Introducing the 2014 Panasonic camcorder range


The 2014 Panasonic camcorder range has been released, featuring five models designed to suit everyone from the entry-level enthusiast to the camcorder fanatic who is devoted to all the latest technologies. Every camcorder in the range offers 1920 x 1080 Full-HD video recording and the option to get really creative with fun modes like Miniature Effect, 8mm Movie, Silent Movie and Time Lapse Recording.

The new camcorder range also boasts some very cool premium features:

Twin Recording*

The creative possibilities of the twin recording function are endless! A second rotatable camera on the side of the LCD screen lets you capture two scenes at once – you can even film yourself while you film your subject.

*Available with HC-W850M


Full-HD Slow Motion*

The high-quality Full-HD Slow Motion feature transforms simple footage of the kids jumping on a trampoline or the dog fetching a ball into something so much more special.

*Available with HC-W850M and HC-V750M

Baby Monitor

For the ultimate peace of mind, you can use the camcorder’s Baby Monitor feature through your smartphone or tablet. The camcorder can send notifications to your smartphone or tablet when a crying baby is detected, and it even lets you speak to your baby using the mobile device’s microphone.

*Available with HC-W850M, HC-V750M, HC-V550M, and HC-V250


Wi-Fi Connectivity*

Sharing footage with your friends and family is incredibly easy thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and one-touch connection by NFC (Near Field Communication). These features let you use your mobile devices as remote controls, live-stream events on USTREAM, monitor your home and share your creations on your favourite social networking sites using a very simple drag and drop operation.

*Available with HC-W850M, HC-V750M, HC-V550M, and HC-V250

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Full HD Slow Motion in Comparison with VGA for Panasonic Camcorder W850/V750 Series.

Full HD Slow Motion Comparison 120 fps vs 240 fps for Panasonic Camcorder W850/V750 Series.

Night Mode with IR-LED | Panasonic Camcorder W850 Series.

Stop Motion Animation Assist | Panasonic Camcorder W850/V750/V550 Series.

Baby Monitor | Panasonic Camcorder W850/V750/V550/V250 Series.

Moving Subject | Remote Pan Tilt Cradle VW-CTR1 for Panasonic Camcorder W850/V750/V550/V250 Series.

Party Mode | Remote Pan Tilt Cradle VW-CTR1 for Panasonic Camcorder W850/V750/V550/V250 Series.

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  • Please advise what is the best Panasonic video camera to purchase for the recording of sport?
    I video a lot of rugby so I need a good zoom, picture quality & stabilizer.

    Thanks you,

  • I have the HDC HS900 that has 220GB HDD as well as a memory card slot – a camcorder I have found to be excellent in all aspects. In the next year or two I will replace it but find the latest range of Panasonic Camcorders do not offer the HDD capacity and are generally at circa 34GB.
    WHY ???

  • Thank you for your newsletter updating info on all new Panasonic products.

    I own 6 camcorders of various makes and muy TV is a Panasonic 3D flat screen. I will not buy another camcorder until you release the new 4K Format models.

    Would appreciate any info on Panasonic plans regarding this format.