80s horror movie on a Panasonic VHS Recorder and TV

“Now Panasonic Hi-Fi VCRs can make your house sound better than most movie horrors. Experience the supernatural.” – 1986

In the 80s, horror movies were right there on everyone’s TV. From The Shining, to Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th and of course the still scary Poltergeist, our neon-loving ancestors loved being frightened in the dark by gore-fests and scary supernatural tales. For the purists, the best thrills were to be found in the cinema until the Panasonic Hi-Fi VCR came along to help scare the pants off people in the comfort of their living room. This video recorder invited the buyer to “experience the supernatural”, boasting picture and sound qualities to rival any cinema. It even performed the “unbelievable” feat of turning an ordinary TV into a stereo TV! If this VHS Hi-Fi recorder, capable of recording up to 8 programs over three weeks ,seemed to have supernatural powers then, imagine how the folks of the 80s would feel if we could take one of remote record Blu-rays back for them to play with… We’d probably been burned for a witch.