Our HX-A1 action cam goes on a wild adventure race through New Zealand


We asked Team Columbia Vidaraid (ranked #1 adventure race team worldwide 2014) to wear our new HX-A1 Action Cam during the GODZone2015 adventure race in New Zealand.

GODZone, presented by 100% PURE Racing, is a multi-day, non-stop, expedition-style adventure race where teams are expected to navigate, trek, mountain bike, kayak and canoe over a vast array of different landscapes. During this arduous event, unsupported teams traverse some of New Zealand’s most stunning South Island landscapes in a bid to win a team entry to the Adventure Racing World Championships held in Brazil later in the year.

This race is no walk in the park as demonstrated by international racing team, Columbia Videraid (winner of the Adventure Race World Championships 2014) who strapped on the new Panasonic HX-A1 Full HD wearable action cam to show the world just what it takes the cross the finish line.

Check what Team Videraid say about Panasonic’s HX-A1 wearable action cam


Period: 7 days
Total distance: 557km
Trekking: 125km
Mountain Biking: 279km
Canoeing: 57km
Kayaking: 80km
Orienteering: 10km
Coasteering: 7km
Just like Columbia’s Team Videraid, our HX-A1 Full HD action camera leaves the competition behind in the dust. Weighing only 45g, this wearable action camera is quad-proof tough straight out of the box, offers night vision mode and even Wi-Fi control, which gives you plenty of bang for your buck, when you consider it retails for just $299 RRP!

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