty. After 2 years the TV switched itself to green light flashing followed by red light flashing then dead. Sent to SSS electronics for repair and they replaced the main board.Lasted a month then same problem. Repaired again and lasted 12 days. I have found on the internet this is a common fault. Warranty holder says keep repairing it. This has gone on for 8 months and I am tearing my hair out. Please Help.

  • Hi Daryl, we are very sorry to hear about your problems. Please call Customer Care Centre who will be able to help. Landline 132 600 or 02 8265 0900 from your mobile. Cheers, Team Panasonic

  • My TH-P50V10A plasma was bought 17 Dec 09. Tonight it made a pop and now will not turn on. The red light flashes in cycles of 5. I a very unhappy that the TV has failed so quickly when a LG cheaper plasma bought at the same time is still going strong.

    A plasma TV failing within 2.5 years is a joke.

  • I have a TH-42PV60A MODEL.
    Why is it that when I try to use my headphones they do not work with this T.V.?111
    The headphones are perfectly okay and play on other sets etc.
    Any help woulde appreciated

  • Hi I bought a panasonic Th-42ph10 a couple years ago and just recently I turned te tv on and the power light is on but no picture. The light is not flashing but it stays on what could this be

  • Hi Peter, unfortunately it sounds like your TV requires a service. Please call 132 600 to arrange. Cheers.

  • I have a Panasonic TH-P50G10A plasma tv, while watching tv and you get fast movement happening, the picture pixels, which is annoying the crap out of me. I purchased this tv on great reviews on its picture quality and how it handles fast motion and great black contrasting, but not this one. Can anyone suggest anything or help. I have changed antanea, moved antanea direction, checked cabling and connections. Seems to happen with all stations.

  • Hi Samuel, so we can further investigate this issue for you, please give on of our customer service guys a call on 132 600. Cheers!

  • I have a TH-P5OUT50A and it only seems to power up when it feels like it. The power has been out today and while the Tv was not on when the power went out, it will not turn on, no power at all ???. We have tried differnt power sources etc

  • I have a Panasonic TH-P50V10A and it too made a slight pop sound and will now not turn on. The red standby light now flashes in cycles of 2. It’s disappointing seeing I bought the tv in September 2009. Surely a quality product should last longer than this!

  • David, did you manage to get the tv fixed? If so, how much? I have the same tv and it sounds I’ve got the same problem?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Hi Jason, unfortunately it sounds like your TV has developed a fault and requires a service. Please call 132 600 to arrange. Cheers.

  • Bought two 58inch Panasonic viaras one for four grand told quality very good made in japan the other one made else where for fourteen hundred dollors .. the four grand one died after twenty two months won’t turn on rang Panasonic 1300 number was told it was out of warranty my responsibility they gave me authorized agent to take it to i am awaiting quote. So what’s the point of ringing them as they are telling everyone else to do they fob you off. Also when accessing Panasonic site to get contact details they are spruiking the longevity of there TVs year right 22months

  • Contacted Panasonic today they agreed that 22months was a short life and that they would concider the problem, they gave me a ref number and asked me to organise a job number from there authorised repairer and to send a copy of the receipt which I have done, better outcome than from previous phone call to them at least they are looking at the problem now here’s holding I have my TV back before Christmas.

  • PS I bought a panasonic VHS vidio recorder in 1984 from bing lee cabramatta and it was still working in 2002 when I gave it away and it had on screen instructions on how to set it up it was far ahead of its time, just thought I would add this comment I hope we keep quality ahead of price

  • I’m having the same issue with my 2009 Panasonic Vera. All of a sudden it switched to standby. If I turn it on the green light flashes for a few seconds with no picture and then switches to red (standby mode).

  • Hi Natalie, unfortunately it sounds likes your TV has developed a fault and may require a service. To arrange, please call 132 600. Cheers.

  • I have a Panasonic Viera TH-L37V10A.
    The power light on the front is suddenly not showing either a red or a green light.
    I’ve checked the power is on and I’ve also checked using another power point.

  • My 3 yo Pana Viera wont turn on – at all not even a flash of green light and definitely no Standby mode! It was working last night and nothing has occurred to change but tonight it does not turn on. Model no THL37610A, bought 09/2009

  • Hi Julie, unfortunately it sounds like your TV has developed a fault and may require a service. Please give one of our team members a call on 132 600 to discuss your options. Cheers.

  • Surprise surprise I have the same problem, tv blinks green then blinks red and won’t turn on. And yes out of warranty too! Not happy really as this seems to be a fault with all of the Panasonic tvs!

  • Hi Kate, sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. To investigate your issue further, please give us a call on 132 600. Cheers.

  • Hi Paige, sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. So that we can help you more efficiently, please give one of our customer care team members a call on 132 600. Cheers.

  • My panasonic 50 in plasma tv will not turn on and the red light flashes in a cycle of 11 flashes. Any ideas?

  • Hi Paul, unfortunately it sounds like your TV has developed a fault and may require a service. To arrange, please call 132 600. Cheers.

  • Hi Panasonic,

    Have a TH-P58V10A and it has the red flashing light of death – 11 times it blinks. Before just advising me to ring your phone number what does 11 times mean? Also when you ring the number and it asks for your post code the phone hangs up, happens EVERY time.

    Get your act together – I paid a lot of money for this tv and a fault in under three years is average – and I am a Panasonic fan, my last five tv’s have been pans.

    Can you direct me to a link on your site where I can read more on diagnosing the problem? Thanks

  • My Panasonic 50″ in plasma tv TCP50V10 works fine as long as it is on the stand. Purchased a wall mount to put TV on the wall and now it will not turn on. Flashes and cycles.

