Panasonic Camcorders 2010: The HDC-HS700 and HDC-SD700

Panasonic Australia launches two new 3MOS Camcorders designed to deliver outstanding recordings

Adding to our 2010 range two new Full High Definition (FHD) camcorders – the HDC-HS700 with an impressive 240GB Hard Disk recording capability and the HDC-SD700 – both featuring an advanced, high-sensitivity 3MOS system designed to give the video enthusiast outstanding results.

Panasonic’s latest 3MOS sensor technology – similar to that used in professional camcorders – processes red, green and blue independently for vivid colour, detail and gradation. Combined with the large-diameter F1.5 Leica lens and newly-developed Crystal Engine Pro, this ensures more efficient light gathering, increased sensitivity and lower noise for excellent recording results even in low lighting.

SD/HDD Hybrid Recording – HS700
The HDC-HS700 is a hybrid camcorder with a 240-GB HDD for around 102 hours of recording. When used with a 64-GB SDXC Memory Card, the camcorder provides an additional recording time of up to 27.5 hours.

Memory Card Recording – SD700

The HDC-SD700 is highly resistant to knocks and bumps because it records onto SDXC, SDHC or SD Memory Card and so has no drive mechanism. This high level of durability, combined with the compact size and lightweight body (weighing only 375g) makes the HDC-SD700 ideal for travel or simply shooting on the go.

New wide-angle Leica Dicomar Lens
Both the HDC-HS700 and HDC-SD700 feature a F.1.5 Leica lens. This 35mm wide angle lens provides superb imaging, and combined with an impressive 12x optical zoom, is ideal for recording landscapes or self-portraits and group photos indoors. It makes it possible to shoot at a close distance from the subject while fitting both the subject and the surrounding area into the frame.

New 12x optical zoom / 18x Intelligent Zoom
Despite the compact size of these camcorders, the lens covers a wide shooting range from 35mm wide angle to 12x optical zoom. In addition, the Intelligent Zoom, which is made possible by Intelligent Resolution Technology, provides a super-powerful 18x zooming capability.

New POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabiliser)
The O.I.S. – which uses gyrosensors to detect hand-shake and moves a corrective lens to adjust the optical axis and eliminate blurring – has further evolved. When a camcorder is handheld, it moves slowly at low frequency due to the breathing or other movement of the operator, no matter how hard the person tries to hold the camcorder steady. While the conventional O.I.S. system could not sufficiently eliminate this low-frequency hand-shake, the new POWER O.I.S. is able to correct it about five times more effectively. The new O.I.S. also features an Active mode to ensure steady images across the entire range from wide angle to telephoto.

New Wind Noise Cancelling feature

A new feature in 2010, Wind Noise Canceller automatically isolates and suppresses wind noise only, so natural ambient sounds and voices are still recorded.

Touch-Screen Operation
Touch-screen icons displayed on the LCD let the user operate a variety of functions intuitively without taking their eyes off of the subject they are recording.

Auto Power LCD
The Auto Power LCD automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen according to the shooting environment.

60 Frames/Sec High Speed Burst Shooting
This function is designed for capturing fast motion and allows the camcorder to snap up to 60 consecutive 2.1-megapixel still images per second for a total of 180 continuous images in about three seconds.

New HD Writer AE 2.1 Editing Software for PC
Data can easily be edited on a PC using the included HD Writer AE 2.1 editing software (for Windows OS). The software features a “smart wizard” that starts up to provide an easy on-screen guide as soon as the camcorder is connected to a PC. The camcorders can also transfer video data to a Mac computer so they may be edited in HD image quality using iMovie software.

HD Writer AE 2.1 allows easy uploading of video clips to the YouTube website. After shooting, simply connect the camcorder to a PC via a USB cable, to easily upload your favourite video clips to YouTube.

Pricing and Availability
HDC- SD700 SD Card memory $1699 RRP Available April, 2010
Available in Black

HDC- HS700 240GB HDD $2499 RRP Available April, 2010
Available in Black

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  • Will the Camcist aiming device fit this camcorder. If it does, I will buy one.


