Pro tips for lunchbox cuteness

With a Panasonic bread maker to provide fresh bread and a little trawl around the Interwebs for inspiration, you can get in on the lunch art craze. The great thing about lunch art is that while the outer end of the obsession may involve very complicated and intricate pieces, it’s super easy to adapt this fun trend to simple lunchboxes that are easy to put together but so cute that the kids will find them irresistible.

Pro tips for lunchbox cuteness:

  • Bento boxes or little plastic sandwich boxes are a really good for keeping things arranged well.
  • Use silicon baking cups or paper cupcake liners to hold little snacks like berries and crackers.
  • Cookie and vegetable cutters are invaluable when it comes to upping the cuteness ante in the lunch box with fun-shaped food. You can use them for everything from adorable sandwiches, to fabulous fruit and vegetable slices.
  • Decorative picks are cute and functional. Use them to hold rolls together, or to thread mini fruit kebabs, or even just as decoration for presentation’s sake.

Angry Birds Sambo


Image by Pinterest.

This clever little sambo packs of lot of cuteness for quite minimal; effort. Give it a try and see if you think lunch art could be your new passion.

1 slice wholemeal bread
1 slice white bread
Filling of choice
Cheese discs for the eyes
Green beans for the eyes
Carrot pieces for the eyes
2 grape tomatoes (feet)


  1. Place the white bread disc over one of the wholemeal bread discs and, using a 9cm cutter, cut out the lower part of the birds face, carefully cutting through both pieces of bread.
  2. Discard the large section from the white bread and the small section from the wholemeal bread.
  3. Spread the whole round of wholemeal with your desired filling.
  4. Place the cut wholemeal piece at the top of the disc and the small white cut section at the bottom to form the mouth/beak region.
  5. Using cream cheese, glue the crusts on as eyebrows, the cheese discs plus green bean slices for eyes and the carrot pieces for the beak.
  6. Line a lunch box with sprouts or crispy noodles to form a nest.
  7. Place the Angry Bird sandwich over nest and finish with 2 grape tomatoes for feet.
[Recipe credit: kidspot.com.au]



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