    Had a repair guy come out told me it was the A board and would cost $415 for the part alone and would be another $250 for the installation of the new board.

    For that price, I can get a new TV and from seeing the posts above, it would not be another Panasonic.

    Took the brackets off the TV, but left in the screws where the wall mount went and the TV works just fine, turns on every time. Called service, even got a case number (30316386) they told me I have to have a technician look at the tv cause they cannot explain why the tv won’t turn on with the brackets on the back. Does anyone know why putting brackets on the back of the TV would cause it not to turn on. Is there something magnetic or something that gets covered up by the brackets that would cause the issue?

  • Hi Mark, we’ve just check and the phone number operation checked out OK. 11 flashes indicates an issue with TV cooling fans and or it’s controller, hope this helps in diagnosing the problem. Cheers!

  • Hi Tia, bit of a difficult one for us as the TCP50V10 is not sold in Australia. We recommend you check wall brackets and or wall to ensure it’s perfectly flat and not warped. Thanks!

  • I also have the same problem as alot of people. My Panasonic Viera 50 Inch clicks off after a few seconds, then the red light flashes 11 times then off for 3 seconds then repeats. Surely this is a specific problem ?
    Can you tell me what this means please ?
    And what do you suggest i do about it and approx how much does this problem cost to fix ?

  • Hi Jason, flash codes indicate a hardware fault that requires service, hard to specify without the model number. Please call 132600 for assistance.Thanks!

  • Thank you for your prompt reply.
    I pulled the back of and dusted off the 4 fans and now the tv works fine.

  • Hello.
    I have a Panasonic TH-50PZ800A. Heard a pop, and then I get the dreaded 7 flashing lights. I am not exactly sure when we purchased the tv, but I would suggest 2007-2008. Called Panasonic on 132 600 and directed to a local repairer who wants to charge $270 just to pick up the TV, for what looks to be a design fault in the Panasonic I bought. Who knows how much extra the part will cost, but the Panasonic help desk were completely unhelpful and looked to get rid of me ASAP.

  • Hi Brent, please email us with your phone number and we can have someone call you to discuss your issues. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I bought a Panasonic TH-P54Z1A in December, 2009. Now when I turn it on, I get picture and sound for about 30 seconds then it goes into standby mode. The light flashes on and off in sequences of 11 blinks. From one of the posts above, sequences of 11 on-offs signifies the cooling system (fan) has failed. How would I get this fault repaired?

    Than you and regards,


  • Hi Chieu, the TV requires service – please call 132600 for assistance. Thanks!

  • It looks to me like when one buys an expensive Panasonic TV, an extended warranty purchase is essential. Luckily I forked out for one when I got this TV. The quote I got from Panasonic-recommended repair agent was $160 for the pick-up and $500 for the repair.

    Another lesson learned!

  • Purchased TH-P42GT30A panasonic viera tv stopped working flashes 7 times red only had it 18 months panasonic said its out of warranty bad luck this tv at $1200 should have longer warranty than 12 months its poor customer service i definitely won’t be purchasing any more panasonic products or recommending to clients as i am an electrician . I should have bought a samsung This tv had surge protection hugely disapointing tv it seems this particular model has design faults and panasonic are happy to take your money and run

  • My TH-P50X10A purchased 27/12/2009, Turn on power, no red light, push power button just keeps
    flashing green. No picture or sound Only use 2 hours per week. Can’t believe
    this has happened. Have a 11 year old Panasonic CRT
    TV used everyday still faultless. Should I change brands,
    Have been using Panasonic since 1962!!

  • Hi.
    I have a TH-42PV60A, purchased in 2006, out of warranty. Has no power going through it.
    I was referred to AWA Adelaide by your 1300 #, unfortunately AWA are not answering, not even an answering machine service. Your 1300# suggested I just keep trying…Very unprofessional.
    Guess my next TV wont be a Panasonic 🙁

  • Hi Ken, we have contacted AWA and asked them to contact you directly via email. Cheers!

  • I have Panasonic viera flat screen. Had for just a few years and it won’t turn on. It just keeps making a clicking sound….anyone had this problem? Can’t beleive that’s all the longer it worked after the price I paid

  • Hi Angie, the TV requires service. Please call 132600 for assistance. Thanks.

  • I bought a Panasonic Viera 50″ model TH-P50U30A S/No QD1310121 on the 09/06/2011 from Harvey Norman.
    It took 2 months to be delivered since there was no stock at the time. then a couple of months later it broke down with the green light flashing 4 times and then going off. it went for repair under warranty and then it took another 2 month to get repair due to no parts available, not to mention that went from Homebush repair shop to somewhere in Merrylands then somewhere else. finally got it back before christmas. 4 months later it got faulty again same problem. took another 3 weeks to get repair, still under warranty, told them that there was definetly something wrong the TV and I want it replaced. I was told that if it breaks down again for the third time they will replace it, and here we are third time but now I was asked to pay for a no refundable quote an see what they can do to fix the TV.
    sorry Panasonic guys but no Thanks! why should I fix it? if it is going to break down again in a couple of months!!!!!
    for all the customers out there don’t buy a Panasonic Viera TV.

  • Our Panasonic Viera 42PX600A is a few years old but was clicking and is now not receiving power. Even though it is older than the tv,s mentioned in the emails so far it still seems to be the same design fault. Can you give us any advice as it was a very expensive tv at the time.

  • Hi Michael, It’s hard for us to diagnose a fault via social media / emails. Fault diagnostics requires an on-site visit please call 132600 for assistance. Thanks!

  • Hi John, someone from our team has emailed you in relation to your TV issue. Thanks.