  • Hi John,
    Thank you for your interest.
    The Camcist mechanical framing aid connects to any tripod mount and should fit to any of our camcorders.
    Hope this helps,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Sharyn,
    Thanks for your question.
    Yes. However we recommend Panasonic cards. They are robust and won t damage your camcorder, they resist to power failure, they re made in Japan, they re strictly compliant with SD speed class spec, they operate under severe temperature conditions (-25 /85 C).
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Vic,
    We cannot comment on further feature development but Panasonic will continue to improve products and be innovative. This year we introduced for example “Time lapse recording” and “Noise cancelling” and “Poer Optical Image Stabiliser” features.
    Team Panasonic

  • Time lapse is great, so is taking the slow motion picture stills, however does it have slow motion video capability? if not when will Panasonic incorporate this feature?

  • I have a SDR-H40 Panasonic Video Camera and the zoom has gone after owning it for only just over 12 months and the warranty has lapsed. Is this a common fault with these cameras or just a one off. Is it worth getting it repaired as I have a quote for $349 to repair it.

    I am very disappointed with the fault after just being out of warranty and have been offered $58 for parts towards getting it fixed. I have cared for this camera and kept it in its case and after paying $600 for it, I expect it to last longer than it has. I will not be buying Panasonic in the future and tell my friends what happened to me.

    I would appreciate your feedback. With thanks Gail Matthews.

  • Hi .. I notice the HDC-HS700 and HDC-SD700 are released but will Australia be seeing the 32g TM700? as per overseas..
    Also is digiDIRECT an Authorised Panasonic dealer?

    Thanks regards Bob

  • Hello Sir/Madam, it is now the 26th March and I have not had a reply to my email. I was offered the money towards the repair of my camera from your Out of Warranty Team for parts but nothing for the labour. They also offered a discount on another camera after I have got a price of the one I wanted. I feel this is unfair as I did buy the camera in good faith and expected to get some pleasure for a few years from it. I am going to Disneyland in May and would have liked to have taken my camera with me to show my grandchildren. Your prompt attention to this matter would be appreciated as I would like to have the pleasure of taking my camera with me in May. Regards Gail Matthews

  • Hi Bob,
    Thanks for your patience.
    Panasonic Australia have chosen not to launch the TM700. However, as mentioned, we are bringing the SD700 (SD card camcorder) or HS700 (SD card camcorder+ 240GH HHD) in April.
    They are extremely well performing. They feature 3MOS sensors as well, and have lots of new features (new noise canceling feature, Wide angle lens, Time lapse recording…).
    Only difference with TM700 is no internal flash memory, but we think we are giving the consumer 2 great options already.

    digiDIRECT (Bondi Junction) is an Authorised Panasonic dealer.

    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Gail,
    Thanks for your patience and sorry to hear about your problem.
    As the SDR-H40 = 2008 camcorder the equivalent with better features and 80GH HDD is the new H85 and is available for $699 so I don t think a $349 repair would worth it.
    Really sorry to hear what happened to you, but this is definitively not a common fault of the model.
    Panasonic proud themselves to offer camcorders of high quality (that all come with a 1 year warranty) and to have one of the lowest return rate in the industry.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Mal,
    The time lapse function on the 700 models takes a sequence of still images at 1 image per second to 1 image every 2 minutes. The camera internally saves all these images as a video time lapse movie in AVCHD format, there is no difference in the video file from a normal movie and the time lapse function. You play back and edit the file as a video file.
    Team Panasonic

  • It is now 31 March and still no announcement of the sale date of SD700. Please let me know when I can buy one!

  • Hello Team Panasonic,

    I was about to order the TM700 from overseas, but I rather like to buy from an Australian company, so I will go for a SD700.

    Question A. So now I have to buy a memory card. How many hours can I record in the highest quality on e.g. a 16 or a 32 GB card? And which card type is the best one for the SD700?

    Qustion B. I want to use an external microphone, preferably stereo, to be fitted on a rod. Extension cable will be about 2m. No problem for me to work with mic having a hot/cold shoe connector, but which mic is the best one you can recommend?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • Come on Panasonic – give us a date! Just heard from your rep and he is saying definately not the next two weeks and he hasn’t even heard a date yet himself. I held off buying a Sony for the SD700. At least let the customers know when it will REALLY be coming out!

