Lochie Daddo talks Panasonic air con technology

Lochie Daddo is here to take you through our 2015/16 air conditioners with NEW smarter and cooler technology.

Lochie 1

Of course the new range still features our energy-saving ECONAVI smart sensor technology.

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Find out more about ECONAVI

And nanoe-G air technology will continue to remove and deactivate air impurities.

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Find out more about nanoe-G

With the new series, we’ve built on this amazing platform and added iAUTO-X.

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iAUTO-X offers 15% faster cooling from start-up with a new compressor and fan design.

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Find out more about iAUTO-X

iAUTO-X also features ‘Aerowings’ to minimise direct airflow chill and keep you comfortable.

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Find out more about ‘Aerowings’

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