Less waste, fresher produce with Vitaminsafe

With the cost of living relatively high in Australia, and food accounting for a large proportion of many households’ weekly budgets, you may be surprised by how much of that food ends up in the bin. According to a study conducted by Panasonic Australia, which reviewed the food storage habits of over 500 households, we are throwing away more than $600 worth of food per year!

Vitaminsafe can help reduce waste


Naturally, fresh fruit and vegies make up a high proportion of wasted food, thanks to their limited shelf life. In fact, fruit and vegetables start losing valuable nutrition and freshness from the moment they harvested. That’s why we developed Vitaminsafe technology for Panasonic refrigerators, using LED lights in the vegetable compartment to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

How does Vitaminsafe work?

How does Vitaminsafe work

Flashing blue and green LED lights promote photosynthesis in fruit and vegetables, essentially mimicking the sun. This process is so effective that Vitamin C content is more than 1.5 times higher when using Vitaminsafe. What’s more the large, airtight Vitaminsafe crisper is optimised to a high humidity level to ensure the contents stay fresh.

Vitaminsafe is available with our new French Door Fridge

The sensational line-up of Panasonic refrigerators welcomes a new model to the range with our stunning NR-CY54AGSAU 547L French Door Fridge. This premium refrigerator boasts the largest capacity of any French Door Fridge for its size, along with a practical design and stylish glass finish. It also features energy-saving ECONAVI technology, nutrient-boosting compartments, flat touch-panel control and an easy access bottom-mount freezer.