  • Sorry, but I never received any email regarding the problem by the way I bought 2 of these TVs, one of them is working perfectly no issues since day 1.

  • I have purchased approx 3 years ago TH P46 G10A and facing the same problems described above – Green light flickering- red light slow flicker – dead. And since today is Saturday, Panasonic service centre will not pick up phone before Monday. I am amazed at how Panasonic can get away without notifying their customers on a design fault and informing them of possible remedy to correct it.

  • I have a Panasonic TH-50PZ700 purchased in 2008 so well out of warranty – same apparent problem as above but I suspect this is a diagnostic fault code (mine is seven red flashes). I’m sure I will be told to call for a service ($500+++).

    My previous television was a NEC 48cm CRT from the early 1980s. It worked fine for more than 20 years with no problems, I just thought I would upgrade to a bigger better TV. I chose Panasonic because I believed (past tense) that they were the leaders in large screen TV. Many of you might think “he got several good years out of it so what’s he complaining about?”. Fair comment if you think that a $4000+ purchase is a disposable product that should be discarded once it is out of warranty. Clearly, I expect more. Panasonic has disappointed me enormously. What to do next? Go out and buy a cheapie at a minute fraction of what I paid and get something that does so much more. But what to do with my old TV? Apart from the fact that it does not work, it is perfect. There is not a scratch on it and I suspect that 99.9% of all compomnents are in perfect condition but I will probably put it on the footpath for curb-side collection. Perhaps other Panasonic owners could save some grief by doing the same before they have a similar experience to the numerous people above. Happy viewing, while it still works!

  • Hi John, we have just checked and can’t seem to find an email from you, what email did you send it from? Another way we can track down this issue is via your AWA job number. Is it possible for you to provide this? Thanks.

  • I have the model TH-42PX7A it also is turning itself off. The standby light isn’t
    on.I turn it on at the tv it flashes green
    quite a few times then starts but turns off
    and the red light flashes 7 times continually.
    What can I do to rectify this?
    Purchased June 2008

  • Hi Debra, it would be best for you to call 132600 for assistance. Hard for us to diagnose this problem via email/social media. Thanks!

  • Have a TH p54s20a purchased for 1200 under 2 years ago. Same fault as many of the posts above. Red light flashes 11 times and will not turn on. Do not have extended warranty as according to consumer affairs if you pay that amount of money you should get at least a few years out of it. Can you post me out some fans or whatever I need to fix it. Pllease

  • Just spoke to the assistance line and yes they want me to pay to get a idea what’s wrong with it and can it be fixed for free out of a 12 month warranty. Again I expect to pay nothing to repair a tv that cost 1200 and has not lasted two years. Extremely dissapointed you are asking me to pay for what seems to be a common fault with your tvs

  • Hi Doug. For Panasonic to assist you further, the unit will need to be assessed and this information supplied to Panasonic so we are able to determine what level of assistance we can supply you with to repair your television. Thanks

  • purchased a panasonic viera 42 TH-P42G10A in 2010 for $1700. for the last 6 months it has been playing up. sometimes working sometimes not.when turning on the green light flashes for about 60 sec then stays on but no picture, after that you can hear the tv turning itself on and off but still no picture or sound. this morning it has no green light just red but still making the same on off sound every couple of minutes.my wife has suggested to buy a new tv of which we cant afford but i refuse to pay more money as we forked out $1700 less than three years ago and after finding this forum seems as though this is more than a common problem. unbelievable that these tvs are lasting no more than two to three years!!

  • Hi Dave, sorry to hear you have experienced a fault with your product. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will be able to assist you with getting the unit repaired. Thanks

  • Hi Dave. Check out panasonic repairs on YouTube. Common problem that seems to be ignored by company!

  • My Panasonic Viera plasma has a cloudy type of look on the screen as if it has steam inside it. This started when it was about a year out of warranty. When I contacted Panasonic at the time and I was upset to find out they did not cover it. Since that time it has gradually gotten worse and now about 50% of the screen has this cloudy steam look on it. Very disappointing.

  • Hi Ellie, sorry to hear your TV has developed a fault, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you with providing an authorised service to inspect your unit. Thanks

  • The number you gave me is the number I used to contacted Panasonic when the problem first started. As I said in my first comment I was upset to find out they did not cover it. I will try again tomorrow.

  • I contacted the number you gave me and once again was advised Panasonic would probably not cover it. To find out I need to spend more money on estimates. Everyone I speak to tells me the same thing, what has happened to my TV is unheard of. Is there anyone out there who has had the same problem with their 42″ Plasma Viera?. Cloudy screen , looks like steam inside it. Starts at the edges about 15 months old and gradually takes over the whole screen by the time the TV is about five years old. Not much fun to watch.

  • Hi Ellie, as the product is out of warranty, you will need to pay to have the unit assessed. Our staff will email you to discuss this matter further. Thanks

  • My Panasonic tv will not turn on . It flashes green then red then nothing , I paid nearly $2000 for this tv and it is no longer under warranty . Are tv’s meant to last under 5 years now ?

  • Hi Narelle, sorry to hear your product has developed a fault. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you locating a repairer to assess your unit. Thanks

  • It seems my panasonic viera 2008 has developed the seven blinking lights of death , I have read this is a common problem with this year model ?Unfortunately of course out if Warrenty and apparently this part is hard to find and I might as well by a new tv .. Is this correct ?

  • Hi Narelle, please contact our customer service team on 132600 who will assist you with the repair or replacement of your product.

  • Like Phillip I Also have a Panasonic Viera ….out of warranty and the blinking red light has appeared.
    After reading blogs etc it appears to be Quite clearly a manufacturing fault.
    Will never again buy a Panasonic ( and I have a house full of them)
    Expect a much longer life expectancy for a supposed quality TV!!

