Introducing the first releases from our 2015 audio range

We pair rich heritage sound with ultramodern technology to help you create a complete audio experience


We’re in the business of developing authentic audio… and we have been since our first audio speakers were launched in 1955. In the 60 years that have passed, the Panasonic name has become synonymous with class-leading sound and technical audio perfection. As audio systems have become more connected and integrated with an ‘entertainment family’, we’ve focused on pairing that rich heritage in exceptional sound quality with premium connectivity and streaming technology to help you create a complete audio experience.

With the first releases from our 2015 range, these two pursuits have come together brilliantly to create must-have models across our soundbars, micro systems and mini systems.

Panasonic’s 2015 Home Audio range offers versatility and connectivity in the home.

Let’s take a closer look:

SC-HTB690 and SC-HTB485


Panasonic’s soundbars have been developed to bring a cinema-like audio experience to your living room, and the sleek design of the new range means they can be wall mounted beneath the TV or placed in front without blocking the view.

Audio Technology

The speakers in each of the new devices have been shaped to suppress distortions and enhance bass as well as provide crisp and clear results at the highest frequencies. The result is beautifully balanced audio that produces a stunningly rich and rounded soundstage.

Versatile Connectivity

Pair your smartphone or tablet with the soundbars via Bluetooth and you can enjoy all your favourite music, internet radio or podcasts with the press of a button.

Micro Systems
SC-PMX100 and SC-PMX70


Offering sleek dimensions and a classic finish, both of our new CD Micro Systems are ideal for those who are looking for style and an excellent audio performance.

Multiroom Streaming

If you’re looking for multiroom connectivity, the flagship SC-PMX100 model is a brilliant choice as it can connect with Panasonic ALL Series speakers to stream music throughout your home.

Authentic Audio

Panasonic’s new CD Micro Systems include an array of new features and functions that set them apart from their predecessors. Both the SC-PMX100 and SC-PMX70 include high- resolution audio technologies that let you enjoy truly authentic, better than CD quality sound experiences in your home.

Versatile Connectivity

Pair your smartphone or tablet with the CD Micro System via Bluetooth and you can enjoy all your favourite music, internet radio or podcasts with the press of a button.

Mini Systems
SC-MAX8000, the SC-AKX600 and the SC- AKX200


Our new mini systems combine exceptional sound quality with convenient Bluetooth wireless music streaming and an innovative DJ Jukebox function for selecting songs between the system’s internal memory and a USB device.

Impressive Bass

The flagship SC-MAX8000 produces outstanding resonance with ultra-powerful Airquake Bass, a 38cm Ultra Super Woofer, Triple Amplifiers and an impressive 4000W output power.

Mammoth Memory

The SC-MAX8000 and SC-AKX600 feature 2GB of internal memory for storing up to 500 songs. Sample sounds are pre-installed for mixing and scratching in between songs, and on the SC-MAX8000, you can even record sounds to save them as samples for further mixing.

Party Jukebox

On all three systems, using the Panasonic MAX JUKE app, you can play songs from the internal memory, a connected USB drive, or smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Your friends and family can get in on the action as well, with up to five people able to make playlists and register songs for playback simultaneously.


IOS version not available

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