44 Litre Microwave Review & Keep

If you have a BIG family or live in a busy household you will appreciate the size and convenience of our 44L Microwave Oven.  Also great for home cooks who love to entertain, our 44 litre microwave range makes light work of big dishes, and features time-saving technology that will improve your culinary capabilities. We’re offering TWELVE lucky households a chance to review a 44L family-sized microwave in exchange for their honest feedback!


Bigger is better for large families.

The Panasonic 44 Litre Microwave Oven range features a convenient 380mm wide opening that caters to big plates and large dishes. Its generous size is perfectly suited to family favourites such as casseroles and pasta bakes, making it easy to serve hot meals in minutes.
NN-SD79L Microwave Opening

Cyclonic Inverter Power
Inverter Microwave Cooking

Cyclonic Inverter’ technology distributes microwave energy evenly through the oven for perfectly cooked, heated or thawed meals, regardless of shape and size.

Genius Sensor Reheating
Genius Sensor cooking

Genius Sensor delivers cooking precision and saves time. It monitors humidity levels and the steam from the food that is being heated, for optimal heating and cooking results.

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