  • Extremely disappointed with the response I recieved from panasonic yesterday ..my plasma which a has the 7 blinks can not be fixed and I’m to buy a replacement . Panasonic was my home media choice , I’m now at home with a home theatre and no television .. A fault I believe you are aware of with the 2008 viera plasma tv .

  • Hi Mick, please contact our customer service team on 132600 for further assistance in relation to the repair of your television.

  • I sent the first email with the link you provided . I have sent the original email . Thank you

  • Hello .. I’ have sent my email as requested to the link above and have still not recieved a reply . It’s been weeks since my tv stopped working and I first made contact with panasonic .

  • Hi Narelle, we have confirmed and still haven’t received an email from you, could you please provide us with your contact number, or alternatively contact our customer service team on 132600 and they can book a service call for your faulty TV. Thanks

  • Thank you for your promp reply .I have already called the number you provided .. Told tv is not repairable .. Again this is my issue ..I should after just under 5 years have the option to fix my tv especially when the fault is a well known issue with this model My contact number is 0410 525 196 thanks again

  • Bought a TH-50PZ800A Panasonic TV a few years ago, turned it on and it is green then it starts flashing red 10 times, then stops then flashes red 10 times again, i am so disapointed to say the least.

  • Hi I’ve got the viera Th-P42U30A TV
    And want to mount it on the wall but can’t find the wall brackets to buy. Do you have any other suggestions or a universal one that would work?

  • Hi Loz, please refer to page 8 in the user manual for full details on what to look for when purchasing.

  • Hi Rob, we apologise that your product has developed a fault. The flashing light is a diagnostic tool for the technician. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 for further assistance.

  • Your staff did contact me by email as you advised they would on 23 May 2013. It is the same old story. They want me to pay approximately $100 to have someone look at my Panasonic Viera and they said they would sell me another one at a reduced price ???. Would not say what that reduction would be, therefore I suspect it would be less than the $100. It seems from what I have read on the internet the Panasonics Viara 2008 model has numerous problems. I am extremely disappointed in your response to the cloudy screen that I have been putting up with for approximately four years now.

  • At least one of the blinking light problems can be fixed by disconnecting the the power from the wall socket and leaving it off for maybe 30 minutes or more before reconnecting. It fixed mine twice in 12 months.

  • Hello, I have just purchased a Panasonic DMR-HW220 PVR recorder and installed into my TV cabinet. I also have a Panasonic DVD S54 Dvd player. My problem is that the power on button on either remote turns both units on or off. Which is quite annoying if one unit is on and the other off, it will turn off one and the other on and vice versa. Is there something I can do to fix this?

  • A Big Thank you to the tech support staff helping me with the red light dilemma on my 50inch Plasma TV – it was out of warranty and had 11 flashes…..cleaned the fans and away it goes – Support staff were fantastic! Thank you…..Again Panasonic comes through – this is the reason I will always buy Panasonic products

  • Hi Chris, please refer to page 73 in your user manual for the DMR-HW220 for how to change the remote control settings on this unit. Thanks!

  • Panasonic TH-L-42D25A 42″ LCD TV 2 years old AV1,2 and 3 now have erratic pictures but sound is ok (started today) no new components (STB and DVD player) tried another STB but same result. powered unit off and on no change, reset to shop setting and back again no change. pls help

  • Update: changed rca for hdmi for stb with success. still exists though for av connection.

  • Hi Peter, It sounds like there might have been an eroded cable quality. We would recommend checking that you aren’t running the AV cables directly next to your aerial cable as this would certainly cause this. You could try a separate set of AV leads as they seem to be the common denominator in your testing so far. Please call our customer service team on 132600 for further assistance if this is unsuccessful.

  • I have a Panasonic TH-P42S10A Plasma TV that has gone into fault mode with 4 flashes. Why can’t anybody tell me what this error code means? I thought the reason for having an error code was so that you can tell what the fault is. Can anybody help? have tried customer service centre and AWA won’t tell you without paying for a quote first!!!!

  • Hi Enda, while the flashing lights are part of a diagnostic process, the exact cause of the fault will need to be determined by a Service Centre. They have access to the service manuals and will be able to narrow the fault down to a specific board or boards that are causing the unit to fault.

  • Hi I have a TH-P42U20A TV . It has developed a blue transparent stripe in the middle top to bottom and about 100mm wide. It is about 1 and a half years old what could it be?

  • Hi David, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you in this matter.

  • Have a Panasonic viera TH-P50U30A bought in june 2011 now screen drops out in both normal tv and foxtel. sound still there just no picture. happens after tv has been on for bout an hour. Bought extended warranty when WOW (now defunked) and when I rang Panasonic the service rep told me it might catch fire. WHAT????? Suggested I buy another TV. I’m going to the media, they don’t know that I recorded the conversation for training purposes!! Has Panasonics call centre people identifying themselves. Wonder what current affair will do with this. Thanks Panasonic, well done, NOT!!

  • Hi Peter, could you please call Customer Care on 132 600 and supply your full name and details of this fault. We can then have someone look into this urgently. Thanks

  • This is the second time in two years that I’ve had my Panasonic viera fail. Last time it was 5 flashing red light and this time it’s 7… Very frustrating and disappointing. Especially that this TV has cost so much. Pay a fortune and they put cheap rubbish in them that crashes and burns. Lucky I got extended warranty. I want this TV replaced. If Panasonic don’t, I’ll be going to Slatter and Gorden or some other legal firm to assist me and others place a class action against Panasonic Australia for supplying substandard products in our market at premium pricing. Anyone want to join the class action?