  • Hello,

    I’m considering buying the Panasonic HDC TM700. I’ll be using Adobe Premiere Elements 8 to edit. Can you tell me how much RAM I need on my computer to edit the video without getting bogged down?


  • I am very interested in purchasing this camera HDC-HS700 but only because it offers the 1080 / 60p : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (28Mbps / VBR) resolution. The other resolutions HA (17Mbps / VBR) and lower are of no use to me as the norm now is 24 mbps.
    My first question is that using the 1080 / 60p : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (28Mbps / VBR) resolution will I be able to import that into Pinnacle Studio 14 retaining that resolution thoughout and onto Blu ray disc. I know that you use the USB port to put onto computer, so from there on will it work.
    What other editing programs have you checked to ensure suitablity.

    My second question is A glaring problem it seems with this model is that once you have put your film onto the computer and deleted it from the camara there is no way one can put the film back onto the camera. So the only way you can now view you film on a large screen in full resolution is by putting film onto blu ray. The Sony HDR XR550 WILL allow you to put the film back onto the camera. Is there a way round this

    Your comments apprecieated on both these questions

  • I have ordered the new camera allready and am waiting for it to ship in April.
    What brand of interchangeable lenses will fit the new HDC-SD700-k
    I’m thinking about an ND filer 46mm and a lens to enhance contrast.


  • I understand the TM700 has the ability to do various editing on the inbuilt memory.

    Does the sd700 have ALL of the functionality of the TM version besides copying between the inbuilt and the card?

    I guess I would have purchased the tm300 if that had come to australia. hoping not to miss out again.

  • Hi Antonie,
    It’s not possible to know exactly what brands will supply a filter kit to suit this camera. Panasonic can only be confident its own filters will work in this case the VW-LF46NE is listed as the recommended filter, however if you are interested in another brand 46mm filter it would be best to confirm at the point of sale for the filter.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi John,
    Some interesting questions. To clarify the Australian model will support 1080 / 50p : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (28Mbps / VBR) as it is a PAL model to is required to run a 50Hz, the 60p (60Hz) version is the NTSC standard. In regards to your questions with software, Panasonic confirms to the previously mentioned PAL standard for HD recording, you will need to check with the manufacturer of the software you have whether it will keep the resolution recorded by the camera. In regards to your second question, the camera retains the original footage even if you have transferred it to a PC so there is no requirement to transfer it back onto the camera. As a note however you cannot transfer any data from a PC to the camera.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Laurel-Lea,
    The minimum recommended RAM requirements for video footage is 1GB or more for Windows 7 or 1GB is recommended for Windows XP. As a personal preference with my PC, running windows 7, a minimum of 4GB RAM is needed for general functions on 32bit operating system, and can utilize 8GB for 64 bit system. Basically more is better, the choice is up to you.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Bert,
    A 16GB card will give you 1hrs20min of footage and a 32GB card will give you 2hrs40mins. This model also supports the SDXC format (48GB and 64GB cards) which will give you more allowable recording time. Panasonic will be recommending the VW-VMS2E stereo microphone.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi
    Panasonic have to be congratulated for bring the SD 700 to Australia. It has reviewed well overseas. It still is not in my local Teds yet. Any news on when it will be shipping in retail stores? What software do Panasonic recommend to editing the 50p footage on a Mac? I have down loaded some sample footage recorded by a TM700 (i.e .m2t file format) from Vimeo and I can’t get it to import into iMovie or FCP. Will Pansonic release their own plug in for FCP? I believe other camera makers such as Red have done this in the past.

  • Hi,

    I really want to buy the SD700 before I go overseas for my holidays in the last week of April. Please advise if it would be available before I leave.


  • Hi can you please tell me when the sd 700 is out i leave for the us in 2 weeks

    if not if i buy in the states does it recored in pal ?

    thanks tom

  • Hi. This 1080p/50p. Is this like digital cinema? Is it close to 25p which is film speed? I intend to use it to shoot a film and would like to know the quality when blown up on a cinema screen. A competitor of yours has native 25p capability. Can this product do the same?

