Panasonic power tools now work even harder

Our hard-working power tools have always gone the extra mile but now you’ll find they manage to go even further thanks to the new ‘S’ Series long-lasting 4.2Ah lithium ion battery featured with our latest line-up.


The new battery offers up to 27% more working capacity per charge compared to Panasonic’s 3.3Ah battery and is built for heavy use, long runtimes between charges and long cycle life. It’s even compatible with our recent previous range of dual voltage tools, so it is easy to upgrade and get more performance out of your current tool.

As well as debuting new technology, we have also refreshed our lineup of dual voltage tools, which offer the flexibility of using either a 14.4V or 18V 4.2Ah battery. The range includes Drill and Driver, Reciprocating Saw, Rotary Hammer and Impact Power tools.

The range features a Tough Tool IP56 rating thanks to innovative dust and water resistance technology that provides high-level protection, giving tradespeople added peace of mind when using the tools on the toughest of job sites.

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  • I have the Panasonic EY7450LR2S cordless drill. Really excellent piece of equipment. I work with drills a lot, not only in my workshop but also selling and buying them in bulk, and this is one of the better models I’ve ever used. Very powerful, mixing grout is really easy with this one. High speed as well, very durable, and the battery seems to last a lifetime compared to other cordless models. I think it’s the only drill with a 3.3Ah battery on the market. I’m curious to see what the 4.2Ah batteries can do!

  • I’m a residential carpenter contractor, all my tool are Panasonic, reliable, tough, long last is what they are and why I continue to expand on my range of cordless tool from the Panasonic range. The one tool I don’t have from Panasonic and is not manufactured by Panasonic is a radio, there is an opening in the market for a radio that can double as a battery charger, able to charge a USB device and also have Bluetooth technology, if it was weather proof, this radio would be the whole package, please make one so I can buy it

  • Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback. We will send this thru to the power tool factory and let them know of your suggestion.

  • i ive had the 4.2ah drill/driver and impact driver around 7 months now cant get enough all tradies envy my problem is in australia we dont get the circ saw,jig saw,vacumme,grinder in this awesome dual voltage 4.2ah range ??????? im with mark has always bafffled me il explain why im 28 in my 28 year ive seen panasonic develop remarkable products in the audio/visual market but no job site radio???make this blokes year more dual voltage tools JOB SITE RADIO really makita bosch dewalt milwalkee riobi hitachi ect!? excuse my language.panasonic actually know how to make stereos/radios before all them dudes

  • Absolutely, another tradesman here that desperately needs a radio to go with all my other Panasonic tools.

    Also it needs to be a decent quality, this is a tool that we will use all day everyday so it needs to be up for the challenge.

    P.S: A dual voltage grinder would also look good in the line-up…

  • Hi Anthony, we like your thinking! A dual voltage would look good and a matching radio pretty spiffy. We have passed you desires onto our product development teams for consideration. (We are crossing our fingers with you!) MCB

  • Job site radio is a must! Iv had the 14.4v range for several years now and I’m looking to upgrade to 18v soon although if Panasonic do not bring out a radio I will have to purchase dewalt.

  • Well done guys.
    I have had my Panasonic tools for over five years now, given them hell and they work like they did day one.

    Dual voltage grinder is a must as it eats batteries.

    Site radio that can charge and also run off pana batteries would be great. Just make sure the radio works well, we sometimes struggle with reception, it can be worse than nothing.

    Another idea is a 12v (in car) charger. I travel a bit for work and currently use an inverter which is ok but could be better.

    Worth the wait (and nagging) for the recipro saw and impact wrench, both great to use.

  • Hi Daniel, Thank you for the great feedback – it’s really nice to hear our Tools are serving you well. We get a lot of requests about a site radio and we will continue to make this information available to the relevant departments. MCB

  • Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to let us know! We will make your feedback available to the relevant departments. MCB

  • i have had panasonic tools for the last 5 years, only issue ive had was the clutch in my drill after 4 years. recently purchased a dual voltage drill and impact kit; awesome tools. love the small rotary hammer. i agree with the other guys, a loud, durable, battery/ac powered radio that doubles as a charger would be awesome! and again with the others, a dual voltage grinder and circ saw would be great. id love to see more development on the tool side of things. panasonic have the technology to make some amazing tools as we all know. will we see ac powered tools soon?

  • Hi i love the range of power tools but i am tempted to go over to the darkside (makita) because there is no Cordless planer . biscuit joiner and a few other things in their range. will Panasonic be offering these products anytime soon?

  • Hi Dan, We really love how much positive feedback and suggestions we get from our bloggers around our Power Tool range. We will be supplying all of this feedback to the proper departments so that we can continue to reflect our customers needs. MCB

  • Hi Joel, Panasonic is really thrilled at the feedback we receive from our Panasonic tool owners. We will continue to make your feedback heard in the right departments and hopefully continue to reflect your onsite needs! MCB

  • Have thrashed your drills for 5 years and there still going strong. I know you guys have heard it a million times but a radio is a must on a job site. Price isnt an issue if its tough and going to last like all your other gear. Usb charger on the battery would be awesome to have, my phone is always going flat

  • Hi, I really would also love to see the Panasonic radio. I know plenty of guys with Panasonic drills who are dying for the radio/charger. To the point where they are getting pissed off.. Because we all understand that Panasonic are already involved in producing radio’s for a long time..

    Is there going to be any confirmation on this. Because impatience will force those to move over to makita or an other brand that offers both, great drills and radio they can charge with..

    I really do hope this happens soon. For Panasonic’s sake just as much as ours.. There is clearly enough demand..

    Thanks for listening.

  • Hey there id like to add myself to the list of happy panasonic power tool owners. i have the 18v hammer drill and impact driver combo kit and recently bought a 18v sds hammer drill.

    id like to suggest the 18v grinder and circular saw as the text tools you make duel voltage, as well as the site radio. my next tool purchase will probably be your 18v reciprocating saw. THANKS