  • Re: Panasonic TH-L-42D25A 42″ LCD TV AV problems. I hooked up a stb and blu ray player via hdmi and no issues with playback. AV input problem still persists, what could it be and is it expensive to fix?

  • Hi Peter, it is difficult to diagnose the problems you have mentioned here, please contact our customer service team on 132600.

  • Hi Henry, sorry to hear about the fault with your TV. We would suggest getting in contact with your extended warranty provider in relation to the fault with your product. Alternatively please contact our customer service team on 132600.

  • I have a Panasonic Viera TH-P54V20A & it too will now not turn back on (it flashes red 10 times & then repeats the cycle over & over). What does this mean ? is it only dust built up in the fans or what ?. Pay a fortune for a tv & end up getting crap!!. Should have stuck to another Sony by the looks of it!

  • Hi Michael, the 10 flashing error means one a potential error with one of the boards. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 to discuss this further.

  • Hi, I have a THP50v10a.Last night after a small “pop” the screen started to cloud over, starting from the bottom at the middle. This continued for 5 seconds before blacking out with an ensuing audible buzz.It has been disconnected. The Tv is 3 1/2 years old and was purchased for around 3k.Yes it is out of warranty but I would have expected the unit to last a lot longer??. Could you please advise as to best remedy.


  • Hi Scott, sorry to hear that you have had a fault with your television. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you in this matter.

  • Hello,

    Now on to my 3rd Panasonic Viera plasma TV in the last 5 years. This time bought a TH-P50G10A, and paraniod as I was with my previous experiences, took out extended warranty to 3 years. This expired in Jan 2013, so much to my disgust an somewhat unsurprisingly, so did my TV last week.

    Made a crackling noise then powered off. Upon powering up it flashes red light of doom 5 times.

    Phoned the support line (132600) to be simply passed off to a local dealer who quoted a mere $160 to get a estimate, $30 per 15 minutes of time, as well a $400 for a replacement of a board. So now after forking out over $2200 for the TV, $300 for the warranty, I am now going to be another $700 out.

    Never has any issue with my Samsung which is older than this set.

    Any suggestions, as Panasonic service line couldn’t wait to get rid of me, nor were in any way interested in assisting.

    Far from happy !!

  • My Panasonic 50″ Viera turns itself off after being on for 15 seconds and then does not let you turn the TV except if you turn it off from the actual tv but then the same things happens over and over. The red light will blink repeatedly and then stop to then start blinking again until you turn it off form the TV. This TV is no more than two years since we bought it and we should not be experiencing this. I have noticed on here some people have had the same problem and also on other blog sites. Please explain how this can be fixed? I believe the manufacturer should be responsible to have this fixed as it seems like a manufacturer fault with the the series of Viera.

  • Hi Colin, sorry to hear that you have experienced problems with your 55 inch TV. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you further in this matter.

  • Hi Katrina, sorry to hear your TV has developed a fault. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you in the repair of your TV.

  • Sam problem as everyone else. Pretty upset. Was about to watch tv then pop and now nothing but a flashing red light. It happened after 6.30pm so no Panasonic to help. I jumped on here and saw all the other people since 2010 having exactly the same issue. Not even going to bother with calling Panasonic. Great way to change customers over to Samsung (I imagine Samsung are rubbing there hands together). Like many other people I have been a bran loyal customer with Panasonic, however am not keen to be given the run around or wait 2 weeks for anyone to get back to me for an issue that should be sorted immediately. After all, that’s what I paid $2000+ for (I know, I paid too much, but I thought it was worth it being a Panasonic…. Oh we’ll, never again.).

  • Hi Michael, we are sorry to hear that you have a fault with your TV. We would like to be able to assist you further with this issue. Can I please ask that you call Panasonic Customer Service on 132 600 and we can look at having your TV assessed for repair. Our Call Centre hours are 0830-1800. Thanks

  • Hi There. The other day, our TH-P42U20A shut itself down with 11 blinking lights. Different blogs say different things – power supply board failure, fan not working, yada,yada,yada. Well, this particular model is a fanless variety, and I don’t know enough about electronics to see anything wrong. I can understand moving parts wearing out, but why build a screen that can last for 20 years when nothing else on the machine will? Now I have to decide if I’m going to be held to ransom by a TV repairer (not easy to find when live in a rural location)or cut my losses and get a cheaper LED/LCD TV for less than half of what I paid for this.

  • I have a Panasonic viera P50U30A tv, purchased two years ago. Have the 7 blink red light, unable to watch the tv. Where can I purchase a ‘power board’ for this model television.

    Nicely asked for a resonable response (LOL).
    Thank you…

    South Australia

  • Hi Dean, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will be able to assist you with facilitating a repair on your TV.

  • I will ? my tv won’t turn on after the power gos out !!! Takes like 2 days to get it to come back on !!!

  • Hi Randy, do you have your TV on a surge protector? We would recommend having protection measures in place to avoid problems with your products. If you experience further issues please contact our Customer Service Team on 132600. Storms or blackouts without adequate protection could cause the power supply to short.

  • Great, my panasonic viera decided to do the green and red light combination and not work at all- on Christmas Day
    Young daughters not impressed they couldn’t watch family DVD of their grandparents and cousins overseas

  • Panasonic told me to take it to a service centre in Sydney- instead I took the back off and cleaned the fans- now it works fine

    My plasma had 11 blinking red lights

  • Hi Martin, sorry to hear about the fault with your TV. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist with booking a job to have your TV repaired.

