Our new camcorders offer a brilliant baby monitor feature


The very first baby monitor was the “Radio Nurse” released by Zenith Radio Company in 1937. Designed by the iconic Japanese-American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi, the Radio Nurse featured a transmitter plugged in near the baby’s crib and a Bakelite radio receiver for parents to listen and monitor.

For the longest time, this radio-style transmitter/receiver remained virtually unchanged but now thanks to camcorder, Wi-Fi and smartphone technology, baby monitors have taken a giant leap forward.


Keep your baby close
Panasonic camcorders now do the double duty of recording your precious memories and helping you keep your beloved little bundles safe. How? Well, the HC-W850M, HC-V750M, HC-V550M, and HC-V250 camcorders all include the new Baby Monitor feature, which allows you to monitor a sleeping baby in another room using a mobile device. This feature can send notifications to your smartphone or tablet when a crying baby is detected, and it even lets you speak to their baby using the mobile device’s microphone.

Never be in the dark
Our flagship camcorder the HC-W850M will also let you watch your baby sleeping (or fussing) in the darkest night, thanks to Night Mode. Even in 0 lux darkness, you can monitor and record with the IR-LED (Infrared LED) lighting, which means your bubba will never be out of sight.





Watch the Night Mode in action.
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