Panasonic Lumix G2, TZ10 and FT2 TV Ads released today

We’re hugely excited to announce our new Panasonic Lumix Television adverts for the Lumix G2, TZ10 and FT2. They don’t go to air until this Sunday but you can see them exclusively here from today

The Lumix G2

The Lumix G2 includes Intelligent Auto so you don’t have to be a great photographer to take great photos.


The Lumix TZ10

The new Lumix TZ10 has unique built- in GPS functionality so you’ll never get your holidays mixed up again.


The Lumix FT2

The Lumix FT2 is the tougher second generation LUMIX rugged digital camera..waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and now frostproof.



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  • I would like some advice on getting better auto focus on my Lumix G2 – I wear multi-focal transition spectacles – very hard to manual focus – especially in sunlight when the transitions kick in! But I do find that the auto focus still needs sharpening. Any advice?

  • Hi Judith,

    Using the cameras viewfinder to focus in times of bright sunlight should allow sharper manual focusing. With regards to auto focusing it is difficult to tell the exact issue without knowing which settings you are shooting in. Try setting the camera to iA mode, with this setting the camera will automatically select the best settings for you in different shooting environments.
    For further feedback please confirm the settings you have your G2 set to and send some examples of the pictures you are having difficulties with.

    Many Thanks,
    Team Panasonic