  • Panasonic Viera TH-P50ST30A (50 inch plasma) stopped working on Boxing Day and the dreaded 7 blinking lights came up. No repairers around but finally got it checked out. A driver board has expired and will cost almost $500 to repair, with a delay of at least one week. Purchased in Sept 2011, so outside nominal warranty but not outside the reasonable quality and service under Commonwealth legislation, so I am told. I am requesting Panasonic to come to the party and cover this repair. Clearly consistent complaints about these plasma models.

  • Hi Denis, please contact our customer service team on 132600 with all of your purchase information and they will be able to assist you directly over the phone with this matter.

  • Thanks for sharing great information relating to Panasonic new range of TV. I love Panasonic brand and i wants to know more in detail the latest update of Panasonic.

  • Hi Vivek, please continue to check our website for exciting information in relation to all of our up coming products.

  • My Panasonic P50X14A was purchased early 2010 and has just today turned off and displayed 5 red flashes pattern. I have been reading all the above and now am worried because I too am Panasonic loyal, with 5 plasma tv’s 2 air con and 3 cameras one of which has also just died with no explanation (Lumix ft3).
    Has anybody had any joy with Panasonic service center or do I just buy my own replacements.

  • Hi Terry, sorry to hear about the faults with your products. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 to discuss further.

  • My partner and I purchased a brand new Panosonic Viera today (24/01/2014) model number TH-L55ET60A. After only a few hours of use, half way through a movie it has turned itself off and now won’t turn back on. There are no flashing lights or anything, just dead. We have tried unplugging, turning off at the power switch, everything, and nothing is working. What can we do?
    This is really disappointing, when you pay for a product you expect it to last more than a few hours.
    Won’t be going panosonic again.

  • Hi Katie, sorry to hear your product has developed a fault so early. Please contact our Customer Service team and they can book a service call for you, or alternatively you can contact your retailer for a replacement.

  • Hi – we bought a 47″ Panasonic Viera Smart TV (I think it’s model TH-L47ET5A) in Aug 2013 (6mths ago). We’ve had ongoing issues with the TV registering instructions from the remote – Have changed batteries 3 times already – but tonight the green power light has been flashing longingly, and the remote only works every 45secs. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Anyone have suggestions? Reading through the messages, seems like maybe an issue with the power supply?!? Any help appreciated.

  • Hi Kristen, please call our customer service team on 132600 and they will talk to you about this over the phone. In relation to changing channels, you can do this on the right had side of the TV.

  • Hi, my TH-L47ET5A suddennly stopped working yesterday. Turns on, no picture just sound for 2 secs and then it turns off and i get 10 x flashing red light per interval. Suspect bad electronics. The TV is not even 1 year old. Appreciate your assistance to get the TV fixed.

  • Hi Bob, sorry to hear about the fault on your TV. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 who will book a job for you.

  • hi, i have a th-p42g15a (42″ plasma ) also got the 7 red flashes today and wouldnt work, took the back off it was full of dust, used a paint brush and vac to give it a good clean, held down the power button while switching on at the mains, (as stated in one post) and its working again, might only be a temp fix but ill see how it goes….cheers

  • Hi Steve, it’s fantastic that the clean solved your issue. A small dust buster or cloth can be used regularly on the back of the unit to prevent dust build-up.

  • Purchased the TH-P50G10A and after a couple of years got the 5 death blinks. Had it repaired in Sept 2011 at a cost of $589. Now it has the 11 blinks. How much money do you throw at these things. Contacted Panasonic the first time and they didn’t want to know about it.
    Customer service means get your wallet out.
    Read over the Customer Service posts. Sick of reading ‘sorry to hear’.

  • Hi Peter, 11 flashes indicates a problem with the fans. Unfortunately, this is not a manufacturing error but dust build up.

  • Hi
    Just like all above I have a blinking stand by light on my Viera TH-P50ST30A, I noticed from your copy and paste responses there was a 13 number so I called and it seems you only care about customers Monday to Friday? I have called a local repairer and it looks like it will cost me a minimum of $450 and 3 weeks. Can you say if its worth repairing or buying a Samsung?

  • Hi Brad, sorry that we couldn’t help you on the weekend. We are open Monday to Friday until 6pm and can provide you with support during these hours.

  • My 50 inch plasma which was bought in December 2009 has developed a flashing red light in a 3 blink sequence and will not turn on since yesterday evening. Considering the amount aid for this tv, I would like to know if this is a common fault and how to get it fixed. The model number is TH-P50V10A, bought from Harvey norman in Thomastown Victoria. Looking at information on various website forums, it appears that these models and others between 08-10 had similar issues, commonly known as the ‘blinking lights of death’. The extended warranty ended after 3 years. I would like to think that a product of this price would last longer than 4 years, and since I have heard good things about panasonic’s customer service, I would be love to hear your suggestion as to where to go from here. I have been quoted $209 just to come and look at the tv, plus additional cost of parts & labour.

  • Hi Brad, sorry to hear about the fault with your TV. Just to clarify, the flashing light is a diagnostic tool that is used to assist in the fault finding process. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you in relation finding a repair service centre for your TV.

  • Hi,
    My 50inch Viera just turns itself off. When I turn it on it only stays on for about 5 seconds??????

  • Hi Helena, please contact our customer service team on 132600 who will book a service call for you. Please have your date of purchase and model number available when you call.