    Is there a fan in this model? I’ve read it eventually gets loud enough to hear when played back if shooting in a quiet room.

    If I’m filming and need to quickly transfer the footage from the hard drive, do I need to connect it to computer or can I just connect it to an external hard drive if it supports this type of transfer?

    Thank you.

  • I found a solution. It is on the web if you google it. Basically you wrap the .m2t file in an mp4 container and it imports into imovie no problems. A guy has developed an automatic script for the task. They used theffmpegX application which I also used used. This method appears to work well.


  • I am wanting to buy the HS700 but only want to buy from an authorised reseller with a valid Panasonic Australis warranty. Is there somewhere that lists these authorised resellers and if not can you advise if Videopro and Ryda.com are authorised resellers.

  • I just have a quick question re viewfinders. Over the last 3 or 4 weeks I have been looking at high definition camcorders and I have found very few have a dedicated viewfinder, most appear to use the lcd screen which I hate. I think by, looking at the photos, that both HDC-SD700 and HDC-HS 700 may have them fitted. I do believe that the rest the range are fitted with them?

  • Hi How bad is the Camera’s fan noise? I have noticed alot of Internet chatter about this issue. It appears to be an issue in quiet situations. Is the fan noise eliminated with a Panasonic external mic . Which mic do you recommend?

  • Hi Georgia,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    These models are 50p native recording only & have no 25p recording ability. There is a fan in these units, I have tested the unit in very low levels of audio & have not noticed any fan noise in the recordings. Transferring footage can be done with the external DVD Burner (VW-BN2E) or the camera will have to be connected to a pc.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I refer back to my question
    “I am very interested in purchasing this camera HDC-HS700 but only because it offers the 1080 / 60p : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (28Mbps / VBR) resolution. The other resolutions HA (17Mbps / VBR) and lower are of no use to me as the norm now is 24 mbps.
    My first question is that using the 1080 / 60p : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (28Mbps / VBR) resolution will I be able to import that into Pinnacle Studio 14 retaining that resolution thoughout and onto Blu ray disc. I know that you use the USB port to put onto computer, so from there on will it work.
    What other editing programs have you checked to ensure suitablity.”

    I am finding that Pinnacle Studio 14 and other editing software will not work with properly with 1080 / 60p : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (28Mbps / VBR) resolution and it will need to be converted to 25p or 50i but will defeat the purpose of shooting in 60p in loss of resolution.
    Also some blu ray players will not play properly.

    I am very keen to purchase the HDC-HS700 but what would be the point unless Panasonic can assure me how to get around this serious situation. I mean there is no point in paying over $2K for this camera when there is no way you can use it other than at 17mbps which is low res by whats on offer today from say Sony / Canon etc.

    I want to make HD 1980 x 1080 movies and put on Blu ray in the highest quality and I am hoping this camera can do this with Panasonics help.


  • Hi Tom and Shitiz,
    First quantities of SD700 shipped end of last weeks to stores. They should start to be available on stores for purchase progressively end of April.
    If you buy in the US, you ll have a camcorder recording in NTSC, not PAL.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Andrew,
    Thank you 🙂
    First quantities of SD700 shipped end of last weeks to stores. They should start to be available on stores for purchase progressively end of April.
    SD700 comes with HD Writer 2 Full editing software.
    Team Panasonic

  • Great camera, few of the “Sydney Video makers club” members have purchased it (under $1400) and showed it on our club night last week so yes it is in stores now.

    As we are serious amateurs making short films with nothing more than a camcorder (and a lot of inspiration) we welcomed the manual features. Now we can migrate from DV tape to Solid state as motion blur is comprable to HDV, the low light ability on the 700 is better than most popular pro-sumer cameras that some members use (I won’t mention brands)

    The play back on our HD club projector blew us away, OIS is as good as SONY but we switch it off and go on a good tripod, yes we are mad.