  • Evening, I appreciate my panasonic plasma tv 42PX600A is quite old having purchased in Jan 2007 though I am incredibly frustrated with not letting go of what was a quality tv. Our first plasma purchased was replaced in 3 weeks as it started to go to standby and not turn on. This one only had dust in the fan issues last year and once cleaned out was working great. I purchased a new 55 inch panna LCD in case which the kids take a lot. Today,the old girl has started to turn on for 30 seconds and then shut down to 11 red light blinks indicating a possible issue with the fan controller as the fans are working and clicking off!
    I have contacted the service team who were very understanding and referred to me the service agent up here in North Queensland. The agents laughed and said my Panasonic was not worth repairing, so dump it! I am struggling with this concept as I am very fond of this piece of craftsmanship and are praying you can help me. You are my last ray of hope. Could it be the fan controller and can I purchase this part or I am to destined to watch the football in 30 second intervals on a Friday night?
    I have always been very happy to only purchase Panasonic products and I am feeling very conflicted to just dump it when the picture is still top quality be it for 30 second intervals!

  • I have had 2 Vieras and both have had the same design fault issues as described above. I am not sure why panasonic hasnt been taken to consumer affairs over this prevalent issue. I have a 2006 42″ model TH42PV60A with 7 blinks but in every other way was perfect for 6 years. It sits downstairs not knowing what to do with it. TV repair guy said chuck it away. I replaced it with the same size full HD Plasma (2nd hand)about 12 months ago model THP42U20A and this has just died with a 2 lamp red flash code and not wotking. Seems like their engineers do not know how to fix this problem and design a TV to actually last a resonable amount of time. I will not be ringing Panasonic as all of the responses appear to be the same..Possibly the last time I will buy this brand that seemed to have a good name once upon a time…good luck to the rest of you not sure what to do with the hole in the wall designed to fit these tv’s

  • Hi Rod, 11 flashes would most likely be again for a fan fault. We have the fans in stock. We would suggest asking the agent to provide you with a quote to have the unit repaired.

  • Hi Rod, Just had a similar experience tonight with a much loved Japanese assembled 2008 50″ Plasma Viera. After searching the web we took the back off and found 1 fan not working. I have ordered a replacement part for $63 and will put it all back together when it gets here and hope that fixes my problem. I had no problem tracking down the new fan -even free delivery!This is the first issue we have had since 2008 purchase.

  • Hi Ian, we are sorry to hear about your situation. If you contact us on 132600 we can discuss this further with you.

  • Hi There,

    I am posting in relation to a Panasonic 50 inch Plasma – the TH-P50G10A. Basically my grandmother threw out the TBLA3679 & TBLA3680 poles required for assembly of the plasma on a stand during her move and I am now trying to get it together for her, but find that they are way too expensive new, and it cannot be assembled without the poles?

    I was hoping that I could purchase the poles used for her from someone who does not require them anymore?

    I know it’s a long shot but I thought I’d try anyway, thanking you in advance everyone, have a great day!

  • Hi,

    I have a Panasonic Viera 42″ Plasma – 2009 Model (don’t have the exact model number with me at the moment, but will get it) recently the screen started flickering every now and then. then last night after we had been away for 3 days and the tv had been switched off at the wall for that time, I turned it on and the same flickering was happening only this time it was a constant image. the blacks would turn a very grainy green colour and the picture would look extremely over saturated to the point where skin tones where appearing bright white, and the colours were not blending they were solid bands. it eventually settle a little and now it flickers between normal picture and this oversaturated picture constantly, like once or twice a second. I have done lots of google research and have not found anyone talking about this kind of fault. the power button is solid green and does not flash at all… and it’s not a connection problem as when I put the TV menu’s up they also look over-saturated and flicker. I’ve tried resetting the tv to original settings and no change. when I change the AV the whole screen is just bright green grainy pixels… can anyone offer advice – is there a fix… as we can’t afford to replace the tv and it’s the only one I have… bought it second hand about 6 months ago.


  • I have experienced the 11 red flashes a couple of weeks ago and had both fans replaced and now the same fault has re appeared . The TV can operate anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour and then shuts down. Is there some sort if fan controller as it’s not the fans as they work while the TV is working. I will most probably get the standard response from Panasonic and be asked to call their service line and be asked to contact the local authorised repair centre and be charged again. From the blog above there would appear to be a common problem and Panasonic need to acknowledge this and show some goodwill!!

  • Hi Graeme, we would suggest contacting the repairer directly, they would provide a warranty with their repairs, usually 3 months. If the fault is the same they should be able to assist with completing the repair again at no cost.

  • So unbelievable get on Panasonic site to figure out to turn Vera tv on without remote and to my dismay theirs heaps of you with same issue. Tv goes off turn on tv manually goes green for seconds then flashes red. What do we do

  • Hi Carolyn, sorry to hear you are having an issue with your Television. Please call our service line on 132600 and they will be able to offer support. MCB

  • 7 blinks of death…
    Once again my Panasonic HD 3D TV has died, for the amount I paid the warranty should have been longer, it died 12mth exact and wasn’t covered by warranty so I Paid 450 to get it fixed the sc and su boards replaced and it lasted another 12 months but done the same thing last night which people seem to call the 7 blinks of death… These TVs should be RECALLED you are selling consumers faulty products!!!! and again like everyone else I will no longer be a loyal Panansonic customer and will be taking my business elsewhere. Thankyou for the pain and heartache….

  • Hi Emma,

    We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Plasma, please give our customer service line a call (132600) and we can discuss this matter further. MCB

  • OMG !!!! have just read through the gigantic volume of complaint letters in relation to PANASONIC TY’s and the on going problems that they seem to acquire very early in there lives… My Panasonic 50 inch plasma TV has now decided to blink “red” at me in cycles of 7. and it was only bought a few years ago. I have emailed the “ggod” people of Panasonic and am awaiting their reply. Sadly, judging from the sheer volume of similar complaints, one would have to suggest that this product is an absolute DOG !!!, and should be avoided at any cost. I’ll keeo you posted as to “how concerned” Panasonic are with this dilemma.

  • Hi Neil, We are very sorry to hear about the error code that has come up on your TV. Please call our Customer Care Team on 132600 for support. MCB

  • Like the majority of people here, my 50 inch Viera TH-P50ST30A has just developed the 7 blinking lights of death, so probably the SU board. It is 26 months old! I can’t believe that a TV that cost over $1000 has lasted just over 2 years. Pretty sure the Australian Consumer Law of 2011 means that we should be guaranteed that products should last longer than this! I have phoned the service line and they just gave me the number of a local service centre who want to charge me $155 just to pick up and inspect the TV. How can Panasonic keep selling products that seem to develop the same problem again and again and then charge us through the nose to fix it?! Not happy. Samsung next time unless this can get resolved.

  • Hi Chris, we are sorry to hear about the seven flashing lights error code that has developed on your TV. Can you please contact our customer care line on 132600 to discuss this particular complaint further? We will need more information to assist. MCB

  • Don’t buy Panasonic. My 50 inch plasma TH-P50UT30A won’t turn on. There are no lights at all. It just won’t turn on.

    The TV is 2 years old. I have been away with the military for 18 months of the last 2 years and hardly ever watch TV when I am home. I would have been lucky to have watched 20 hours of TV on this TV. A $1000 TV should last longer than 20 hours. Under Australian consumer law, there is a statutory warranty which requires Panasonic to repair the TV. When I rang, Panasonic palmed me off to a repair company who charge $99 just to look at the TV and it will take 3 days for them to fubd out what’s wrong. They won’t pick it up either because I live in a unit and the people picking it up would have to walk up some stairs.

    Whatever you do don’t but Panasonic. It’s a waste of money and such poor quality that you can’t get more than 20 hours of watching out of the TV. As you can see a lot of people have had this problem with the TV.

  • Hi Danielle, I am sorry to hear you are disappointed with the service you received. If you provide us with a case reference number we can look into this for you. MCB

  • here is another one bites the dust .. Panasonic Viera 50″ TH-P50UT30A that won’t start, only red light and no longer clicking either. 3 years must be the expected life span of this TV!! that is a lot of money wasted!!!
    I called the support line 132600 they gave me another number to call 1300 074 512 (outsourced technicians I believe) in Vic. they asked me to take it to their facility and will charge $100 just to look into it…

  • Hi Kahled, Sorry about the frustration you encountered! Call our Customer Care Team and let them know what happened. They can open a case for you and we will investigate further. MCB

  • We have the Panasonic TH-P50UY50A TV.
    Last weekend we connected a Western Digital MY BOOK hard drive to the TV. It fired up perfectly and records without any problem. However, once the recording starts we cannot change channel with the TV remote. It seems that we cannot record one program and watch another program at the same time.

    Is there away around this?

  • Hi Marisa – you appear to be very popular on this thread. Last night I too got the 11 Flashes of Death – reading through I have to concur that there is good evidence of some serious build quality issues with Panasonic TVs. I have temporarily solved the issue by blowing away dust on and within my TV using my wife hair dryer (on cool) thru the vents – but I’m very concerned at the impending death of my expensive, relatively new Panasonic 3D TV – and being excessively charged by a mercenary minded technician for a repair which is more than likely linked to poor build/components. I have researched the typical problem source and repair cost (actual and charged by techs) on YouTube and Im not happy with either.. Please have one of the Panasonic team email me to discuss remedies for the death of my young, expensive TV – thanks Graeme

  • Hi Graeme, Sorry to hear you have dust build up in your fans. We have been in contact and will require some further information to assist. MCB

  • Hi
    I have a panasonic vera and last night my power board all the sudden stopped working. I was able to just plug the TV into the wall socket and everything was fine.
    This morning the TV was still working at the wall, but when i went to put the TV back into the power board it wouldn’t work and now it doesn’t work even when I plug it back into the wall.
    No light or any sign of life.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hi Erin, we are so sorry to hear about the issue with your television. You will need to have a Technician look at the unit, please call 132600 and our customer care team will help locate one local to you. MCB

  • Just like all the rest by the looks of it,, the led thing going on, won’t power up etc etc,,, model is a Panny TH-P50VT20A

  • Hi
    we have a th-p42s10a that just stopped working as we were watching it. it made a pop and then went black, stand by light flashed repeatedly 4 times, i then turned it off with the button on the front of the tv waited a few minutes and then turned it back on only to get 5 flashes repeatedly. and it just so happens that it just run out of the extended warranty just over a month ago.

  • Hi Shaun, Sorry to heat your TH-P50VT20A is not powering up. If you call 132600 our customer care team will be able to assist you with this issue. MCB

  • Hi Jason, Sorry to heat your TH-P42S10A has an error code. If you call 132600 our customer care team will be able to assist you with this issue. MCB

  • I am shocked, I bought a My Panasonic 50″ Viera
    2 years ago and it stopped working. Flashing green light. I rang Panasonic and was told to take it to a recommended dealer and was told by them it would cost $400 – $500 to be repaired. This looks like an ongoing problem that panasonic should address.
    I am reluctantly in the process of getting it repaired
    and wish I had found this blog before my purchase.
    What happened to recalling products when they are faulty and the problem is so wide spread. I feel ripped off!

  • Hi Rhonda, we are sorry to hear you are having a problem with your Television however I can assure you there is no known fault on any of our 50″ series. To discuss this problem further please call 132600. MCB

  • I have a Panasonic viera P50U30A tv, purchased two years ago. Have the 7 blink red light, unable to watch the tv. Where can I purchase a ‘power board’ for this model television.Thanks for sharing the useful information.