    We are doing an outdoor shoot for our May monthly comp and one of our teams will be using two of them as AB roll.

    I have to get use to it’s small size, half the size of the old NV-GS 400 (and half the price), come and play with one at the community Video club, be amazed, call 0412 156 366 and get actual users opinions as our members regularly use all types and models.
    Club president

  • Been reading your comments and replies, etc. and found them interesting however re fan noise… I use the SD 700’s and they do produce fan noise at around – noise floor -36 dB (this is a pain, especially if you want to mix the onboard mic sound with a separate independent recording).

    The other thing is – no transfer to camera (or tape as it was known). So once you have an edit in e.g. FCP you can not send it back to the SD700 and then burn a DVD using the HD writer – why is that?

    Dear team Panasonic – this is your mission for today… 03/05/2010

  • As you have not responded to my post above I decided to contacted your customer support.
    Unfortunately that was really a waste of time because they either didnt know or did not want to answer the questions that I put to them concerning the HDC-HS700-K.

    1. First of all, I am really interested in purchasing this camcorder but only for its ability to film in 1080 / 60p : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (28Mbps / VBR) resolution so with that in mind I, like everyone else would want to put them movies onto a format to keep and give to others in the SAME resolution as filmed, ie onto BLU RAY. Is this possible now or definately in the very near future?

    2. The customer support guy refered to the supplied software HD writer AE 3.0 yet your web site states that it is HD writer AE 1.0 that is supplied and having downloaded it I find it seems totally useless for the HDC-HS700-K and what the guy said it would do.
    So where can I get a copy of the instructions for using the AE 3.0 version as that might enlighten me / us in how we can put the 1080 / 60p : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (28Mbps / VBR) onto a Blu Ray disc.

    I am in WA Perth and if you are unable to answer the above is there a dealer somewhere I can find out and or buy to try out so as to make certain of the above.

    Your urgent reply apprecieated

  • Thats not very helpful when Team Panasonic can respond to questions that are not confronting to them on 6th May but do not seem to have time to answer my questions that are dated 29th April & 4th May. All one can assume is, Like there customer support, they are reluctant to confirm certain facts about the camera that are perhaps not very positive, or they simply dont know.
    My questions are very important to me and I am sure other purchasers.

    Another question has become apparant and that is does the software supplied work with Windows 7 64 bit professional?


  • Hi John,
    Apologies for our slow response and thank you for your questions.
    1. The HDC-SD700 is a domestic camcorder & under normal shooting conditions fan noise will not be picked up. Tests have shown even in a room with no audio present, fan noise (if present) is negligible. When ambient noise levels are extremely low the internal gains of the mic circuitry are increased to pick up any noise that may be present & this level of gain maybe what the you could be hearing as fan noise?
    (Note the HDC-HS700-k imported into Australia records 1080/50p not 60p 🙂 )
    2. The Australian version HDC-HS700-K is a 1080/50p unit & is supplied with HD Writer AE2.1. I am unaware of the availability of a AE 3.0 version? This software will allow you to record to BD-RE & BD-R Blu Ray discs.
    Hope this help.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Shaun,
    Yes John was asking a similar question.
    The HDC-SD700 is a domestic camcorder & under normal shooting conditions fan noise will not be picked up. Tests have shown even in a room with no audio present, fan noise (if present) is negligible. When ambient noise levels are extremely low the internal gains of the mic circuitry are increased to pick up any noise that may be present & this level of gain maybe what you could be hearing as fan noise?
    Team Panasonic

  • Having read a numerous reviews and Panasonic website marketing information last Friday I bought SD 700 on the sole purpose of producing HD movies. I was astounded after reading a fine print on the attached to SD 700 manual loose leaf page about 1080/50p recording saying “iMovie 09 (I am a Mac user) is not compatible with 1080/50p and will not acquire the scenes recorded in 1080/50”. And further it says “when acquiring the NORMAL scenes into iMovie09….
    Should this be understood that NORMAL means standard definition???
    Please make clear that either Mac users are not to expect to acquire any HD movies from SD700 or PROVIDE CLEAR DESCRIPTION OF HOW TO DEAL with this statement from Panasonic about Mac’s compatibility.

  • Japan only sell TM700 model?
    Got any plan to sell the HDS-SD700 model in Japan this year?
    (I working in Japan currently)

    Looking toward your reply…
    Best regard.

  • Hi, Need your help in my purchasing decision.
    I am considering the HDC-SD700-K or the HDC-HS 700. Some of my filming requirements will be in low light conditions and I would like to ask which camcorder would perform the best.
    Also I note that in your specifications you show different lux figures-4.0 for the sd700k and 1.5 for the HS 700.
    Could you please explain why they are different when the camera’s appear to be the same except for the hard drive on the HS 700.
    Thanks Glenn

  • I bought the HDC-SD700, went to Africa on a very expensive trip, took 3 x 16 GB video on Panasonic chips and come back to see, that the camera is deleting one shot after the other, because “a faulty management information is found” and “cannot be repaired”.
    Please be aware that if the repair failes scenes with “!” will be deleted.

    Any hope?

    you security code sucks!!! this is the 7. try

  • hi
    I am interested in HS 700 can you tell me where to see it on display in ACT,I have been to 3 shops you required but they don’t stock them.

  • Hello i have just bought sd700 , and hd writer 2.1 does not work windows xp 64bit is there anyway round this?

  • Hi, I’m interested in the HDC-SD700-K.
    Is this the same camcorder as the HDC-SD700 in this blog… what’s the “-K” indicate.
    Thanks Kevin

  • Hi Glenn,

    Sure no problem.

    The only difference between the 2 is indeed HDD. Both show excellent performances in low light conditions.
    Standard Illumination: 1400 lux
    Minimum illumination: 1.6 lux (1/25 Low light scene mode)

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • camera HDC-HS700 will record at 1080 / 50p : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (28Mbps / VBR). Do I have to use 30M/sec class 10 SD card?

  • It’s bad. I ‘ve owned a HDC-SD600 which has a stereo built-in mic and I returned after a week because fan noise levels were unacceptably high. Not only in a quiet room but even outside at moderate ambient sound levels. The longer you operate the camcorder the louders it gets because fan speed increases with internal temperature. The sound is even worse than from our 6-year old Canon using DV-tape.

    Panasonic Support – the Netherlands acknowledges the problem and they are working on a solution, without telling when this solution will come and what the solution will be.

  • Hi Walter,

    We think it would be best to take your camcorder to a repair center and let them have a look as this high level of noise is not normal.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • The fan noise is a definite problem in quiet situations, both indoors and outdoors. I bought an SD700 in May and while picture quality is great, the fan noise takes the icing off the cake. I imagine that an external mic would fix this, but kind of defeats the whole compact thing. I would like to know what Panasonic proposes to do about the problem.

  • Hi Ray.

    Are you able to tell us more about the noise? The SD700 doesn’t have a HDD so shouldn’t have any fan noise really. Only very light noises could occur while focusing or zooming, otherwise another noise in not normal, and the camcorder needs to be fixed.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • I have recently bought the SD700 and it is truly a beautiful camera. However, I have one problem and I would be grateful for help. One of my purposes in getting the SD700 was to use it as a live HD camera direct into a PC via the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for direct streaming. The signal is brilliant but I have a major problem – there seems to be no way to turn off the IA and OIS icons from the video stream when using HDMI or Component out direct into the Shuttle! All the other onscreen stuff can be eliminated EXCEPT those two icons which destroys the ability to take live output. Am I missing something in the menus that turns them off?


  • Hi,

    I want to use an external microphone, preferably lapel radio/wireless microhone. Can you recommend something?

  • Can I transfer footage directly to an external hard drive instead of my computer?

    And I have heard it is difficult to edit footage with Final Cut Pro 7 is that true. Do I need to do anything specific regarding my two questions?


  • Hi panasonicau,
    The thread related to fan noise seems to have temporarily vanished. Re your request for more information on the fan noise with my HDC-SD700, I have posted a short video clip on YouTube that will demonstrate the problem. You can see this at (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipoqx3FBTFQ) – it’s called ‘lyrebird HDC SD700?. Look forward to your feedback.

  • Hi Windy,

    Any files can be saved to the HDD. Usage depends on the application software & how it use the files. The model is not listed, but I assume it is related to AVCHD camera’s? Our application software requires the camera to be connected to a pc & the software detects the files & saves them as the software has been designed.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Ewa,

    Any external microphone system would have to have an impedance of ~600 ohms or similar to perform correctly. The Mic specifications are: -70 dBV (Mic sensitivity -50 dB equivalent, 0 dB=1 V/Pa,1 kHz)(Stereo mini jack).

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Colin,

    The HDC-SD700 does not have the function to live video stream through HDMI or any other terminal. HDMI output is for playback of recordings only.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Does Panasonic recommend software for converting m2ts to .mov for Mac users? There seem to be a number of choices out there.

  • Dear Team Panasonic,
    Am considering purchasing the TM 700 but need to know if it is compatible with Corel VideoStudio Pro X 3 editing programme and if so in what recording formats?

    thank you for your help guys. Looking forward to the teams reply.

    Mike. 🙂

  • Hi Jeremy,

    There is no one type of converting software we recommend, it is best to talk to Apple regarding the best option for the Mac.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Mike,

    It would be best to contact the manufacturer of the software as to its compatibility with the files as Panasonic supplies application software of our own with our cameras.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Anthony,

    The HDC-SD600 is compatible with pinnacle studio 14 editing program, however we are not currently selling this model in Australia. The only thing studio 14 would not deal with is the 1080 50p.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi,
    I purchased the HDC-SD700 late last year, and have been extremely happy with the picture quality (using HDMI out to TV).
    Now… How can I import all the files onto my brand new Mac Book Pro (Intel i7 chipset) for editing. I’m new to using a Mac.
    When I drag and drop the clips onto the Mac the xxxx.mpl files seem very small and don’t seem to be supported.
    Happy for any links to help sites, how to’s, etc.

  • I’m dissapointed with the fan noise on the sd600

    I think its a flawed concept.. a noisy fan on a camcorder.

    And panasonic, you are misleading when you say it cannot be heard.
    It can be heard extremely clearly in low quiet environments.

    Considering The price of this camera, its rather disgusting.

    Very sillly design flaw.

    If 3mos sensors need cooling, then find a better solution before you release the cameras.

    this noise is an unacceptable compromise, expecially considering there is no compromise on the price of these expensive cameras.

    I’m in the uk, adn the prices here are absurdly high.
    But ive got to much noise.

    Very disspoointing.
    I’d advice you people to avoid, or get a cannon,with no fan noise.

  • Hi Russ, Sorry to hear about your disappointment. The HDC-SD600 is not imported into Australia however under normal usage conditions any detectable fan noise is not an issue. If the customer believes the fan noise is excessive he may wish to contact Panasonic in the country of purchase & have the camera checked to see if it is performing to specifications. All the best, Team Panasonic

  • Hi !Thanks for posting this informative blog,which is an excellent example of superior writing.and I really like your blog.I really appreciate it and I think people will like you.

  • I’ve lost the various cables for my HDC-HS700 & the instruction manual that explains how to download videos etc to computer (Mac in my case). Where can I get some new ones?

    I’ve reached the recording limit & need to download & delete.


  • I’m trying to understand this statement made earlier: “Any external microphone system would have to have an impedance of ~600 ohms or similar to perform correctly.”

    Does the mean the input impedance of the mic port is actually much greater than this or is the input impedance actually 600 ohms?

    I want to connect the 3.5mm Tape Out from a Sound Devices MixPre (~2K ohms output impedance) to the 3.5mm mic input on the SD700. It seems I might need some sort of attenuator as it’s a line-level output from the MixPre. How would I do this? I’ve been on sites which show you how to make your own but I don’t know what the input impedance of the mic port on the camera is.

    In manual mode, the preamp gain in the SD700 can be varied from -30 to +6 in 3 step increments. Is this in dB?


  • Hi Mohammed, we are confirming the information with the factory of these products and will advise you once we have an update.